Friday, October 05, 2007

Cancer story

I have been thinking this morning about a story a man told me yesterday. He is a regular at work who comes in frequently for wheatgrass. He's an older man.. I think he said he was in his 70s, but he doesn't look like it.. at all! & he has a young spirit. By that I don't mean old soul.. but, I am getting off track. ok, so.. this man was diagnosed with cancer 11 years ago - colon cancer..and it was bad. The doctors said he was going to need to have his intestines cut out and wear a bag. ..and this man thought to himself that he didn't want to go around in life like that.. and he was determined to fight it. He joined a support group and found out lots about it.. started learning alternative strategies of healing. He told me about this thing he used to do a lot.. he described the game kids used to play where one round ball went around eating other ones - Pac-Man.. and said he imagined this was in his body.. and actually visualized the white blood cells in his body being like the Pac man.. (think I have this right - I have never played the game - work with me here) ..and when they go through his blood, the white blood cells expand, they can do that and go around and eat the cancer cells in his blood. He said he would do this every night before he went to sleep, while lying in bed.. and sometimes in the day.. if he was just waiting for something or had a quiet time he would visualize this. He also talked about how a bird would eat a worm and visualized this also.. that there were birds inside of him, in his blood, eating the cancer.. he would actually visualize the birds digesting it and completely transforming and getting rid of the cancer, cleaning his blood.

Like I mentioned earlier, he tried lots of alternative healing methods and says he can not be sure what it was that actually healed him ..but one day he said he just knew it was gone. And he told someone that it - the cancer- was not in his body any more and they were skeptical. ..but soon he had a doctors appointment and the doctors couldn't find any trace of cancer in his body. His doctor took him aside and told him that Western medicine did not teach him how to deal with or treat people like him an he was not sure what to tell him to do.

The cancer has never returned.

ps. He also told me that after this he stopped going to the support groups because he remembers going and telling someone about how his cancer disappeared and the look on this persons face.. like, how is it possible that you did this.. but it was a look of discouragement instead of encouragement.. and because of the look on this mans face he just couldn't bring himself to go back.
Despite this I still felt a need to tell the story.
Food is powerful, wheatgrass and sprouts are amazing foods..
but visualization is a powerful tool also.

Have a powerful day!


le said...

i love the story, glad u posted it.
just goes back to remind me "mind over matter" is really a fact.
have a great day

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Thanks le, I'm glad you commented and said that. I have had quite a few calls and a couple e-mails about this one.
It really is a fact.. we are often led to believe so strongly in the material world. ..& there is somuch more going on.
We are so powerful.. so much more powerful than most people realize.
Thank you!