Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cancer is a Fungus !!!?!

This is a subject I have been wanting to blog about for awhile now.. I have been hearing several people talking about this lately - of the possibility - that Cancer is a Fungus!

& now Tracy is at Hippocrates and I have just recently heard that Dr Brian Clement is advocating this also. This is huge news!

Watch this interview with Doug Kaufmann of Know the Cause as he interviews Dr. Tullio Simoncini, M.D. who has discovered the cause of cancer. Dr. Simoncini shares information about Fungus/Yeast and Cancer.

Dr. Simoncini's Cancer Therapy website.

Dr Doug Kaufmann's website Know the Cause is filled with more information and shows like this one that inform you about health breakthroughs. He has also written books about fungus and about cancer.

Candida, Yeast and Fungus a Cancer - Baking Soda to Cure

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Taco Wrap

This is my favorite lunch these days. First remove the center spine carefully.

Then I put on a nut cheeze and a Nut Loaf Patty (recipe coming soon in upcoming book! : )

Red Onion, Tomato..

Salsa ..and finally shredded Romaine on top. (or lots of Sprouts! )

Fold bottom up and then fold the sides in and hold it all together with a couple toothpicks, and Voila! A Taco wrap : )

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

God's Original People: Raw Foodists

Mom called last night and had a great thought - she was reading the following passage from the bible and she was thinking and believes that God's original people in the Garden of Eden were Raw Foodists and - more importantly.. when we eat Raw Foods - WE begin to feel some of what the original people felt.. we become closer to source, closer to being a part of God.

And God said, "Behold I have
given you every herb bearing seed,
which is upon the face of all the earth
and every tree, in the which is the fruit of
a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat...
wherein there is life,
I have given every green herb for meat"
and it was so...
And God saw everything that he had made,
and behold, it was very good.
And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

Genesis 1:29-31

Saturday, November 22, 2008

9 Breaths of Amazing Grace

I have just set up my 1st affiliate program. I have found a lot of deep knowledge from Success Ultra Now, which combines some very powerful empowering and healing techniques available - including Huna and Ho'oponopono.
This is one product - teaching and healing system - which really works for me!
I bought the initial SUN cd (4 copies- for me & my fav people! ; ) when they first came out and now am excited to listen and follow the
9 Breaths of Amazing Grace.

This follows the book released earlier this year "Amazing Grace: The Nine Principles
of Living in Natural Magic" by David Wolfe and Nick Good - which I loved!!

& now, whether you have or haven't read it - there is a special 90 minute webcast hosted by David Wolfe and Nick Good to share their experiences with Amazing Grace.
It is Live Tuesday, November 25th and will be available until Wed evening at midnight!

In this Special One-Time-Only Video Webcast:
Activating the Superhero - David and Nick will be sharing all the latest
leading edge information from their research on:

* Raw Foods
* Superior Health
* Spirituality
* Superfoods
* Psychology
* Law of Attraction
* And more... help you Activate the Superhero within you!


This event is FREE and open to everyone.

Register Here for the webcast:

To get a free SNEAK PREVIEW of Nick Good's latest program: The 9 Breaths of Amazing Grace click here (or on the 9 breaths image on the upper right hand side of this page.)

You'll get to check out 5 audio files from this empowering and inspiring 41-track audio program, designed to help you master your mind, open your heart, and experience a state of Amazing Grace.

Its fantastic and important information!

Success Ultra Now| 9 Breaths of Amazing Grace

The Jaguar Path

I am at a shamanic yoga workshop this weekend:

The Jaguar Path
a fusion of Yoga and Shamanism
taking place at the Sananda Yoga Studio today & tomorrow - Saturday and Sunday

In these two sessions we will experience yoga practice and mystical shamanic journeys to heal our past,and nourish our future, leading us to power and enhanced perception.

Ray will addresses the three perceptual states of mind, body, and soul.

  • MIND: through lectures in clarification of yogic terms such as chakras, nadis, samskaras, energy body, etc.
  • BODY: through yoga asana, and the Jaguar Moves accessing energy.
  • SOUL: through shamanic journey in soul retreival and chakra clearing.

I had a black jaguar run with me through the jungle in my shamanic journey this afternoon - isn't he beautiful?!!

Yogis and shamans are one and the same; they are men and women who study the human condition and through their practices become their own teachers and healers.The Yogic path as shamanism leads to the understanding of this world as a matrix of energies and offers techniques on how to intervene on the realm of mind, body and spirit in order to acquire healing and enhanced perception.

Yoga and Shamanism are two ancient systems of healing and living that enable us to realize mundane life as a profound and mystical experience. The yogic world refers to this as the path to enlightenment, the Shamanic world calls this the path to enhanced perception. Both of these spiritual traditions cultivate the understanding and experience of the energy field that creates the Matrix, our body, and our luminous sphere. The purpose of this work is to serve personal and planetary healing.

Ray H. Crist, the founder of Jaguar Path, is a certified Hatha yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance. Ray has studied with Dr. Alberto Villoldo with The Four Winds Society, and has teachers he visits often in Peru and South Mexico. He has received his initiation as a healer and teacher in the Andes by the Q'uero Indians. Ray holds a degree in Chinese Medicine herbology, and a degree in teacher training of Thai Yoga (Bo Ran northern style). He is a Reiki practictioner. He currently teaches at Kripalu Center. His first practice was in martial arts: Tai Chi (chuan) and Kung-Fu (wu shu). Ray is now based in the Berkshires and travels the world with his workshops. For more information please visit

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Running Raw Project - Tim VanOrden

The Protein Myth

Running Raw - Possibility

Running Raw - Cooked vs Raw Carbs

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Power of 3 - Sunlight, Biophotons and Quantum Physics

I started posting on these 3 things which are all on my mind and I thought somewhat unrelated.. but then I saw the connecting link - Fritz-Albert Popp!

In 1974 German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp has proved their (biophoton light & mitogentic rays) existence, their origin from the DNA and later their coherence (laser-like nature), and has developed biophoton theory to explain their possible biological role and the ways in which they may control biochemical processes, growth, differentiation etc. Popp's biophoton theory leads to many startling insights into the life processes and may well provide one of the major elements of a future theory of life and holistic medical practice based on such an approach. fom Biophotons-The Light in our Cells

Eat Raw Organic Sunshine - Doug Hines new site
Creating World Peace through or Food

Lynne McTaggert on Quantum Physics 1 of 2

Lynne McTaggert on Quantum Physics 2 of 2

I have been reading quite a bit on biophotonics - trying to understand how the violet glass works ..I had heard and found lots on the internet about how ultraviolet light is antibacterial.. and how the violet glass will protect and keep the life force already inherent in the substance being stored in the glass intact for a very long period of time.. but only in translating German text am I getting how violet glass actually increases the force field of ultraviolet as well as infrared rays - which both have a very healing and intense energy.

These illustrations show the light which enters green, amber, white (clear) and violet glass:

These pics show the energy field of water stored for a week in violet, amber and white (clear) glass:
other UV & biophotonetic notes:

UV light is subdivided into three bands: UVA (320-400 nm), UVB (290-320 nm) and UVC (<290 style="font-weight: bold;">genetic mutations are reversible by UVA and violet light by means of the so-called photo repair.

By the insights of biophotonics, the conventional conception of the organism as a being well separated from the environment can be replaced by the vision of openness and transparency of the individuals existing in a state of permanent exchange or interdependence.

The electromagnetic radiation on our earth
We are not aware of the high electromagnetic energy field around us. As shown in Figure 1, the wide spectrum of electromagnetic radiation reaching the earth from the sun through space covers all frequencies from cosmic rays, gamma rays, X-rays ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation up to radio waves. A considerable part of this radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere of the earth and will not reach the surface of the earth. It is know that the ozone layer in the stratosphere absorbs almost all short wave lengths of ultraviolet light. It is very important that this high energy radiation does not reach the earth surface or only in a very weak form as UVB-light in order to avoid changes in DNA structures of living cells. This absorption of ultraviolet light is a counterpart of the open window in the region of the visible light. Other open atmospheric windows are found in the infrared region and in the electromagnetic spectral part of radio waves.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Birthday, Adventures, Galleries and Drums and so many things!!...

On the roller coaster of life here I am going on a loop again. This happened about a year ago, around the same time, around my birthday. This time it is not so personal, and although it affects me, it isn't so directly personal as last time.. but I have been doing some big life-thinking stuff this past week. ..and all is well. Feel like once again I know who I am, where I am and well, who really knows where we are going.. or anything for that matter.. but I am feeling great again..

and like a true superhero, that I can take on whatever curve ball life throws at me and ' I am doing animated Laura Croft style fighting moves in my head.. lol" & then spreading warmth and love and white light around ..coursing through dimensions.. making it all turn out well. Every situation can be flipped into a positive, right? you know it.

So here I am back blogging again. I love it here in my little on-line journal world.
& Whats been going on these past few days?

This afternoon I went to the AGO (Art Gallry of Ontario) Grand re-opening with a friend and the line up was almost all the way AROUND the block - like 1-2 hour line to wait in to get in. So we went to a few other galleries, including my fav - the Bau-Xi gallery and picked out a painting for my dining room! ; ) TimMerrett

Excavation #01/11/08 (from J. van Huysum-1722)
2008 - oil on canvas - 24 x 47.5 in. - $6800 ..There were so many beautiful paintings there, as usual. But first really I think I'll save up and one day get my Hang Drum!

But I did get a special drum, a djembe. I'm pretty excited about it. I was thinking I could really use some drumming therapy right now! ; )
It was my birthday yesterday and this was from my Mom. and an amazing book - I am sure it will be, she always sends incredible things!! It is The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart & it picks up where her previous book - The Field left off. It offers some of the very latest scientific evidence about the power of your own thoughts and mind-blowing new evidence about the nature of reality.

Also she has extrapolated a detailed program to direct your thoughts, to increase the activity and strength of your intentions, and to effect genuine change in your life. Cool, we can always use more of that!

I have gotten so many special things this weekend! I got a beautiful Pineda Covalin Bag that I loved so much!! Mexican designer ..and earrings and a big piece of amber with a fly and a fern in it, way cool! ..and a hanging bead thing to keep away evil spirits. They usually stay away anyway, too much light around here for them I think. ; ) but its very pretty!

Oh & I would love to show you my raccoon hat, too cute, wool knitted with raccoon face and ears .. just makes me smile. Its so cozy and warm. And perfect timing - it snowed today!!!

I got my own set of bamboo cutlery, love it!!! To-Go Ware

and a Tropical Hula calendar!!

& special teas and chocolates! )

On Friday we went to the Whole Life Expo - Canada's largest showcase of natural health, alternative medicine, and eco-friendly lifestyles.

Mmm, I just finished a bag of kale chips I got there from Live. Kale chips are the best!!

I also got a purple glass bottle from Bob, the Canadian E3Live distributor, to make solar water in. The purple bottle only lets the suns very healing ultra-violet rays in. !!
..and a cacao, licorice, chicory tea that I am going to go make right now.

oh,and something else exciting. Tracy Ha makes this special smokeless smudge from Canadian Sweetgrass - which is commonly used but hard to distill into an oil, it takes a lot!! and she said there was only one guy who makes it, in northern Alberta and thats where she gets it and blends it with Spanish sage and Moroccan Cedarwood. She sprayed some on Marie & I & it felt so clear after!! It was amazing. She said she thought that this was mor
e effective than smoke smudging.

I got some and also a small wing for smoke smudging. I debated it, because it was from an animal..and I am trying not to buy leather anymore.. but it just didn't feel wrong. This seemed so different, and although I am not ok with myself eating meat.. I felt ok with this. Maybe because it was a more natural process, not factory farming.. that is where my real concern comes from. It's hard to believe how uncaring and cruel we humans can be sometimes. But, thats life. ..and we learn.

I just found this while looking for a pic:

Morning Star is continually creating from the raw materials she finds on her travels. Understanding that creatures are continually vacating their living forms to move onto higher expressions of life. In all indigenous cultures their were those who wore the bones and remnants of animals, bringing healing to individuals, community and the earth through their honouring of life through the animals parts.

Unfortunately we have lost this connection with the earth and man has become fearful of death and the use of animal parts - 'what man fears he destroys' ~Indian saying

Is very true, as humanity becomes more disconnected from the earth in a sterile environment of paper, plastic, metal and concrete. Many spend thlives going from the insides of houses to concrete to cars to the inside of office buildings, with only ever seeing greenery on the discovery channel or in plants brought in to simulate a natural environment. Humanity has a sickness - that is brought about by the disconnection f´rom the natural world - high blood pressure, cancers, stress, obesity and diabeties are telling us, something is wrong with our relationship with both ourselves and the planet. It is time to sit among the trees again and listen to the birds, feel the tactile sensation of furs, feathers, skins and leather. Remembering we did not create the hoop of life, but are a part of it and as we affect it, we are affected by it. Remember to breathe deeply and be in an Attitude of Gratitude for All That Is.

And - on Thurs evening I went to see Gabriel Cousens who was here in Toronto for the first time in 8 years! Marie and I brought up a harmonium for his musical- meditative event yesterday Creating Peace by Being Peace and Kirtan which took place yesterday.
It was the first time I saw and heard him speak in person, that was really great. !

..and now I am tired. The kids were all here for dinner earlier (Kaiyas still here), we ordered Thai, ..and they had a green salad with passion-fruit dressing for me. Nice!! I am off to a cup of tea and back into my book! ..xox Sweet Dreams ; )

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pizza Party!

We have been making and serving warm pizzas straight from the dehydrator at Rawlicious lately. Here are a few I've made in the last few days.. and I am off to go make more right now.

These are pics of them before dehydrating which softens and the toppings while warming up the pizza. ..

These are two pizzas that Alana made.. love the bottom olive-tomato one!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Osho - Courage - the Joy of Living Dangerously

Intelligence is aliveness, it is spontaneity. It is openness, it is vulnerability. It is impartiality, it is the courage to function without conclusions.

It is courage because when you function out of a conclusion the conclusion protcts you;the conclusion gives you security, safety.

To function without a conclusion is to function in innocence. There is no security; you may go wrong, yo may go astray.

One who is ready to go on the exploration called truth has to be ready to commit many errors, mistakes - has to be ready to risk. One may go astray but that is how one arrives.

Going many many times astray, one learns how not to go astray. comes closer to what is truth.
You were born as a no-mind. Let that sink into your heart as deeply as possible because through that, a door opens. If you were born as a no-mind then the mind is just a social product. It is nothing natural, it is cultivated. It has been put together on top of you. Deep down you are still free, you can get out of it. One can never get out of nature, but one can get out of the artificial any moment one decides to.

Existence precedes thinking. So existence is not a state of mind, it is a state beyond. To be, not to think, is the way to know the fundamental.

And there is a different kind of knowing. It can not be called 'knowledge'. It is more like love, less like knowledge. It is so intimate that the word knowledge is not sufficient to express it. The word love is more adequate, more expressive.

In the history of human consciousness, the first thing that evolved was magic.

Magic had something of the mind and something of the no-mind.Then out of magic grew philosophy. Then out of philosophy grew science. Magic was both no-mind and mind. Philosophy was only mind. And then mind plus experimentation became science.

Thinking can think only about the known - it can chew the already chewed. Thinking can never be original. How can you think about the unknown? Whatsoever you can manage to think will belong to the known. You can think only because you know. At the most, thinking can create new combinations. You can think about a horse who flies in the sky, who is made of gold, but nothing is new. You know birds who fly in the sky, you know gold, you know horses, you combine the three together. At the most thinking can create new combinations, but it can not know the unknown.The unknown remains beyond it. So thinking goes in a circle, goes on knowing the known again and again and again. It goes on chewing the chewed. Thinking is never original.

To come upon reality originally, radically, to come upon reality without any mediator - to come upon reality as if you were the first person to exist - that is liberating. That very newness of it liberates.

Truth is an experience. Not a belief. Truth never comes by studying about it; truth has to be encountered, truth has to be faced.

The prejudiced eye is blind, the heart full of conclusions is dead. Too many a priori assumptions and your intelligence starts losing its sharpness, its beauty, its intensity. It becomes dull.
Dull intelligence is what is called intellect. Your so-called intelligentsia are not really intelligent, they are just intellectual. Intellect is a corpse. You can decorate it- you can decorate it with great pearls, diamonds, emeralds, but still a corpse is a corpse.

To be alive is a totally different matter.

Science means being definite, being absolutely definite, about facts. And if you are very definite about facts, then you can not feel the mysterious - the more definite you are, the more mystery evaporates. Mystery needs a certain vagueness, mystery needs something undefined, undemarcated. Science is factual; mystery is not factual, it is existential.

excerpts from Osho's Courage - The Joy of Living Dangerously