Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween - make-up & skin care safety

Just a very quick Happy Halloween note to you!!
Today is the very exciting day when we get to eat more chocolate than we usually do. :)

It's interesting I was sitting here putting on lipstick this morning - a bright cherry red color that I rarely wear..In fact, I just bought it & opened it up. Its really fun ..I love lipstick, used to wear it a lot, rarely now or natural products - like living libations - just bought some glossy loverlips last week (& Mi-San gave me a present of their rose glow for skin -its great!).. This is the company who makes the most amazing chocolate bars ever!! (20$ each- 40$ for a doublebar but totally, totally worth it!) I cant resist make-up though ..I used to work in a modelling agency, grew up in a hairstyling salon - cosmetology was my first thing.

Ah this is fun.. I am getting to see costumes already!!
I just had Jimmi Hendrix in his later years come by.. I really love Halloween.

So, about the lipstick- most of the lipstick on the market has lead in it joke.

I have heard lots about this before.. Sarma talks about it in her book Raw Food-Real World. My friends sister has a site BeautyTruth and then this morning just when I was thinking about it I find a message in my inbox about it.. a link to Skin Deep -cosmetic safety database- where you can look up your products to check them out.
In another article - in a test done on 33 lipsticks tested - 61% had lead in them. The FDA has not set a limit for lead in lipstick. There are not a lot of rules to be followed according to FDA or anyone else about personal, skin care and cosmetics.

It is amazing some of the chemicals and ingredients that go into our skin care products and cosmetics.. all of which are absorbed right into the skin. Be aware - protect yourself.

I am wearing all black today - for old-times sake- in memory of the old me & to celebrate - shimmery & velvet - the best kind - and maybe some little kitten ears. :)

Halloween is the best!

Celebrating you, me, special fun days and lots & lots of chocolate!!! Have fun!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bartering - Cuban Fusion-Latin Heat, New Improved Superfood Squares and the Sunny Raw recipe index

Bartering is great.. I am trading over facebook-music for my newest superfood square recipe- They are going over so well.. I am buying maca, lacuma etc by the kilo. But careful, these are really powerful!

(I sharing both sides of my great trade-off with you!)

"..hey cool ! there is a compilation of rare cuban fusion salsa , funk , soul called "si para usted " aswell as "Panama" another compilation of 70's Latin heat ! start with panama! as the cuban one is wild and super eclectic like the psychedellic road trip you got and the Panama! is done by the same record label "soundway " that put out the orlando julius that you love :) also really fun and on the same label is Geraldo Pino "Lets have a party"

New Improved Superfood Squares


1 c ground cacao
2 c goji berries (soaked 1 hour with water just covering.)
1 c hempseeds
1 c lacuma powder
1 c maca
½ c mesquite
½ c rice bran (tocotrienols)
¼ c camu-camu
2 T slippery elmpowder
1 T siberian ginseng
1 T cinnamon
1 T reishi mushroom powder
1 t schizandra berry
1 t Fo-Ti
2 t vanilla
½ t Celtic salt & cayenne

Blend 1 c gojis and soak waterwith rest of ingredients. When well blended add rest of gojis and pulse blend in.


1 c hemp seeds
1 c cacao powder
¼ c cacao butter- melted
½ c lacuma
½ c agave
1 t vanilla
½ t cinnamon
dash salt

Enjoy-these will lead you into those bliss feelings but be careful of doing too much or you may get really tingly.


& Bonus - Here is a link to the Sunny Raw Kitchen's recipe index- there are some great recipes here!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

My diet and our house Ginger Lemon Date Dressing

I get asked all the time what I eat.. what my daily diet is.

It is different now from when I started.. and I think it will continue to change ..but right now it goes something like this. (I rarely, rarely ever eat carrot sticks!)

On an average day:

water when I wake up.
7:30 am - green smoothie
or if I am rushing a couple super-food squares and a banana as I rush out the door.
10:00am- another green smoothie- I make them at work (with lots of sprouts- sunflower& pea greens)
1:00 - 1/2 raw Earth-bread sandwich with sprout salad on the side

I snack a lot at work.. I work in a kitchen! Love things like papaya & peppermint tea, coconut water & chocolate truffles, nut/seed bars I bring in sometimes- I eat raw cacao beans, goji berries.. scott's coconut cakes - vanilla! chocosol's sawako snow chocolate, luke and I sometimes mix up a bowl of almond butter, maca, honey, cacao, cinnamon etc- he calls it 'happy paste' - sometimes we eat it straight,sometimes we cut up an apple to eat it with. Oh & we have this routine sometimes early in the morning .. he chops us up each a clove of garlic and he has it set out on spoons with another spoon each with honey and big glasses of water - garlic 1st, then water, then honey. I kind of wonder about garlic breath... but no one has complained yet..or anyone backing off. lol Oh and bananas, they are so easy, I am so blessed to have the most amazing raw hot chocolate, Fred brings it in - its incredible!!! ..& fresh fruit in season & I love sunflower sprouts- they are my fav & a staple in my diet - I eat a lot of sprouts.

Sometimes I end up eating lunch late & then I don't eat a lot when I get home ..but often after I get dinner for rest of my family I will have a salad or wraps (really into these these days) or whatever I have in the fridge. I go through phases..will make pizza crust and will live off that with a sun-dried tomato-olive spread, nut cheese topping or something like that for weeks.
I often make a recipe about once a week.. like the neat balls, or zucchini pasta w/tomato sauce, or wrap fillings..
but really I could live on green smoothies . Well, that and chocolate!

I am going to post a recipe for our house dressing at work- everyone loves it.I get asked so often for the recipe and if we would bottle and sell it. I am working on that also.
This is Mi-Sans recipe, she adapted it from Juliano's dressing ..but I looked it up & it is so different from his now.
This is a guess.. Mi-San showed me how to make it. She doesn't measure things, just pours things in.. I taste it to tell and pour a bit of whatever in after to adjust taste ... but I have made it so much it goes mainly like this:

Ginger Lemon Date Dressing

1 c honey dates (or 8 medjool) soaked in water to cover (overnight or at least a few hours)
1 1/2" ginger - chopped
1 garlic clove - chopped
1 lemon - juiced

Blend in blender- high speed until creamy
add while still blending:

2T nama shoyu, tamari or soy sauce
3/4 c (approx) olive oil
3/4 c (approx) water
dash cumin

C'est ca! Enjoy!

pic is Grahams cacao flower& I promise I will get out my paints again one day & paint this for you!! Just waiting for the Universe to send me the perfect day to do it. : ) ..but it is on my list.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The best life ever!

A friend of mine said to me yesterday "I want your life.. You have the Best life ever!"

Now, I have suspected this for quite sometime.. every few months I get someone telling me this. And its true..I really do have the best life ever!

I am not sure why...and I am - right now - going to try to figure it out & share the secret.

I suspect that some of the reasons are:
- that I love life.
- that I live close to and honour nature. (as much as possible, living in the city)
- eating raw is a HUGE part! & I believe it enables and accentuates all other reasons.
- I care deeply about things and always try to make myself and everyone around me happy.
- I consciously seek out ways to raise my vibration and feel 'divinely blissful' as much as possible. (things like eating divine high-vibe, super-high foods like raw choc truffles, maca, gogis.. , essential oils - rose oil!, listening to and replaying words that make me happy, listening to great music, refeeling the greatest feelings...)
- I send out thoughts of love- to everyone. (and I think they come back multiplied.)
- I live in an inner abundance of love, which is overflowing. its hard not to attract love and abundance back. Whether I have money or not is inconsequential because my soul, my very inner being, is rich beyond measure...and because of this its impossible not to attract physical prosperity, or whatever makes me happy, into my life.
- I strive to be conscious and conscientious.
- I look for and accept opportunities to make myself (& others around me) happier.
... and Always say YES to life!

ps. This is my home.
( night we take the bridge in. ; )

ps. a sunday tea review sent to me..(that I just have to save!)

A Cacao-nivore comes to Keiko's for Tea

On a densely clouded afternoon recently, I responded to an impromptu run-on invitation to tea from Ms. Rawket herself, who had had to send the one-word message because of fluff in her space bar. Mercury does retrograde. By the time I arrived, it was sprinkling out, so I knocked and entered alongside of Zoe, her black nebula-cat. Keiko Cacao Ti stood there before me in her kitchen, surrounded by pineapples and plums, with pale eyes and naked laugh-lines (pre-make-up), shower-fresh in a plaid-ish blue-and avocado ensemble. She was dancing to an exotic compilation of gypsy and jungle music from Small World Music. We love listening to music together, and we can explain and teach madly about it as we vent social whimsies and invent recipes, which is how we do the talk thing. Today's formula for chat was chia tea with agave, macadamia-nut milk and ground cinnamon. She made it while creating her daughter Kaiya's lunch, and keeping up a running string of questions about my week all the while. The space bar in our conversation was apparently broken too. We praised lazy Sundays, onions and hot music, caught up on recent parties and the latest dances, Hallowe'en plans, the joys of shopping with someone close and passionate about it, and then my friends from Outaways arrived, and I had to leave in a breeze of amazement, good wishes and run-on smiles. The sun was now blazing and birds and squirrel tails filled the air. This is the kind of thing ends up happening when computers get all dusty in our neighbourhood.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pink Sparkly Notes and Random Circles

Notes and thoughts from the pink sparkly flower files - many things people told me, things to look up and into.. leads- I run into some very interesting people!

That which you posess also posesses you.

Venus --->

Les yeux parlent toutes la meme langue.

Sarah Taveres - Cape Verde (music)

Stuart Wilde - urban mystic and visionary

Dr Fred Bell - eclectic eccentric- naturopath, scientist, environmentalist, political activist. Inventor of nuclear receptor and the Andromedan holographic projector (allows you to manipulate time and space conditions- cool!)

The Holographic Universe - every point in the universe contains the seed of every other point. (Everything is everything)

Inter-dimensional experiences
Peyote= Grandfather medicine
Ayahuasca =Grandmother medicine

4 Vedas
Translators: Devi Chand - Ralph Griffin - translates Indian Gods into activities.
order books from the Blue Dove Foundation

from the Khandogya Upanishad - 7th prapathaka:
"..the Rig-veda, Sir, the Yagur-veda, the Sama-veda, as the fourth the Atharvana, as the fifth the Itihasa-purana (the Bharata); the Veda of the Vedas (grammar); the Pitrya (the rules for the sacrifices for the ancestors); the Rasi (the science of numbers); the Daiva (the science of portents); the Nidhi (the science of time); the Vakovikya (logic); the Ekayana (ethics); the Devavidya (etymology); the Brahma-vidya (pronunciation, siksha, ceremonial, kalpa, prosody, khandas); the Bhuta-vidya (the science of demons); the Kshatra-vidya (the science of weapons); the Nakshatra-vidya (astronomy); the Sarpa and Devagana-vidya (the science of serpents or poisons, and the sciences of the genii, such as the making of perfumes, dancing, singing, playing, and other fine arts). All this I know, Sir."

Adyashanti - shop - podcasts- Spanish
..or google notes in Spanish

oh, careful ..salvia and the sacred spot

Jean Vanier - Becoming Human


paisley - angels sperm (interesting how you get an image or words and they change your perception- once you are aware, you can't go back)

garlic & onion - create excitement- sexual energy. Many spiritual people do not eat these - (hare krishnas) - can't concentrate to meditate.

Ammachi - The hugging saint

Belvaspata - a healing modality for the new frequencies in the cosmos which changed Aug 06.
Creating health, joy and happiness through the heart.

Blunt FM - Truth Radio

Only God Heals - Bryan Farnum

cockroaches have brains in their feet.
Humans can take 70 units of radiation.
Cockroaches can take 1800 units - they can survive an atomic blast. (Luke told me)

Dan Millman - The Life you were Born to Live

Book on Numerology - Linda explained how it worked - showed how it could tell your life challenges and life purpose.
Really interesting..seemed very On.

reminder to read (which I am doing right now.. bedtime reading & then I'm off..) - The History of the Urantia Papers - Urantia - part 2 - #47 -the Seven Mansion Worlds and # 48 - Morontia Life

The 28 statements of human philosophy is is #8:
8. Effort does not always produce joy, but there is no happiness without intelligent effort.

Sweet Dreams!

Friday, October 26, 2007

More great raw blogs and sites

Some great raw blogs-sites which have been inspiring me lately:

Recipe for Bliss

Loving Raw

Linda in the Raw

Raw Mama

Loving Raw Food and Fitness

conversations (great analogies) inspiring me:

Mi-San - asking me whats going on.. whats happening & I say oh, nothing , same thing as always and she looks at me.. and says "yeah right, like being pregnant, nothing happening" lol

Horace - another best conversation ever on space and time and how there is no future or past and about our body working and we how decisions we make we have actually made long before we even make them or have any clue that we have made them and thats just the way it is.. that was really interesting.. and the usual trippy stuff.. how when we are traveling at light speed things get all wacky.. like I mentioned that its been proven that when you move towards something that thing is also moving towards you.. well, when you are moving really, really fast.. thats when all kinds of things are actually moving, and you are seeing around corners, and all the really wacky stuff happens. (I just get cartoon images in my head) light speed is so fun!

Mi-San again.. at work we have a huge commercial dehydrator , so she comes out of Another meeting and holds one of these big metal mesh screens from it up in front of her face, shaking it and crying "Let me out, Let me out" - "Here you try" - and she passes it to me.. so funny!

& I get to go back there.. and trade superfood squares for The most amazing raw truffles and the creamiest raw hot chocolate ever.. ahhh
Life is good!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

5th dimensional thought - 2012

Lots of theories and ideas I had in my head from a variety of sources all kind of clicked together and made sense recently. It was like the Arcturians presented a crucial piece to the puzzle when they said that in 2012 we are going into the 5th dimension.

I'm sure most people have read something about the end of the earth in 2012. I read a book, The Mayan Prophesies 5- 7 years ago. It gave the exact date (it was in Nov or Dec, forget exactly - although you would think thats a date I would remember! ) The Mayan calendar actually stops then. Thats it.. no more! Many, many of the ancient civilizations have had similar beliefs, the Incas, Aztecs etc

Also in 2000 we are shifting from a male dominated action-oriented logical energy into a more female intuitive feeling energy. Most people did not recognize the big major breakdown - blackout - all the computers stopping - kind of dramatic thing some were expecting.. and the subtle changes went for the most part unnoticed. But look around now.. there apparently has been a shift.. everyone is meditating, doing yoga, ..Oh, look at the movie & book The Secret and all the works done on the Power of Attraction which have been popping up everywhere recently. Its because we can think things into existence more & more all the time. The shift and transition is taking place rapidly now.. its 5 years until 2012.

..and as far as raw foods and a whole getting back to nature.. well, this raises our vibrations, which not only makes people more attracted to us but also draws our thoughts to us more quickly as well.. in a concrete form. Its really very cool!

so thats my big quick thought for the morning.. so many things going on.. g2run..
Think amazing thoughts. Thoughts are things!
Make for yourself a most beautiful day!! ~~Spread the love~~~

oh, did I tell you that at one point on my ayahuasca trip, that everyone had a goldish shimmmery gassamer light around them.. it was the most beautiful magical and real thing ever.. everyone was angelic .. and I knew it was real even when I couldn't see it this way.
Every woman is a Goddess.
Every man is a God.
Every one!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Living Libations, raw sandwiches -Earth bread, picture postcards, flowering, meditating, running.. Zen

I am excited.. Living Libations is having an open house tonight at 720! (where I am working!)
Living Libations make some of my favorite chocolate bars - these are a direct ticket to a chocolate psychadelia bliss trip!
... & they are just coming out with 3 new flavours!!
Berry Blessing Shining Everywhere
- raspberry, blackberry and camu

Cherry Chiapas
- cherry, maca and goji berries

Jai Berry Joy
- elderberries, bee pollen and blueberries

I didnt mention it but I was so happy earlier when they wrote on their website (posted in January) one of the best things of 2006 was the raw sandwiches at 720-Sprouts.
here it is their list of favorite things - which I will copy - even though its from months ago, cause it makes me so happy reading it again:

On that breeze, here are some of our favourite delights and discoveries of 2006:

  • Raw sprouted earth-bread sandwiches at Toronto Sprouts
  • Blueberry Kombucha Tea at Live CafĂ©
  • Finding Reishi mushrooms in our forest
  • The Ringing Cedars of Russia books – especially the chapter on The Seed as Physician (
  • Phytoplankton
  • Roof Top Gardens growing in the city (one hotel restaurant saves $30,000 per year by growing many herbs and produce on it’s roof).
  • This Walden quote: If you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, and endeavor to live the life you have imagined, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. You will pass an invisible boundary, new universal and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves you and you will live with the license of a higher order of beings. If you built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that is where they should be, now put the foundation under them.
  • Finding wolf tracks in the snow

  • Ron & Nadine are bringing are bringing Leif, their new baby boy tonight.

    But back to our sandwiches - if anyone reading comes to To, or is in Toronto & hast tried.. or just hasn't had them in awhile - get one or several, they are great! Our raw (dehydrated) bread is a phenomenon just waiting to take off.. its serious. I have a waiting list of people wanting to buy the bread.. we cant make it fast enough.. but we only have 1 dehydrater, its huge - but there is only one. I have listened to so many jokes about this - sorry, no I cant sell it.
    But this is the kind of place I work in.. and about the bread.. we are working on it.

    so many things on my mind! little time ok, picture postcards - here goes:
    Erikas raw workshop-lecture Monday eve - I helped in the kitchen, very fun - her 3rd workshop in a series of 8 , this one was on marinated and lacto-fermented foods. (I will post more later)

    Kops on Queen - great vinyl & cd store - new cd, spur of the moment trip, after a suggestion from another! dj friend of mine ( I am starting a collection ; )
    B-Music - Cross Continental Record Raid Road Trip
    Kaiya later "What are you listening to????!!!" (Having teenagers is great - I just humour them)

    more socks from Groovy!! ( some of the littlest & wackiest things make me happy!)

    oh, postcard image - on Queen W. - an Asian girl walking 2 small white fluffy dogs - one has a blue sweater and 4 little brown boots, the other has a red sweater and 4 little pink boots. crazy cute!

    Oh, rushing like crazy (speeding) to get to meditation class last night( thats just so wrong!!) & it made me laugh.. great talk with John, looking forward to next year!!! (that was just for him - he says he reads every day! yay! love you! - was so happy to see you again! )
    chanting meditation - that was great - different - its usually silent.

    Lauren Hill remix of Bob Marley - Real loud - driving home..
    Ah.. too much time looking for it on YouTube

    Osho reading at the cacao Loft - I got the best card - No-thingness (its all black), actually there were a few great cards - Dennis got The Master, Ruben - Sorrow, Mattieu - Existence and 1 card in the middle - amazing card - Flowering - so colorful and beautiful amidst all our cards - I watched a movie a couple nights ago about the artwork of Alex Grey - CoSM - a painting looked just like this card ..will find it later.. have to run now

    Flowering thought to leave you with- (its an open & run quote)

    "Zen wants you living, living in abundance, living in totality, living intensely - not at the minimum as Christianity wants you too, but at the maximum, overflowing. Your life should reach to others. Your blissfulness, your benediction, your exstacy should not be contained within you like a seed. It should open like a flower and spread its fragrance to all and sundry - not only to friends but to the strangers too.
    This is real compassion, this is real love: sharing your enlightenment, sharing your dance of the beyond"

    Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    Sweet and Sour Neat Balls and other recipes

    Lets have dinner here tonight!

    I am posting a recipe today - Sweet and Sour Neat Balls by Emily Lee Angell from The Complete Book of Raw Rood. (This one is esp for Tracy! )

    I was just googling Emily to see if I could find her to ask if it was ok to post it ..but I cant find a way to contact her online. (Emily, whereever you are.. I hope you don't mind - You're recipes are great! : )

    I did find a great other great collection of recipes and an interesting site at I scanned through most of the recipes.. I have a knack for telling right away if a recipe is going to be good or not & I think most of these seem like really great ones.

    Hummus, Apple crisp, Sunflower seed sour cream, Salsa, Bean dip, Enchilada sauce, Corn chips, Stuffed peppers, Wraps, Thai coleslaw, Lime pie, Pizza Rolls, Guacamole, Lots of salads and Dressings, Onion Bread, Fajita wraps with smoked jalapeno cheese, Tomato soup, Burritos, Sun garden burgers, soo many desserts: Roofes peanut butter cups, Apple pie, Cacao butter balls - hey, whipped cream to go with our pumpkin pie! and so much more - crackers, granola, pates, ..more desserts!
    ..another recipe of Emilys for her 'Just Like Cheezecake' Mmmm.. love raw cheezecake!

    wow, ok.. back to the neat-balls.. these are so good!

    Sweet and Sour Neat Balls

    the Neat Balls

    1 c walnuts
    1 c sunflower seeds - soaked overnight
    1 c almonds - soaked overnight
    1 T garlic - chopped
    1 c cilantro leaves
    1/4 c olive oil
    1 t Celtic salt
    1 T nama shoyu (or tamari)
    1 bunch green onions
    2 T ginger - grated
    1 c red pepper - finely chopped
    1 t 5 spice powder

    Sweet and Sour Sauce

    2 large or 2 c tomatoes
    1 c sun-dried tomatoes
    1 garlic clove
    1" ginger - grated
    1/4 c apple cider vinegar
    1/2 c dates or honey
    1 T olive oil
    1 t Celtic salt


    for Neat Balls: Process nuts and garlic through juicer with blank screen. Add the rest of ingredients to this in a bowl. Mix well. Adjust seasonings. Dehydrate balls 2-3 hours until set.
    Then dip balls in sweet and sour sauce and dehydrate again until dry on the outside and wet on the inside - about 2-3 hours more.
    Serve with extra sauce on the side.

    Monday, October 22, 2007

    Guilt and Breakthroughs

    Maybe this isn't a cricket.. but thats what I thought of when I first saw this.

    I am looking for the Guilt card from the Osho deck.. I keep drawing one card at a time from here. ..and it's not coming up, I am getting everything else but.. I kept getting mainly Possibilities, Creativity, Sharing, Intensity, the Dream.. These are not even close to Guilt.
    & its not that I really feel guilt... well, Ill get back to this.. but its on my mind.

    1st a bit of comedy relief:

    Saturday I got the Breakthrough card.. & then later that night I was having this vision in front of my eyes.. I was sitting and looking down at the carpet-mat in front of me and it started turning into energy - almost disappearing out of the material realm in front of my eyes. I mean I knew it was there ...and just after I had psyched myself out just enough I got up, having a very good feeling that nothing really is as it seems - and carried on with life. I e-mailed my friend, one who would understand these things..
    & he remembered that I had got the Breakthrough card.

    I am not sure if you are getting this. ..but work with me ..

    Earlier Saturday I was talking with Mi-San - she had just gotten back from Sweden and she was in between meetings. We started joking about how we had it all together.. yeah, like we know whats going on! .. I was telling her I was going to draw a cartoon of us and the last box has us in an asylum looking out - after we were going on how we've got this world all figured out! LOL
    We laughed so hard - I was doubled over, side hurting, crying kid of laughing.. we have a habit of getting into this sort of laughter sometimes.. Its so fun.!

    ok, Guilt.. I think I have mentioned that I am the only raw foodist in my household. The kids are better than before.. eating a lot more fruit and salads etc.. but they still eat a very SAD conventional diet. My husband - well, I just don't like to talk about him here much because its his life. But lets put it this way.. He shops more in the center isles of the supermarket & I am more on the outside edges.. We are on opposite ends of the spectrum.. & it is me who has changed.. not him, or them. My kids are 15, 16 & 18 - Youngest is my daughter Kaiya - older 2 are boys - Nicholas (Nick, Nicky) & Dylan.

    ok, so guilt, on with the story..
    I am at Dominion grocery shopping - for all their stuff.. and I have 3 containers of ice cream (25 extra air miles points - which I usually never notice or buy into), bags of chips, bagels.. what else oh yeah, the worse! - boxes of Halloween chocolates.. so the guy behind me makes a comment about me eating this.. "Oh, No, I wouldn't touch it!!" - "Oh, it's to give out?" - "Well, ..yeah, and for my family." - "Oh, don't you feel guilty?" "No, not really." I guess I have just been through the guilt thing - thought it out. I used to feel guilty for lots of things. Now I just make choices. It does in one way seem wrong.. and I would love to have a home where I could make all the food choices and feel really great about everything I bought - but reality is that I have been married 18 years and have brought up my kids on boxed cereals & cartons of ice cream - & mainly home- made stuff.. but well, I am running out of time to get into all the things I could get into from here..
    I think what I really want to say here is.. there are a million and one reasons and realities for what everyone is doing, the choices we and everyone around us makes.. All we can really change is ourselves. I could feel bad that I am not doing enough.. or I could just keep trying to do better.
    Guilt really is not a very productive emotion. It sets us back.
    I am a raw person living in a cooked food world - for now... I am trying to change that.. but mainly by changing myself. I feel that in my situation, and in many situations, inspiration is probably the best.

    oh, 1 more Guilt subject. I had a friend ask me.. don't you have any guilty pleasures? I think I answered at the time - "No, not really" ..and its true. If I eat something that isn't raw, its a conscious decision and not something I ever feel guilty about.
    and if you are curious about my conscious non-raw decisions - they are rare, but sometimes sesame snaps, roasted salted nuts and testing out Luke's chili or the soups we make at work - Thats about it - its very minor. oh & I use maple syrup sometimes.. maybe a bit of balsamic vinegar or mustard ..yk condiments. I say I am 90% raw .. to give myself some leeway.. but I think I am 95+ really.. & its not a competition, its just doing what makes you happiest at every moment.

    k, g2run.. Have a Spectacular, Dreamy, Creative, Breakthrough kind of day!!!
    ..& most of all Have fun! = ) Yay, its going to be another one of these days!!

    Saturday, October 20, 2007

    Raw recipe basics

    When you go raw or are raw its really helpful to have a few recipes down.. the basics.
    Even in an average cooked food diet there are maybe 10 favorite recipes than get made and eaten way more than most others.. so, likewise with raw its good to have a handful of recipes, really basic ones that you love to alternate between.. and then every once in awhile, like once every week or two, learn a new one ..well, thats just bonus and great to change things up a bit.

    so for dinner.. this can be the most challenging for most people.

    Well, 1st of all Salads become a big thing.. I never used to like salads before I went raw and all of a sudden I loved them.. I think it just happens to most of us.. when you feel how amazing it is to feel how you do when you go raw.. you just enjoy and appreciate the foods that make you feel this way. & a whole new appreciation of salads develops.

    But, in addition to these, get a favorite recipe for pasta (zucchini pasta, of course) - a great tomato sauce, a burger recipe for dehydrated veggie/seed/nut burgers - a great pate recipe - mock tuna - I lived on this for a little while way back when.. a cracker and a bread recipe is really useful as are a couple good spreads - a seed cheese one, a pesto sauce (can be used on zucchini pasta or as a spread or in a wrap)

    are great! I have lived on these also. There are specialty wraps like the Pure Food & Wines Thai Vegetable Wrap (its so good) as well as the most basic wrap, which I am currently living on. - Take a 50-50 ratio of sun-dried tomatoes (soaked) and Brazil nuts and process together to make a burger/pate consistency - it will form almost into a ball when processed together. This is a great base for a wrap.. a spoonful of this on a lettuce leaf and then I put an pesto sauce, then sprouts or baby greens or both, sliced tomatoes and a pine nut sauce on top, Wrap & voila.. its really amazing - and really easy if you have the sauces all made ahead and sitting in the fridge.

    My pesto changes - I just make them up.. right now its an

    Arugula Walnut Pesto

    1 bunch arugula
    1/2 bunch spinach
    1 bunch basil
    1/2 c (approx) walnuts
    1-2 garlic cloves
    1/4 c olive oil
    1/2 lemon juiced
    salt, cayenne

    Thats close - this is just off the top of my head - its really easy, hard to go wrong. Just process it all together. I keep it in a bottle in the fridge.

    The pine nut sauce is even easier - 1/2 c pine nuts, a garlic clove, 1-2T lemon juice, 1-2 T olive oil, salt and water to desired consistency.. creamy so it just pours but not too thin.

    I will post more recipes soon.. was thinking of an almond cheese that I love! ..& my favorite neatball recipe.. nut & seed balls with a sweet & sour tomato sauce. Mmm...

    Raw can be the best.. I am having a breakfast of bosc pears and chocolate - this is like the most simple and yet the most delicious thing on the planet! How could anyone not love this lifestyle??
    I think its just all this outside world that has everyone confused.. if everyone looked within and could follow their highest truth.. there just really is no getting any better than nature.. and that would be so obvious to everyone.
    .. and I think that one day that will happen..

    adioso amigos... = )

    ps check out this page! (& she has a link to my site on it - Yay! : )

    pic from the WholeFoods website - cute, huh?

    p.s. my favorite mock tuna and lots of other recipes available in the Rawketscience website.

    Friday, October 19, 2007

    Pronoia thoughts, Martin Luther King- I have a dream, Bliss quotes

    "I never learned to distinguish between illusion and miracle. I didn't need to. I trusted in love's confusing joy." James Broughton - Memento of an armorist from Packing up for Paradise - Selected Poems 1946-1996

    "No matter how upside-down it may all temporarily appear, we will have no fear because we know this secret: Life is crazily in love with us. The universe always gives us exactly what we need exactly when we need it." Rob Brezney - Pronoia

    "Earth's crammed with Heaven." Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    "I have a dream that in the New World, there will be a new Bill of Rights. The first amendment will be, 'Your daily wage is directly tied to how much beauty and truth and love you provide' "
    Rob Brezney - Pronoia

    Martin Luther King's original speech is here.. as well as pics, a video & downloadable mp3!

    The #1 trait of happy people is a serious determination to be happy. Bliss is a habit you can cultivate - its not an accident you stumble upon by chance, in a lucky hour, at the end of the world somewhere. ~ Rick Foster & Greg Hicks - How to choose to be happy: The 9 Choices of Extremely Happy People

    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    From Mali to Hawaii, Sina Sinayoko, Amadou and Mariam, so many blessings, Openness, flowing with your own truth and World Peace!

    Today I am in Hawaii.. listening to a new cd I received yesterday when I was in Mali.

    The cd is called Boula by Sina Sinayoko - He's a vetran musician but newly discovered on the world scene. Its a great cd.

    What else has been inspiring me lately?

    My many, many blessings: wonderful things coming into my life.. things just being done to smooth my way .. flowing through life from grace to grace..

    Special people.. who always come to visit, special things.. which likewise show up to visit.. too many presents that I am almost embarrassed (but I love it) plates of truffles & choc bars, visits from a horse! : ) (downtown!) Lezlee & Tracy both working on creating the best raw pumpkin pie ever.. I will def post it after its created.. any day now. The Book Pronoia - I posted a review recently just showed up at work.
    Magical things.. and so many synchronicies (You know you are on the right path when...!!!)
    (thinking things) into being - Thats just too cool & powerful!

    That life just shows up every day for me to enjoy & play in.. and never fails to not only grant my wishes but brings better experiences than I would have even thought to think - but I asked for that too.

    The energy of Openness helps you to take an open and honest look at yourself. Quite often we have all sorts of saboteurs working against us at a subconscious level, thus preventing us from feeling what we truly occupies us. This energy helps us recognize this and experience ourselves at a deeper level.

    (another part of Openness is about taking up the challenge to speak your own truth.. & I'm good at that! ..maybe part of why I love this card so much ; )

    An ultimate definition of World Peace from Abraham-Hicks.

    "World Peace means one mindset big enough to make decisions about what everybody else wants and the rest of the world conforming."
    Its not going to work for each of us to decide what is best for us and having the whole world conforming to our ideas.. because there are too many of us with too many endless desires.
    "The ultimate experience is, everyone having their experience and launching their individual rockets of desire and the Universe yielding to all of them simultaneously. And everybody not worrying about what anybody else created, and so, then allowing what they are wanting. What a world that is, when there are endless desirers, who are allowing the fulfillment of their own desires."

    This is from another great cd - every song on it is great!

    Amadou and Mariam - Beaux Dimanches

    Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    Crop Circles

    I watched a movie last night - Star Dreams - about crop circles. It is sooo fascinating!
    I am surprised I haven't looked more into this before.
    (Oh, I have an interesting story.. but it's not mine so not sure if I should go into it.. but a friend of mine was actually approached (and actually touched!) by an Arcturian .. how cool is that! : ) I was thinking of that before.. like if an Arcturian would come up to me or anyone at the event ..I mean of you were an Arcturian and wanted to contact a human wouldn't you go to someone already who is interested and open to your presence??? ..But, however, if I actually am contacted I am not sure that I would tell you.. because you might think I was crazy. ...would you?)

    & whats with that?

    There are over 10,000 crop circles which have been reported since the 60s. (The 1st formation known occurred in England in 1647.)

    They appear everywhere - in fields of snow, amidst crops, rice patties, fields of blossoming flowers.

    They are like mandalas which have been used by many ancient cultures. ..& like answers and communication to our ancient mandalas and designs.
    They are so intricate.. actually year by year they are getting more and more intricate and complicated in their designs.
    Many have been man made - but it would be impossible for many of them to be.

    The film showed a huge circle made in the ice in Northern North America somewhere.. it would be totally impossible to be man-made.. the ice was mostly unfrozen around it..

    Bent unbendable plants. Some plants just should not be able to be bent, say some researchers. "Crop circle formations often appear in canola (oil seed rape) fields," says Joseph Mason. "This plant has a consistency like celery. If the stalk is bent more than about 45-degrees, it snaps apart. Yet, in a 'genuine' crop circle formation, the stalks are often bent flat at 90-degrees. No botanist or other scientist has been able to explain this, nor has it ever been duplicated by a human being." (from here.)

    The circles dont destroy the crops they are made in.. usually the plants will grow again up and usually even slightly stronger than before..

    There are so many fascinating features of the circles - plants having elongated nodes. the ground below seems dehydrated even after rains.. sometimes the plants are kind of woven together creating cool designs, sometimes the circles are made in accessible fields, sometimes not.. electronic equipment often fails in the circles, strange sounds (at 5mhz often are emitted from the circles for a few days after they are made, they often have 10x the radiation level of a normal field.

    The circles contain highly intricate mathematical designs- euclidian geometry: "Hawkins found that he could use the principles of Euclidean geometry to prove four theorems derived from the relationships among the areas depicted in crop circles. He also discovered a fifth, more general theorem, from which he could derive the other four. 'This theorem involves concentric circles which touch the sides of a triangle, and as the [triangle] changes shape, it generates the special crop-circle geometries,' he says. Hawkins could find no reference to such a theorem in the works of Euclid or in any other book that he consulted. In July 1995, however, 'the crop-circle makers... showed knowledge of this fifth theorem.'"

    Crop circles are encoded with diatonic rations - how notes in music relate to each other..
    Oh so many interesting things.. and I have to go to work.. sacred geometry - & Orbs, I didn't even mention orbs.. They're really fascinating also.. and crop circles are usually filled with these energy balls... yikes times up.

    Have a spectacular, mysterious and wonder~ful day!!! = )

    & ps Ill get back to more raw content soon! - promise!

    Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    Thankful for being Raw - and benefits

    I jumped out of bed this morning & felt totally exhilarated.
    So happy to be alive!

    & I thought, you know, this is what Raw does more than anything else,
    ..and it's the reason I don't think I could ever go back..
    I attribute this very clear sense of well-being .. this inner sense of peace and deep profound joy that comes from within to eating Raw.

    I mean theres other great things also.. like dancing naked in front of the bathroom mirror, getting in & out of the shower, & loving what you see as well as how you feel.. well, thats a really great thing also!

    But waking up ..sitting up & stretching your arms out.. saying Thank you to all the 'anyone out there's (spirits, angels, ancestors) who may be watching, feeling blessed beyond measure for being here - folding your hands in in prayer - deep breath - breathing the exhilaration of living from deep in your cells & feeling so grateful for the experience of being here..

    Well, there is just nothing in the world that can measure up to this feeling.. no amount of money can buy you that.. no one else can give you it.. & I do attribute it to being raw.. and maybe the super-food, super-being routine also ..but it all stems from simply eating raw.

    Monday, October 15, 2007

    Keys of the Arcturians

    Wow! This computer is doing wacky things this morning.. its telling me what to do so I am just going with it.. & if this blog post seems kind of strange.. its not my fault - or the Arcturians (?) but this wacky acting computer of mine.. k?

    So, The Arcturian event yesterday was great!! I am trying to decide how to describe it.. in one word: Trippy .. I was thinking Spacey, but thats too obvious and not quite right, it was more real, although in a surreal way, than that. ..It was like really good drugs without the drugs. : )

    It was fun. Empowering. Positive. ..even emotional.
    I wish I could give everyone a sampler activation.. you stare at a hologram up on the screen (big screen - at the Bloor Cinema) and stare at the center and then it starts changing ..colors, designs etc.. but we are told just to keep looking at the center. It acts on our subconscious. I actually felt teary at a couple of them.. There were 7 activations.. but I am sure we went through all the holograms at somepoint.

    There was a 4 part presentation in between and in conjunction to these:
    Part 1 asks us - Who we are? Where we are? Where do we want to go? and How we will get there?

    Part 2 is about Recognizing who we are, Facing ourselves and about the fears of acknowledging who we are.

    Part 3 helps us to recognize our programs. It asks us what we want to change in our lives and how we are want to change. It helps empty our hard drive.

    Part 4 is a new segment. It is about 2012 ..and gives a beautiful scenario.. not one of destruction and the world ending, like i have heard so much ..but another scene of us moving from the 3rd dimension, via the fourth and into the 5th dimension.. which is full of love, bliss, peace.
    This is 5 years away!!! wow.

    Here are a few questions/excerpts from the 3rd part.. from memory & written.. this is the only time I had a pen in hand.

    If you decide to stay, there is no way back.

    What would you like to change?
    How do you want to change?
    What are you focusing on?

    How does the media
    .. your environment
    ..your relationships affect you?

    What do you still want to experience?
    What do you still need?
    What do you still want to hear?

    You already know it All.
    - You just need to look inside and Remember.

    Its a choice - Repetition.. following.. dependence.. or remembering.

    Do you think that you are not capable?
    Do you think that you are not ready to do something?

    Do you want to take the long way? ..or the short way?
    Its your choice.

    What influences your choice?
    Do you want to repeat everything?

    Which programs influence you?
    ..convictions? ...fear? ...prejudice? ..karma?

    Are you influenced by old programs?
    ..that serve no purpose?
    ..that stop your growth?
    .. because it feels familiar? ..feels safe?
    Let go of the past.

    Dare to take a closer look.
    Recognize your programs.

    What are your programs and those that someone projects onto you?

    We pick up programs from our environment.
    You influence others with the programs that you have in you.

    To be fully balanced we need to go back to our most basic program.
    Then follow our right path from this starting point.

    Activation - Blueprint (this one cleanses programs - cleanses whatever no longer serves you and serves a purpose.)

    Where am I? Where do I want to go? (to the beach! ; ) lol)

    Activation Empowerment

    Actually I am not heading to the beach but off to meet Noah at Long & McQuade - returning stuff from the presentation and then we are heading to the Cacao loft - I need to pick up supplies .. ran out of superfood squares yesterday.. We lived on those & raw truffles yesterday.. it was so great! We were so high!

    Oh & the deprogramming and activations are still affecting us for about a month or so I hear.. kind of like that ayahuasca trip! if Im a little out of it for awhile.. I have a great excuse!!!
    Alien activations - and they kept saying Thank you for your Surrender & Trust.
    (wide-eyed - umm, yeah, ok.. I feel for it.. but..
    Glad I at least have you guys out there watching my back.. just in case. LOL)
    ~Hugs~ Have a beautiful day!!!

    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    Programming detox, Holy Grail. Superhero info, ..a long life and being happy!!!

    Yay.. pics are up, it looked like it wasn't going to happen at first. Of course, I am blaming Mercury. ; ) However, Mercury doesn't explain me being off for the past few days. I think I have been doing some sort of inner detoxing, some healing crisis thing going on.. not too strong, nothing anyone else would really notice.. but I have def not felt up to par (my par) ..I am attributing it to all the inner work I have been doing. For the past 2 months, its been one thing after another - ayahuasca, Akashic record consultation, past-life regression, 2 Arcturian activations last Thurs and now going for 7 more activations - a full day workshop - today!
    Not to mention the books (Hooponopono, etc) and other things I have been immersing myself both through books & online, etc ...and listening to my SuccessUltraNow cd everynight in bed lately.
    So, yeah, I have noticed this slightly off feeling - I mean yesterdays post.. a bear with paws over his eyes and Moms website - whats the connection?? Sorry Mom, I was just off. (But Ill post again when its completely up) & Ive felt more cold than usual - almost cold symptoms - but today I woke up feeling great - and just in time for another dose of deprogramming.

    Here is a link to some of the Holy Grail info from the presentation Thurs eve. Fred pointed out an interesting point. That he felt comfortable with everything except at the very end when it said on screen "Thank you for your trust and your surrender". ..and this is a presentation channeled through aliens who live in the 5th dimension!!! But all the rest of it was such empowering, positive stuff! I was reading online that the greens (arcturians) are benevolent as opposed to the greys who are malevolent. . ..They are greedy and want to take over the Earth. Mua hahaha.. Oh, I shouldn't even joke about this - even Anastasia writes about alien cultures.. but I am pretty new to all this information.. so its a lot to take in..

    From the SUN website - I was just reading this:

    Is it possible that an amazing being of unlimited intelligence, compassion, inner peace and will power exists inside every single one of us? And that the great call of the times is to express those qualities, fully, in their purest, most potent and undiluted state? Is it possible that the modern world we see around us today is a consequence of NOT allowing ourselves to be who we truly are, and that the whole destiny of humanity is being defined right now by every single one of us and is wholly dependant upon the degree of genuine Selfhood we allow ourselves to express?

    Salvation of the world depends on me.
    A Course In Miracles

    THE SUPERHERO IS DRIVEN by one single, all unifying energy, the propulsion of who they really are. The superhero feels their position in the eternal garden, as their soul is planted, seed-like, in God’s eternal soil of inspiration. Rooted in a true sense of self, grounded in the fertile earth of compassionate, breath-filled love and wonder, the superhero stretches out shoots and leaves from its trunk and branches and honorably, courageously, in an enlightened, empowered way guided by Grace, links roots with other soul-centered beings and offers flowers and fruits of thoughts, words, and actions to the cosmos.

    My only function is the One God gave me.
    A Course In Miracles
    Someone at work told me a story he heard about a 115 year old Japanese fisherman.. when he was asked the secret of how he managed to live such a long life he replied that he had no opinions.
    my Abraham-Hicks daily quote today (I love these!) :

    The best thing you could do for anyone that you love, is be happy! And the very worst thing that you could do for anyone that you love, is be unhappy, and then ask them to to try to change it, when there is nothing that anybody else can do that will make you happy. If it is your dominant intent to hold yourself in vibrational harmony with who you really are, you could never offer any action that would cause anybody else to be unhappy.

    Excerpted from a workshop in Chicago, IL on Sunday, April 25th, 1999

    ok, leaving in about 15 mins and I have to get a quick lunch or something. They have a vegetarian lunch planned, but not raw, thats ok I have a plan. & Maybe if I am quick I can make a green smoothie to drink in the car... yikes, time.. later... Have a wonderful day!!! ~Hugs~

    Saturday, October 13, 2007

    Moms new website and Pumpkin Pie

    My internet was down yesterday morning.. (mercury!?) and I am being so slow this morning. Do you ever have times like that when you just move slow.. it doesn't happen very often to me..but here I am wanting to write a post but just feeling more in a yin, feeling , inactive space rather than in yang action mode. ..But, esp so Mom doesn't start worrying about me (lol) here goes:
    Oh, btw, her new website is up or almost up -

    It used to be just about her art, which is amazing.. but now it is about raw foods also.. and visionary living! Cool!
    & ps - for those who don't know my life story yet, we went raw together, over 2 1/2 years ago - Shes actually the one who started this whole thing!!

    I brought a raw pumpkin pie into work yesterday.. it was an experiment.. and I am hesitant to post the recipe because I want to experiment with other ingredients in the filling -like avocado and pine nuts with the pumpkin - but everyone loved this one so Ill post it cause it will be a little while before I experiment again. I have a busy schedule coming up. But I promised I would - someone wanted the recipe ; ) .

    & ps another great thing about being a raw foodist.. we were at work eating the pie right out of the pie plate and I offered to go get a clean fork for someone & she says.. "..But I want your cooties - You have "Super" cooties!"
    : ) LOL

    Pumpkin Pie

    2 c almonds
    1/2 c dates
    dash of cinnamon & salt

    Thats it.. Blend together in a food processor.
    You can use other kinds of nuts if you like. Experiment - I actually used 1 1/2 c almonds and 1/2 c walnuts in the one I just made - Its all good! (& good for you!)
    Press out using hands and fingers to cover base and edges of 2 pie plates.

    3 c pumpkin
    1 c coconut
    1 c dates
    1 T cinnamon
    3/4 ginger grated
    1/2 t nutmeg and salt
    1/8 t cloves

    Process the pumpkin and coconut through a juicer with a blank plate and then puree all the ingredients together in a food processor.

    So, thats it.. Easy!!!
    Hey, now pie really is easy..
    "Easy as pie" doesn't really make sense in the cooked food world. ; )

    Wow, I am up to my last pic already.. and so many more things.. just when I get on a role it's time to go.
    Oh, the Arcturian event was great Thurs eve!!! I bought a set of cards and the game and all the Arcturian toys to play with at home. I am so excited about the full day event tomorrow. My husband laughs at me, he said "I used to hear about people like you" I am not exactly sure what he meant by that.. but I took it as a compliment.

    I am so amused by so many things these days.

    Have an amusing, fun, intoxicating and mysterious day!!!!