Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Birthday, Adventures, Galleries and Drums and so many things!!...

On the roller coaster of life here I am going on a loop again. This happened about a year ago, around the same time, around my birthday. This time it is not so personal, and although it affects me, it isn't so directly personal as last time.. but I have been doing some big life-thinking stuff this past week. ..and all is well. Feel like once again I know who I am, where I am and well, who really knows where we are going.. or anything for that matter.. but I am feeling great again..

and like a true superhero, that I can take on whatever curve ball life throws at me and ' I am doing animated Laura Croft style fighting moves in my head.. lol" & then spreading warmth and love and white light around ..coursing through dimensions.. making it all turn out well. Every situation can be flipped into a positive, right? you know it.

So here I am back blogging again. I love it here in my little on-line journal world.
& Whats been going on these past few days?

This afternoon I went to the AGO (Art Gallry of Ontario) Grand re-opening with a friend and the line up was almost all the way AROUND the block - like 1-2 hour line to wait in to get in. So we went to a few other galleries, including my fav - the Bau-Xi gallery and picked out a painting for my dining room! ; ) TimMerrett

Excavation #01/11/08 (from J. van Huysum-1722)
2008 - oil on canvas - 24 x 47.5 in. - $6800 ..There were so many beautiful paintings there, as usual. But first really I think I'll save up and one day get my Hang Drum!

But I did get a special drum, a djembe. I'm pretty excited about it. I was thinking I could really use some drumming therapy right now! ; )
It was my birthday yesterday and this was from my Mom. and an amazing book - I am sure it will be, she always sends incredible things!! It is The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart & it picks up where her previous book - The Field left off. It offers some of the very latest scientific evidence about the power of your own thoughts and mind-blowing new evidence about the nature of reality.

Also she has extrapolated a detailed program to direct your thoughts, to increase the activity and strength of your intentions, and to effect genuine change in your life. Cool, we can always use more of that!

I have gotten so many special things this weekend! I got a beautiful Pineda Covalin Bag that I loved so much!! Mexican designer ..and earrings and a big piece of amber with a fly and a fern in it, way cool! ..and a hanging bead thing to keep away evil spirits. They usually stay away anyway, too much light around here for them I think. ; ) but its very pretty!

Oh & I would love to show you my raccoon hat, too cute, wool knitted with raccoon face and ears .. just makes me smile. Its so cozy and warm. And perfect timing - it snowed today!!!

I got my own set of bamboo cutlery, love it!!! To-Go Ware

and a Tropical Hula calendar!!

& special teas and chocolates! )

On Friday we went to the Whole Life Expo - Canada's largest showcase of natural health, alternative medicine, and eco-friendly lifestyles.

Mmm, I just finished a bag of kale chips I got there from Live. Kale chips are the best!!

I also got a purple glass bottle from Bob, the Canadian E3Live distributor, to make solar water in. The purple bottle only lets the suns very healing ultra-violet rays in. !!
..and a cacao, licorice, chicory tea that I am going to go make right now.

oh,and something else exciting. Tracy Ha makes this special smokeless smudge from Canadian Sweetgrass - which is commonly used but hard to distill into an oil, it takes a lot!! and she said there was only one guy who makes it, in northern Alberta and thats where she gets it and blends it with Spanish sage and Moroccan Cedarwood. She sprayed some on Marie & I & it felt so clear after!! It was amazing. She said she thought that this was mor
e effective than smoke smudging.

I got some and also a small wing for smoke smudging. I debated it, because it was from an animal..and I am trying not to buy leather anymore.. but it just didn't feel wrong. This seemed so different, and although I am not ok with myself eating meat.. I felt ok with this. Maybe because it was a more natural process, not factory farming.. that is where my real concern comes from. It's hard to believe how uncaring and cruel we humans can be sometimes. But, thats life. ..and we learn.

I just found this while looking for a pic:

Morning Star is continually creating from the raw materials she finds on her travels. Understanding that creatures are continually vacating their living forms to move onto higher expressions of life. In all indigenous cultures their were those who wore the bones and remnants of animals, bringing healing to individuals, community and the earth through their honouring of life through the animals parts.

Unfortunately we have lost this connection with the earth and man has become fearful of death and the use of animal parts - 'what man fears he destroys' ~Indian saying

Is very true, as humanity becomes more disconnected from the earth in a sterile environment of paper, plastic, metal and concrete. Many spend thlives going from the insides of houses to concrete to cars to the inside of office buildings, with only ever seeing greenery on the discovery channel or in plants brought in to simulate a natural environment. Humanity has a sickness - that is brought about by the disconnection f´rom the natural world - high blood pressure, cancers, stress, obesity and diabeties are telling us, something is wrong with our relationship with both ourselves and the planet. It is time to sit among the trees again and listen to the birds, feel the tactile sensation of furs, feathers, skins and leather. Remembering we did not create the hoop of life, but are a part of it and as we affect it, we are affected by it. Remember to breathe deeply and be in an Attitude of Gratitude for All That Is.

And - on Thurs evening I went to see Gabriel Cousens who was here in Toronto for the first time in 8 years! Marie and I brought up a harmonium for his musical- meditative event yesterday Creating Peace by Being Peace and Kirtan which took place yesterday.
It was the first time I saw and heard him speak in person, that was really great. !

..and now I am tired. The kids were all here for dinner earlier (Kaiyas still here), we ordered Thai, ..and they had a green salad with passion-fruit dressing for me. Nice!! I am off to a cup of tea and back into my book! ..xox Sweet Dreams ; )


aubergine2001 said...

Sorry, must be a space time thing, and since watching part 2 of the L. McTaggart video and knowing that the past and future are all one thing ... Happy birthday. A longer email will be coming this weekend.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thank you - & Happy Birthday to you too!
Big Hugs!! xo, R