Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thankful for being Raw - and benefits

I jumped out of bed this morning & felt totally exhilarated.
So happy to be alive!

& I thought, you know, this is what Raw does more than anything else,
..and it's the reason I don't think I could ever go back..
I attribute this very clear sense of well-being .. this inner sense of peace and deep profound joy that comes from within to eating Raw.

I mean theres other great things also.. like dancing naked in front of the bathroom mirror, getting in & out of the shower, & loving what you see as well as how you feel.. well, thats a really great thing also!

But waking up ..sitting up & stretching your arms out.. saying Thank you to all the 'anyone out there's (spirits, angels, ancestors) who may be watching, feeling blessed beyond measure for being here - folding your hands in in prayer - deep breath - breathing the exhilaration of living from deep in your cells & feeling so grateful for the experience of being here..

Well, there is just nothing in the world that can measure up to this feeling.. no amount of money can buy you that.. no one else can give you it.. & I do attribute it to being raw.. and maybe the super-food, super-being routine also ..but it all stems from simply eating raw.


Raw Vegan Family said...

So true! I love your "anyone out there who's watching" comment. We have had a mega increase in fairy activity lately. I think raw has a lot to do with it as we are now so much more able to experience that beyond the 5 senses. :)

Happy, Happy Day!

Mum said...

I really understand what you mean about breathing in "life' and breathing out "thanks". Yesterday I was thinking that neither you nor I could go back... the journey ahead is so full of amazing blessings.... and it started with raw, living foods and it is our bodies but also our minds and spirits that are vibrating at a high, high level.... not possible with heavy, dead foods. Thanks for your on-going support and encouragement

Love to U

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

I celebrate & give thanks for both of you for your ongoing love & support!!
Much love - Thanks for the comments!
~Big Hugs~
* & I agree totally to both comments!
: ) Have a great day!