Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cranberry sauce ..with a superbeing drink on the side

Our family Thanksgiving dinner that was planned for Sunday was canceled as we are waiting for a family member to be admitted into the hospital to start chemo treatments right away - for leukemia. He is going in this morning. (xo! - my heart is there.)

But we got invited to our friends place downtown for dinner.. it was so awesome.. There is something about Thanksgiving dinner that goes way beyond the food, and even way beyond the people that are there.. but both of those were great also. Wendy, my friend and our amazing hostess is looking for land outside of the city right now.. she has a dream to start an organic farm.. and is now actively pursuing it, thats exciting!

Wendy had all kinds of raw foods there. A big fruit bowl, cut up veggies, nuts - she made sure they were raw, sprouts - sooo thoughtful. I kept it more simple this year also.. last year I made so many things- alternatives to the traditional cooked Thanksgiving foods - mashed potatoes, pate spiced with herbs, sage yk. etc.. but this year I just made a big salad to bring and cranberry sauce. I love raw cranberry sauce - imho, its wayy better than the cooked version.
& so easy to make!

Cranberry Sauce

3 c cranberries (1 c set aside)
1 c pineapple
1 c honey dates (or 6 medjool)
1 apple
1 orange (or lemon/pref) - juiced

Blend 2 c cranberries and the rest of the ingredients in a food processor. Puree. Then add the cranberries -1 c - set aside, and pulse chop them in.

Its great as a dip with a cut up apple.. or..

Yesterday, my amazing gardening friend & neighbour came over & helped me trim my tree in front & we took down a small tree in back. That was great. It was so sunny & hot, hard to believe it was summer.. we were sweating.. so I cracked open a coconut & we had E3Live and coconut water and then slices of coconut, with cranberry sauce. This stuff is so great.

I am sure I must have mentioned the benefits of drinking coconut water with E3Live before.. but just in case.. here we go, your science lesson for the day!

Its actually the chlorophyll in the E3Live which reacts so well woth the coconut water.. well, there may be more to it, E3Live is sooo nutritious, major, major nutrients and minerals etc going on in there.. but it is really abundant in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has almost the identical molecular properties as our blood. Exactly the same except for the 1 atom at the very center of the chlorophyll molecule is magnesum, which makes it green. & this atom at the center in our blood is iron, which makes it red.
In WW2 they used to use chlorophyll for blood transfusions.
Chlorophyll is an amazing blood purifier & cleanser.
Now coconut water has almost the same molecular structure as the plasma in our blood..
so, you take the 2 together and its like instant blood transfusion.. which gets you really buzzing and makes it really easy to get yourself into bliss mode! : )
Coconut water also has lauric acid - found in the coconut oil and also in palm kernel oil & breast milk. It is the substance which gives you super immunity powers, it also interacts in a way that allows water to dissolve fats ..and it also raises your metabolism.

ok, Science lesson over.. thats it ..On with your day!
Have a great one.. today were working on raising the bliss level.. but hey, its what we do everyday.
..feeling divinely blissful and creating peace on Earth!
Superbeings unite!
: )

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