Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween - make-up & skin care safety

Just a very quick Happy Halloween note to you!!
Today is the very exciting day when we get to eat more chocolate than we usually do. :)

It's interesting I was sitting here putting on lipstick this morning - a bright cherry red color that I rarely wear..In fact, I just bought it & opened it up. Its really fun ..I love lipstick, used to wear it a lot, rarely now or natural products - like living libations - just bought some glossy loverlips last week (& Mi-San gave me a present of their rose glow for skin -its great!).. This is the company who makes the most amazing chocolate bars ever!! (20$ each- 40$ for a doublebar but totally, totally worth it!) I cant resist make-up though ..I used to work in a modelling agency, grew up in a hairstyling salon - cosmetology was my first thing.

Ah this is fun.. I am getting to see costumes already!!
I just had Jimmi Hendrix in his later years come by.. I really love Halloween.

So, about the lipstick- most of the lipstick on the market has lead in it joke.

I have heard lots about this before.. Sarma talks about it in her book Raw Food-Real World. My friends sister has a site BeautyTruth and then this morning just when I was thinking about it I find a message in my inbox about it.. a link to Skin Deep -cosmetic safety database- where you can look up your products to check them out.
In another article - in a test done on 33 lipsticks tested - 61% had lead in them. The FDA has not set a limit for lead in lipstick. There are not a lot of rules to be followed according to FDA or anyone else about personal, skin care and cosmetics.

It is amazing some of the chemicals and ingredients that go into our skin care products and cosmetics.. all of which are absorbed right into the skin. Be aware - protect yourself.

I am wearing all black today - for old-times sake- in memory of the old me & to celebrate - shimmery & velvet - the best kind - and maybe some little kitten ears. :)

Halloween is the best!

Celebrating you, me, special fun days and lots & lots of chocolate!!! Have fun!


Paul said...

Chocolate Haze all In My Brain
Making Things Not Seem The Same
Actin Funny And I Don't Know Why
Scuse me while I kiss Laura Secord
Mmm Mmmm Mmmm
Time is Candy,
Love Jimi

fatma said...

Happy Halloween! Send some chocolate this way.:)


Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Happy Halloween!
Lots of Chocolate Love for everyone!
cybersending the chocolate out..
& love! x