Friday, August 31, 2007

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They say that the masters at the art of living make little distinction between their work and their play, their labour ad their leisure, their minds and their body or their love ad their religion.

They simply pursue their VISION OF EXCELLENCE at whatever they do, leaving others to decide whether they're working or playing. them they are always doing both!

(~ from Orlando's blog)

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" We don't know a millionth of one percent about anything." Thomas Edison

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tonya Zavasta

Last week Tonya Zavasta gave a lecture at work - Toronto Sprouts. She was amazing.. what a powerhouse. She is such a great speaker ..and very funny.

But she hit on some really interesting topics. Tonya has advanced degrees in engineering and mathematics. & she really, & very intelligently, gets into the science and study of raw.

She mentioned how mathematics and science are so different. Math is based on 7 basic facts. It is logical and never changes. For example, the Pythagorean theorem is the same now as it was 2000 years ago & will be the same 2000 years from now. Science on the other hand is about collecting data in an experiment, which comes up with a suggestion. These experiments can be twisted around and almost anything can be proven one way or another depending on how it is looked at.

She has also found that the science behind nutrition and health is based on studies done on people who are cooked foodists and generally sick. What our science has for her, doesn't work she has found out ..Tonya has had many surgeries and operations to correct a physical deformity that she was born with in her hips. For example they would want to put her on kumadin, a blood thinner - but she would not agree.. and the they thought the vegetables juices she makes ad drinks would do the same thing, thin the blood.. but they didn't realize that it wouldn't thin her blood as she didn't have thick blood, they just assume everyone does. ..and then she found out much later that kumadin could be fatal to someone who eats a lot of green leafy vegetables (& then they would probably blame the vegetables! ; )

This was probably the most interesting thing I got from the night.. the realization of how different raw foodists bodies are compared to the average cooked diet body.
She said that when venturing on the superhealth highway, you are on your own. There is no research done.
Another example is drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. A raw foodist drinking too much can put a lot of stress on the kidneys. & show up as eyebags. She also mentioned a few people who died from water toxicity, drinking too much.

She showed amazing pictures showing the difference between a raw clean blood cell ad a cooked one. What a difference.. beautiful nice perfectly round slightly indented red circles separated from each other vs the cooked foodists bluish globby, lumpy, bumpy mass of stuff stuck together, it was literally like night & day.. they didn't even look like the same entities.
& she mentioned how the raw foodists blood cell count is very low.. but its not because they are not there, its because they are not needed continually, like in a cooked persons body where they are continually trying to clean up the blood. cooked food is poison. When we need our white blood cells they are abundant.. its just that the body is smart enough to know not to make them and have them all out when not needed.
The really sad part though is that most children have that blue sticky blood. This blood is evident for 5 - 20 years before a disease will show up. Its all about keeping the blood clean, if we can do this then illness is almost impossible.

Then she showed the colon pics.. wow! The 1st pink colon actually did look beautiful after seeing the rest of the deformed ones. and she mentioned a doctor she talked to who said in working with them for 25 years has never seen a healthy one.

The good news.. all conditions ca be reversed.. and in only 3 weeks!
A deformed colon can be reversed in several years. The colon is a muscle.. it will improve over time with work.. like building any muscle, it takes time and work. (eating healthy foods)

Tonya starts her day with juice. She drinks 2 large glasses of juice every day. She says that she can tell almost 99% of the time who the juicers are, they all have a really healthy glow. She also drinks green smoothies. Only a handful of nuts.. she eats a lot of greens! & she says that after 10 years raw she has no mucus in her body and everything that she eats gets absorbed. It takes awhile to get to that stage, to clear the body out so the nutrients get absorbed.. and its not about how much you get, its about how much you absorb.

On an average diet you are never nutritionally satisfied.
On a raw diet you are always nutritionally satisfied.

She says it is important to keep upgrading your diet when raw to get the anti-aging benefits to really kick in.

Our organs get smaller when we are raw.

Food allergies are one of the 1st things to go, they are the easiest to get rid of.
She was asked about healing a lot of illnesses ad always answered to just google the name of the illness or disease ad raw foods ad she guaranteed 100% that they would find a source and information about someone who has healed themselves of it.

She talked about scientists on a hunt to find a way to stop us from aging.. finding this gene or stem cell or..l
But the answer was found 70 years ago. They put mice on a calorie restricted diet. They fed them 70% of their diet and they lived 40% longer.
& eating raw. But the raw diet is not as popular because people can do this by themselves.. there is o money to be made in this.
but its obvious.
What has less calories than the raw diet? - Nothing
What has more nutrients than the raw diet? - Nothing

But at first when you go raw it can see like everything is against you.. your body is against you, your mind is, your family is - they all think you're nuts. But the your body becomes your biggest allie. Your organs inside become beautiful.

All the while you were feeding toxins into your body before they were being pushed to the periphery of your body to keep them away from your vital organs. All the varicose veins you've developed, pimples, poor skin, sore joints.. they will all start healing and feeling and looking better once they are allowed to be cleaned out by eating more pure foods.

Your face shape changes on the raw diet. Your eyes get more round and larger. Eyebrows lift. The 3000 square inches of your skin will all improve. While your peers are finding new moles, you will find your skin irregularities disappearing. Fatty deposits disappear. Things go to their right spots. You have a glow, this comes from the inside.

Raw beauty is a symptom of superior health.
After 40 when you look healthy, people say its beautiful.

Ok, Mom this one was for you! I knew you were interested in this one. ..and it took me longer than usual to post about it. But so much going on. & even last night I went out late.. went to the Rivoli to see Carioca. (Kaiya was so funny.. "Mom, could you at least please phone me when you are going to be out late!" That sounded so funny - she just wanted a drive somewhere.. but I laughed)
It was such a great night though. Carioca is awesome! ..amazing bringing it all back too. wow.

Oh & 1 more thing.. Fatma has a pic of me & Linda & Tonya from last week & a post about the night here.

Enjoy and have a beautiful, deep and illuminating day!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Love, babies, getting back to nature, Nana Nauwald

Out beyond all imaginations
Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing
There is a field.
I'll meet you there.

Even though I have such limited time I am sitting here enjoying the paintings of Nana Nauwald.

Her paintings remind me somewhat of the ayahuasca journey.

I went to see my friend last night who
just had a baby a couple days ago - her 5th boy!!!!! He is so cute!!! Se was telling me how everything is so different now & ow they really push the pills. They just give you a little plastic bag in the hospital with 5 different types of pain relievers. She said she wasn't in pain & they gave them to her anyway, Tylenol, Tyleol3, ibuprofin, forget what else.. mostly over the counter but she was still amazed. I guess so you don't bother the nurses, & they just expect everyone to take them. wow!

I sometimes am amazed at how far removed we are from nature.. I think thats why I found it interesting to do the ayahuasca.. even though its extreme, I found it a very get back to nature thing. Real natural therapy. 1 trip probably = a few years on a therapists couch. : ) Sometimes when I think about how far removed we have gotten I get sad. But its not only that... I think its the people who are the furthest removed who have the hardest time with life.. but they don't realize it. I was thinking of this esp talking to my friend Elena.. (she's from Uruguay) she is from a culture with not a lot of money but from one with people who live close to the land. They often get together to share meals, often there are a lot of people from the community getting together, they party a lot and sing and dance & have fun & enjoy life together.. and its not about money at all.. they are actually much farther removed from it. All the adults party at the kids birthday parties. I love that!! They know how to enjoy life.. to take the time to appreciate nature and really bond with each other, establish strong close communities.

One of the interesting parts of the ayahuasca journey was the coming together of the North & South. We have our advantages also, which I don't give credit for nearly enough.. they mentioned our strength & endurance, that we are a powerful people. & I guess to get through our winters we have needed to be. Lol ,,but we talked about how its important in these days.. to save our planet, our species for us all to come together.. we need to take the best from everywhere & all work together.. it is essential for our survival. & Love ..I think we always need love. More than anything from my trip I think I realized just how harmful negativity is.. even in small doses, negativity is negativity & hurts everyone. ,, and negativity is really just an absence of love. Love is all there is. I think the best thing we can do for our planet, for ourselves or for anything is to love.. appreciate & love!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ayahuasca journey - part 2

(note - due to the sensitive and personal nature of this journey, I have decided to edit this post. Aug 29, 07 - kt)

The ayahuasca ceremony was very interesting. I was told right off that I was fortunate to be there that night because it was starting Sat eve. with an ubunda (s/p?) dance. ("O, the trance dance, Dale said to me yesterday.. thats really fun. He couldn't make it this weekend - He went to a trance wedding!!! Wow!) We drank 3 times. So, for the first we all 1st lined up along the steps down to the foyer where there was a table set up and you one by one would go get a little glass of the ayahuasca tea and drink it & the go back upstairs. All the men were on one side of the circle and women on the other. 2 of the leader/guides, one male and one female were directly opposite the musicians and they showed us the steps.. 3 different dances and we would follow them. Simple dances, 1 was 2 steps to the left, step, 2 to the right, step. another was turning to the left, 4 steps to the right, 2 steps, then 4 steps back to the left, 2 steps.That was fun. It wasn't strong, not a lot happened to me, I wasn't sick or anything.

To be honest I thought I was going to get off easy.. not only was I fairly experienced (or so I thought) in this sort of thing I thought I was very well-adjusted, not many issues to deal with etc in life. Wow, was I in for a surprise. 2nd trip down & they were setting up the space, we were going to go up & sit on our cushions. I went up & they were putting out the lined baskets everywhere & boxes of kleenex. This one was much stronger. One of the characteristics I had heard was that you often get sick. I did hear some people getting sick but vaguely because by then I started seeing the visuals and when that happens, nothing else really matters. (I was nauseous, & kind of had dry heaves at one poit, I guess because I didn't eat much for the 2 days before)

The visuals were out of this world. So intensely detailed and surprisingly some of the designs seemed more like they were computer generated than natural to me.I expected animals and nature stuff.. mine was like billowing clouds of optical illusion lines, so finely detailed & swirling out from some design in the center (like the Om symbol) which had the brightest white light in it.. and it kept changing & changing colors.. but mine were more neutral brown/green colors. Mi-San said heres were yellow & pink & she kept thinking how these were my colors, not hers.. and the brightest white light ever..

& I saw other things.. an ancient sacred text open before me in a language I didn't know, maybe Hebrew, maybe Sanskrit.. but I knew if I knew the language I could read it & flip pages & I realized that everything was there inside of me. Everything.. all of the Akashic records that I had heard of ..everything that ever was & ever will be, past, present, & future.. was all contained inside. I knew this & have said it before that everything is in each one of us.. everything everyone else has thought or ever will think.. but I have never had it so proven to me. That was one of the things that changed.. really knowing this. Even when you know it sometimes it doesn't really hit home, yk?

and I was in hell. Well, I had my legs dangling over there & ..well, I realized how harmful some relationships can be. How people who are hurting themselves are really hurting everyone else as well. I mean I knew this.. but again I didn't realize the extent of it. Those people hurt others a LOT! & I saw angels, Margaret was an angel - she was the same as always & yet gold & glittery.. and I realized that we are all angels! & I felt the pain of the world & wanted to filter it all & feel it all to help clear it away. I cried so much... kind of like that silent stuff with tears rolling down your cheeks & nose & I was glued to the floor like a weight.

k, lots more, running out of time though.. Ah, these limitations, lol

Time 3 was like a more gentle version of time #2.
The music was amazing!

Oh & the food after, the next morning was amazing.. a table, or actually tables lined together, set up with the most amazing foods.. big bowls & plates of cut up watermelon & canteloupe & avocados halved & a huge raw chocolate cake & a huge delicious raw pate & some cooked foods also.. bread, etc.. but so much raw food! It was such an amazing spread.

I have 1 more raw thought I want to leave you with.. off topic of ayahuasca now. It is that when you decide to go raw or eat healthy foods.. it seems to me that they just appear before you. If you decide to eat only the best foods.. the universe will make sure they are there for you. For example yesterday.. my friend calls int he afternoon & asks if I would like the best mango in the whole world & that he'll bring it right over. how wonderful is that? & then Elena & I went to Yonge St yesterday & visited Chocosol & Dale showed up with baskets of apples & pears freshly picked off the tree (from a 200 year + organic orchard) picked that morning! & I came home with a big bag of them.. How beautiful is that?!
amazing.. like the rest of this amazing world.
Ayahuasca has made me see more beauty & depth in everything..
It's deep.. Deep, Deep, DEEP!!!
~Love You!~ : )

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ayahuasca journey - part 1

(note: due to the sesitive and personal nature of this little adventure of mine I am editing a major part out - Aug 29, 07, kt)

I am back & almost ready to tell of my ayahuasca journey.
It was deep, deep, Deep!!!
It was the most spiritual thing I have ever encountered.
I think of ayahuasca now more as a medicine than a drug.
I am still recovering, twice this morning I found myself with tears welling up. I am so glad I have the day off. I am going to describe it but not post a link or anything so obvious Ayahuasca is still illegal here in Canada. I just heard it was legalized in the US this year.. for ceremonies or religious purposes or something like that.

Ayahuasca was a psychedelic trip like no other I have encountered. & I've encountered a lot..
But nowhere did I see anything even remotely close to this. but I am going to start at the beginning. This was really, really crazy.. Mi-san & I were killing ourselves in the car just recollecting things and talking about it all.. The twinkle, twinkle little star song sang by children to a funky Tribal SA beat early in the morning as the sun was rising. It was so far out & illuminating.. and fun, really, really fun.. and hard.
Really hard, I will do it again.. but I don't want to for about a year. Mi-San said it's kind of like having a baby isn't it? ..& in one way it is.

-Insert 2 hour break here to go get groceries with my friend & neighbour and come back & have lunch. Delicious collard & iceberg lettuce wraps with I have a mixture in the fridge, I have posted before that I love.. you just take equal amounts Brazil nuts & sun-dried tomatoes & process together till it blends together, starts to ball up.. so that was in the wrap with slices of amazing local tomatos, pea green sprouts and marinated shitakes. I posted this before but will tell you again - cause it is also so amazing - marinate in olive oil (or garlic-chili flax oil if you can get it), nama shoyu, chopped
garlic, powdered cardamom, cumin & cayenne.
I am so hungry today!!!

My reality has once again been shattered and I find myself once again picking up the pieces and putting it all back in a new configuration.

I am going to tell you though a bit about the ceremony, quite fascinating! & my experience.. some of it. But my friend called (& coincidentally I was off browsing about a curandera giving ayahuasca & she had given me the name curandera long ago.. and I was feeling some connection & then she called. ) not so surprising but always so cool! .. shes from deep down South America, Uruguay.. and I am going to go meet her right now, cause she has the day off.. & I want to see her & be inspired again to learn Spanish, she always does that. part 2 coming soon! Ciaouuuuu

Ayahuasca Curandera Norma Panduro Havarro

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Carioca night , Ayhuasca - getting ready and the most amazing Sorrel Chia Tea ever!

Good Morning! I had planned on getting up early to post about Tonya's lecture Wed eve.. it was so great ..but I've just had so much going on & it takes time.. so one day next week we will have a Tonya day.
Right now I am getting ready to leave for my Carioca night - Ayhuasca ceremony ritual thing I am doing tonight and I thought I would come here & look it up quickly. My friend yesterday asked if I looked it up & I haven't really yet. Heard stories, lots of stories. I am excited, a little nervous, but over-all really looking forward to it. Ayhuasca Basics here.

It is taking place somewhere up north 1 1/2 hours out of the city, somewhere in the forest.. I think. Mi-San has the details.
Everyone wears white. I just had my sewing machine out.. but its not working, Ahhh.. cause I just found the most gorgeous white skirt I thought I had lost, its all layered and lacish.. I have it fixed with a couple of safety pins, it works. & I bought another, a white wrap.. really, really nice too.. Ah, choices. & 3 tank tops to pick from, 2 white sweaters.. I am just bringing it all LOL
I love clothes!

& we are supposed to fast today.. or at least eat lightly. There is a list of certain foods that we def shouldn't have. Most of them I wouldn't eat anyway, meat, dairy, caffeine.. but also some other things like ripe bananas.. Mi-San has the list. Yesterday I hardly ate, which is rare but I think I had this on my mind & know day 1 fasting is hard. Yesterday I had the Superfood Bowl of Bliss and the some cantaloupe later.. In the afternoon I visited my Chocosol friends - Graham & Matieu - had Sawako Snow samples, small juice - freshest, organic produce hand cranked with the highest vibe, greatest energy ever!
& then an amazing drink that totally would rival my memories of the best Kool-Aid flavour concoction I ever had as a kid. It was the coolest drink I think I have ever had.
& that was it.. I was a little hungry later but just got my mind on other things.

How to make Graham's Sorrel Chia Tea:
Steep Sorrel and cinnamon sticks in a big clay pot overnight. You can use room temp water or water just hot enough not to burn your hand. In the morning soak chia seeds. I think Mattieu said 1/2 c per 1 liter. ..but I will experiment one day & come revise if necessary. Strain Sorrel (Jamaica flowers) and cinnamon. Add chia and sweeten with honey (or agave).
It tastes amazing and the texture is so cool!!

k. I am out of here in less than an hour.. really better get going. still have to pack!
Much Love!

Friday, August 24, 2007

My totem animals, Medicine cards, Now - time and a Superfood Bowl of Bliss

Wow, I was so tired yesterday.. came in from work, laid in bed & fell sound asleep for 3 hours.When I woke up I had this urge..I have been wanting for a long time to reconstruct my personal totem. I have totem animals, I got them one time from a spread I did with Medicine Cards.. but I had long since lost the list.. but I knew they would all come back to me. & they did. 7 animals come from the spread and 2 come to you on their own. My 2 were fairly unclear at the time, when I did the spread.. but I asked for them last night & they came.

& the interesting thing is that I knew down deep what they were. I painted them into my painting.. well almost (I painted a black cat & I have a black cat but my Right animal - which guards my left brain male side is a Black Panther (cool, huh? - and the Mayans call him Midnight Jaguar - Jags totally make my head turn!) & my Left animal, guards my right female side - is an Owl (silent, magic, wisdom, insight).

see..? I painted them in this painting I did a long time ago.

Now it's possible I picked them & that they came to me because they were already in my painting.. like I chose them. But I don't think it works this way.. they came to me & I subconsciously just knew it then & painted them in. I was thinking of that this morning.. how sometimes I feel like I just know what is going to happen. I really think everything has happened already.. or at least is happening right Now.. I mean like everything past & future is enclosed in the Now.. all happening at once.. and it feels like it has already happened. Because the past has happened, therefor the future must have happened also.. but its not really in the future, its all right Now.. but because we can only see linearly, its hard to get & hard to explain.

Do you ever see the future & then come to experience what you had already seen. ? ..or deju vu's also. I sometimes see the house I am going to live in. I am traveling a lot, flying on planes. ..and this is not just wishful thinking because I know of some problems I am going to have in the future ..and I don't really feel like I can change them (although maybe I can & just don't know it yet) But I know about them & am walking toward them.. although they are not that big.. my Main future is very exciting!!! I knew that as a child & was always very content & happy.

I am so happy I have my animals tight around me again.
& I don't want to lose them again.. but I don't think they ever lost me.
They are:
North - Hawk
South - Blue Heron
East - Coyote
West - Rabbit
Above - Horse (I ride my horse to reach the dreamtime! - he connects me to the stars)
Below - Butterfly (She grounds me! lol)
Within - #39 - the Swan - all about grace and transformation, faith and acceptance.

Every one of my animals is exactly right in their place & have a lot to teach me & they all relate to each other.. they read like a story, on many levels.

Getting totem animals is very magical.. I have a book & deck of Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson.
It was was so important for me to re-construct my totem and get back in tune with these animals before tomorrow night - Carioca (ayhuasca) Night. I felt like they had been calling me for the last while.. and last night I stayed up for hours reading, studying and meditating on them.

ok back to food.. (although that was deep soul food!) ..but back to the Raw stuff
& my favorite.. something totally amazing to hold me over for the morning, and quick cause I am running out the door.. (well, not today, day off, Yay! ..but usually)

Superfood Bowl of Bliss

1 T almond butter
1 T coconut oil
1 t honey
1 T cacao powder
2 T hemp seeds
1 t maca
1 T bee pollen
& sometimes but optional - a bunch of goji berries & a cap of Host Defense (I'm on the mushrooms lately)
I often try to get in Fo-Ti lately also.. but its strong.

Mix all together & it's like a little bowl of chocolate icing.
A beautiful and magical, blissful way to start the morning!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Have a Beautiful Day!

I am having a slow morning.. have less time than usual so did a bit of web surfing.. I feel almost overwhelmed at how much raw information there is on the web, seems like every time I get online & look around there is more & more.. not that I didn't predict that ages ago.. of course it makes so much sense that people want to share their good fortune at actually finding something that works (this raw lifestyle) .. me included! I just found a couple new sites and things I want to share and Tonya last night was soooo amazing!
Tomorrow I will come & post notes about her. But I am running on only a few hours sleep right now & have to head out to work. It looks like rain - prob thunder showers.. I think its a perfect time now for a Superfood Bowl of Bliss (: ) I just made that up) will share the recipe with you later of this uplifting, energizing, intoxicating bowl of stuff. I have been eating it for breakfast for the past 3 days.. I told Zara yesterday that it makes you see butterflies and sparkles and things like that.. and gave her a dreamy look.. and wow.. she just looked at me wide eyed & said she wasn't sure of she wanted to see things like that while at work.. LOL Shes a cooked foodist & I think she is a little awed sometimes at the whole raw food thing.. but shes getting it slowly.. probably even by osmosis. (remember Mom what Diana said? .. "You guys are addictive!" lol)

Oh & I had Tonya's Pudding this morning.. she made it for everyone last night.. just mango & pea sprouts .. you could use another green, if you don't have those.. but think you need a high-speed blender. & she doesn't use water.. just mashes it down with the plunger that comes with the vita-mix. My Blend-Tek doesn't have one.. I had to add a bit of water. Everyone was amazed how good it was.. way better than it sounds.. or looked. so many people came up to me to see what was in it & to buy the sprouts to make it at home.

Oh, I wasn't going to post.. just leave pretty pictures..
I am so overwhelmed with so many things I could write about.. it happens sometimes. Soon.
Have a wonderous & very special day!
See beauty, appreciate beauty, create beauty, be beauty and have the most beautiful day ever!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Raw Summit - Shazzie

Shazzie is one of my first influences when I first went raw. I found her website - Detox your World - and ordered my first raw books from the UK. Interesting that she would be the last one to speak on the Raw summit. I feel like I have come full circle.. but actually its a spiral. I have Tonia to see tonight & it just all goes on & on in wonderful ecstatic bliss.. which is precisely what Shazzie is into these days. Creating ecstatic bliss. btw, she has a 7 year journal-blog avail online at telling all about her raw transformation and life.

Ecstatic Bliss - She is writing a new book, called Ecstatic Beings, about this with Kate (Woods) Magician, the 2 of them have made a commitment to live continually in ecstatic bliss. She is hoping to get over 144,000 signatures on her myspace - she thinks at this is the number that might tip the scale of the world to have us all living continually in ecstatic bliss. She believes we were meant to live in bliss and that is what all the ancient teachings lead to. Raw does this, yoga does, superfoods do.. But there is a lot in our culture which stops us - media, jobs we are unhappy with, stress, junk food - there are layers and layers of rubbish that we need to clear away. Then what we are left with a blank board that we are left with that we can fill up with positive things.

Bliss is a state where you don't have your head in a negative repetitive loop. It can only take one negative to start the loop. You can have 1000 positive things happen but you don't get that - a repetitive positive loop - but only 1 negative thing can put you there.
She says what happens is we have emotional holes and if we stitch them together then you can't get into the negative loop holes ..and then you are in bliss because nothing can touch you. You can live in the bliss and the art and the love that you see every day and you can count your blessings every single second of the day. She feels like shes the luckiest person alive.. but also feels everyone else is also, they just don't know it yet.

She has had emotional stuff to deal with, Evies father is not with them and she has been single for 4 years. But she has gone from self-pity to feeling blessed - because the universe is going to give her the very best guy and she believes she has to wait for this.

If you are living your truth, juggling your things and attracting pos people & things, then you don't even have to worry about neg people or things because they just dissolve away, you don't even notice or think about them.
You are being the beautiful divine being you were meant to be.

She was asked about selfishness..
If you are focusing on yourself, you are being the change. & if you can't get yourself right, how are you going to get anything else right.
(in other words.. selfishness is very important!- and is a very positive thing - our world has some things very mixed-up!)

One of the big challenges going raw is that you want everyone else to join you and feel what you are feeling. But its your path, not others. t's hjard to tell someone eating their warm comfort foods that your salad is so amazing. But if you are living in ecstatic bliss and look amazing and feel amazing, they might look and wonder what you are doing.

1 of the weird things is that schools don't teach conscious communication or respect for each other.. and then they expect us to go into society and act properly.. but until this happens the wars and the fighting is not going to stop. It doesn't take much to love. It talks a lot less energy to love than to hate.

Evie is still being breast fed. She didn't have any other food until 7 months old (her breastmilk dried up some from stress, when they started living on their own) she would mix papaya w/ breats milk & spirulina or something like this. Evie loved every new flavour, she is completely raw.
Her only problem is that she had anemia so Shazzie supplements with an ionic supplement, puts in her coconut water and a bone formula which has minerals & vit D2 in it. DHA is another supplement she is excited about and Evie gets that through Shazzie's breast milk, she takes a lot herself.
Shazzie thinks the raw vegan diet is not natural and that we get only a small amount of D2 from our diet and need to supplement through the sun or supplementation.

The natural hygiene stance is very different from hers. She lives on a high green, superfood and takes the supplements which work best for her.

For thousands of years we have had an agricultural based society which created this patriarchal left-brain society we live in where grain is the mainstay of out food. Changing our diet will lead us away from this, will create change. We are in the Goddess rising age and using our right brains more, many men understand this Goddess mentality.

B12 is interesting. Blue-green algae has B12 & she has supplemented on & off for 20 years but has never had a B12 deficiency. When you go to the garden & pick food & brush the dirt off you still get some, and the dirt has B12. The closer we get to nature the more we get it right.

One of the easiest things to do is eat a salad or green foods at every meal of the day. & eat raw chocolate, and goji berries, and maca! Eat those everyday.. these have elevated her to a new reality.

Every morning she starts her day with either her favorite music or motivational success speakers to start of right in a positive frame of mind.

Do a 2 week emotional detox and completely immerse yourself in positive stuff. Satiate yourself with positive sources, there are so many resources. We must get rid of the negative loop - it really will change you.
Doreen Virtue, Louise Hayes, Wayne Dyer, etc.. - this is the radio station you need to play every day.
& surround yourself with people who uplift you. You don't want to be around people who make you feel drained when you leave them. Spend your time with the people you most admire.

When you put a lot of positive in the negative just dissolves away. When you are overflowing with love, then you can handle negativity. People will change because of you. You can't change people when you are feeling negative yourself. ..when you haven't detoxed yourself.

When you live in ecstatic bliss you forget the past. forget about time. You lose linear time.

Program yourself constantly, detox yourself constantly. Get rid of all those things that are no longer working for you. A lot of people do & discover their true essence and its really amazing. She doesn't think she even existed before.

He Shou Wu - ecstatic, amazing Chinese herb. (aka Fo Ti, took some this morning.. inspired again! : )

The glass doesn't not have to be wither half full or half empty it can be overflowing.. all the time.
Keep raising yourself higher until you can never ever again not feel ecstatic, it is not possible.

Attitude is about perspective but you can not have a positive perspective unless you are detoxed.

Shazzie has a lot of goals. She wants to create the Heart Center - an amazing raw food community with a school teaching children about permaculture and yoga and reiki and a place where people can come from all over the world and visit or live. She wants to build houses in the forest and she is very into the Anastasia philosophy. She knows this is all going to happen because its in her consciousness. It's already happened, it's just not int he time she lives in right now.She can already feel it.

The people who are in the government and those that supposedly make the rules are in the minority and don't hold the cards anymore. There are a lot of people making a big difference, coming together. YouTube and MySpace etc have totally revolutionized the internet. People are finding so much information over the internet, finding the truth. Soon laws won't matter, that society will soon not exist. We will live in paradise. Shazzie is living in paradise already.

& if something big happens, the earth will take care of herself. & in one form or another the energy that we are will still be here. Whether its still as humans she doesn't know.
Maybe we are moving int such a new space and thats why we are not remembering the past.

I get all this time stuff! I love it & am esp. inspired how we can all make such a difference in the world. We really can, all of us!

Tonight is the wrap up for the raw summit. I will miss it but hopefully can catch it tomorrow. Tonight Tonya will be with us, (we are sold out!) & I will be there late.. am heading out there now. later... x ~hugs~ x
Live in Bliss

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Raw Summit - Richard Blackman

Richard Blackman is a fruitarian and a fitness expert.
He has always been into fitness and sports, it ran in his family. He is fom the UK & played on the ivy league and played rugby for Great Britian. He had a neck injury at age 19 and stopped playing rugby. But when he was playing he was training a lot and was long distance running.. he ran so much that he vowed to himself that when he stopped playing rugby he wouldn't run again & when that happened, he got lazy. Those who play rugby (like American football) eat a lot to bulk up and get bigger .. he says that he ate a lot of junk. & the problem was when he stopped exercising he didn't stop eating. So he wasn't cleaning out his system by exercising. His idea of eating healthy at the time was a cheese sandwich with maybe a bit of lettuce.. and he never ate fruits.

He started feeling sickness in his body and noticing the mucous in his nose, throat and chest. And when he tried to get more active he found it harder to move or get motivated.
Then one day the sun came out & he didn't want to eat cooked food. His instincts just took over. He hopped on his bike and went to a West Indian market and bought a whole bunch of fruits.. he just felt like eating fruit.. mangoes, honeydew melons, grapes, even fresh dates, had only had them dried before.. and it felt so good that he went the next day and got different fruits and this continued on for a few weeks, every day trying new things. & he started detoxing a Lot! says he became a complete mess.

He is passionately against the gourmet raw foods and how the raw communities are going. To him its all about going back to nature, eating from a tree or bush.. naturally. Not creating raw recipes that are oily, fatty.. like raw pizzas, lasagnas.. they are just replicas of what we are trying to get away from.

His Top Benefits of being a Friutarian :
clearance of debris, of cooked food waste, much clearer skin, healthier mouth, fresh insides, your whole body goes through an overhaul from head to toe, your hair, nails, everything, you smell better. Your thinking will be clearer. You will be more motivated to get active. He can do things now that he could never do when on cooked food, period. Even when playing rugby he didn't come close to what he can do now as a fruitarian, definitely. ..and hes a lot older now. Thats the hugest benefit for him.. and his mindset. If he thinks of doing something now he just does it.

He believes this is natural for us, a high standard of living. Cooked food gives us limitations. He feels that naturally, back in the day, we were all fruitarians, foraging for food..and that we were probably all from sunny climates.

He was asked what are the best fruits for power, for building strength.
he replied that power is not about fruits, its from you cleansing. No fruit or food gives you power, it comes from you. ..and from your digestion not being overloaded.
Our job is to listen to the body and give it what it wants. If you have been out working in the hot sun then you might want watermelon or juicy fruits. Most people live the raw lifestyle according to cooked food standards. Our job is only to replace what is lost, it's that simple.

He does not believe that you need protein for muscle building. If you eat a lot of meat and cooked foods you will get bigger, and all the things that go with it, water retention. and you will need to drink a lot of water to dilute all the toxic waste. And with all this food you are not building real muscle per se.. because if you stop pumping yourself up and eating the cooked food you are going to get smaller. period.

The boot camp he runs is an outdoor exercise program where a bunch of like-minded individuals get together, can be either for weight loss or to get fit. The idea there is to push yourself harder than you ever have before and to push each other as a team. At his last one there were 9-10 raw vegans and they totally smashed the idea of the weak, sickly raw vegan. He sets a very high intensity and they totally outdid themselves. And they had a raw pot-luck after that sounded like so much fun!!!

His saying is "Strive for excellence"
But this is not about being a hero or a super-hero. It's about getting back on that horse every time you slip and doing your personal best, not his or anyone else's best but doing the best that you can do.

You can NOT be successful in a raw-vegan-fruitarian lifestyle by being a regular person using regular efforts. You have to be an exceptional person. period. Thats why many people are not successful on the raw-vegan-fruitarian lifestyle.

It is the toxins in the body that makes the mind negative.

There is lots more about his transition period that is interesting.. but time for work.
His main thing is that he follows his instincts.. even if they told him not to be a fruitarian anymore, he would follow them. He was his own guru. No one else had the answers from him, it all came from inside, from his instincts. He used to eat according to his emotions and to suppress emotions, eat if he was stressed, or angry, or happy, or of a relationship was on the rocks.
Going through the transitional period is a real struggle, freaking out over every ache and pain. You don't get a chance to listen to the body until it is cleared out.. not in tune to the true vibration of the body..

But for lots more check out his website.
It is mostly about his boot camps but its interesting. Checkout the page on nutrition- the right stuff and it really ain't rocket science!
: )

Monday, August 20, 2007

Raw Summit - Rhio

ok, here we go again.. it's almost done - 2 more, Richard Blackman & Shazzie & then the wrap-up Wed Eve.. which I will miss because I will be at Tonya's lecture & raw food demo! Yes!! Oh & I may be getting tickets for the Sly & Robbie concert Tues eve, so if those come through.. well, I will have to juggle.. and this weekend if the big Carioca weekend (ayhuasca) and I still need to buy white clothes for that.. which I plan on doing sometime today, on my way to work.. or after work.. so many errands to run.. a goji/cacao/maca present to ship, canvasses to buy, another book to buy.. I am reading 'Excuse me, Your Life is Waiting' by Lynn Grabhorn at the moment.. It was recommended by someone & as soon as she said that she heard of it on the Abraham-Hicks website.. well, I went out the next day & bought it & now the other books I am reading have been set down - I am really into this one.. more on the Power of Attraction.. but I like the way she writes and gets the ideas across. & Hey, I just feel like I am embarking on a big journey these days.. and will take all the assistance that is put on my path. cool.
ok, now 1 sec, green smoothie time & will brb with Rhio!

Rhio is a raw chef, actress, singer, author, activist and eco-farmer. <--This is her book, Hooked on Raw. Rhio has been into raw foods since she was a teenager. when she worked at a raw juice bar, downtown LA.

She talks a lot about our health care system and how most people don't understand what creates health in the body & the medical field supports an erroneous system which we buy into and believe.

What causes disease is that our bodies become acid and we need to stay alkaline. Many processes in the body create acidity but our blood and tissues need to stay at a slightly alkaline state.

* There is a lost chapter in our history of biology. In the 1850's there was a big discussion in France and Europe about what keeps a person healthy. There were 2 different factions- Louis Pasteur & his beliefs prevailed but there was also Antoine Bechamp, who had a different theory. Pasteur said that bacteria and germs caused disease. Bechamp said it was not germs that cause diseases but little indestructable "microzymes" in the blood. (germs were a cause of disease) (and many other scientists since have had similiar theories - I'm wikipedaing)

When the terrain in the body becomes acidic, the microorganisms inside us can change form and become pathogens. Through studies it has been shown that these organisms change form 17 times in the body and at the end become fungal and dangerous, creating sickness and then death.

There are different theories why Pasteur became so popular, he was more connected politically, and he was much more outgoing and flamboyant, Bechamp was very quiet. It also could possibly be that the germ theory was easy, and Bechamps theory was more difficult to comprehend.
This is not commonly known although there have been many scientists to come up with this theory.
Doctors know this, people come into the trauma ward and the 1st thing they do is check their PH to make sure they are alkaline so they don't lose the patient - but at the same time doctors are so ingrained with the germ theory that they don't come through with a logical conclusion. If the body is in an alkaline state you can not get sick.

Mom reminded me of something I had heard before also.. that on his deathbed Louis Pasteur said that he was wrong about his germ theory.
..hmm.. something is definitely wrong with the system!

Things that create acidity: junk foods, colas (the worse, they are totally acid!), meats, poultry, wheat.. these all create acidity in the body. High protein is very acid. The body will leech calcium and potassium from bones and teeth - this is why we have so much osteoporosis.
Drinking water helps bring down acidity.
Once there is too much acidity then disease starts being formed.
When there is too much acidity and the body can't get rid of it the body sends the acidity out to the extremities. Too much acidity around the major organs is very dangerous, life threatening, the bosy knows this and pushes it out away from the center of the body.

Most people get their information from mainstream media which doesn't have this type of information. The dairy industry is always telling us that we need dairy for calcium, its just not true! We need leafy greens, this is the best source.

She told about these 90 sec syndicated spots she had on the radio stations and she said something about dairy one time and the dairy industry heard it, called immediately and it was pulled and not broadcast at all.. of course, you hear this all the time. You hear on the radio & Tv what the pharmaceutical & Dairy & Meat industries want you to hear.. they support them.

She told more stories like this.. about something she worked on for the American Journal about a guy who completely cured his level 4 cancer with raw foods..and this big interview.. they took just a tiny piece, completely cutting the most important part ( how he cured himself) and only used a small part about how he fasted & lost all this weight.

We need to get info from sources who are not driven by a profit.
In health issues money should not matter, the main thing should be the persons health.

why are so many drugs released to the public, used for awhile and then a few years later recalled. It happens over & over.. they are just hoping that they work.

She talks also about questionable food practices. How the industry is moving to removing the irradiated stickers, when they are actually even used, from foods that have been irradiated. Foods are being irradiated by radioactive gamma sources like cobalt 60 and CCM 137 and the foods contain radiolytic products such as formaldehyde, benzene (dangerous carcinogen), and many others.. forget them all.. but see Food Irradiation in wickipedia to get more info & see the cute little flower sticker that they put on irradiated foods.

Organic foods are not irradiated.
Most spices are. Most papayas coming from Hawaii are.. they just built a few big irradiation plants in Hawaii int he past few years.

Another big problem in Genetically Modified foods.. putting fish genes in tomatoes, stuff like that.. we are doing crazy things that nature would never think of doing!
All private research has shown that GM foods are completely different than the original foods they came from.. completely other entities.
Studies are also done which show that these foods (non-foods) create pre-cancerous conditions in children.. but of course, these studies are not made public.

She went on to talk a lot about the Power of Attraction, which she highly believes in ..and why she now has her huge farm.. but I am not going to get into this.. have to wrap it up.. g2g ..just the most imp notes now..

How a prolific amount of good bacteria keeps the bad bacteria in's the same as if we have a living soil. The worms and bacteria and fungi and micro organisms- having lots of stuff going on in there - thats how we get healthy foods.
You hear of vegetables which have e. coli in them.. the spinach scares recently etc etc.. this happens when crops are grown in soil with pesticides,herbicides (cide=death) The salmonella and e. coli can take over - the friendly bacteria is not there to take care of the bad bacteria.
Mother nature has a great diversity of everything. We are supposed to have everything. We ave e.coli in our bodies naturally, but it is kept in check.

I appreciate most of all her activism. Lastly.. She is also concerned about families who are suffering because their children have been taken away from them feeding them raw.
Since mainstream society does not understand the benefits of raw foods, they approach it with some trepidation.
her primary and long term goal is create and add a constitutional agreement - that people can have freedom of choice in health matters.

If you go to a naturopath who doesn't encourage chemo, radiation, surgery, it is not sanctified and the doctor can get in trouble for taking a more natural route and so can the patient. Many amendments have been added-changed in the constitution ie, women voting, black people voting.. she says we need to roll up our sleeves and change the constitution, add this amendment.
Anything not allopathic (conventional) medicine often considered quackery. & 1 reason for this.. Interesting fact: In the 1900's Carnegie & Rockefeller hired Abraham Flexner and his only job was to discredit other medical institutions. (following from an article here)

"The Flexner Report, as it was called, was published in 1910. As anticipated, it was "published far and wide," and it did "do much to develop public opinion." The report quite correctly pointed out the inadequacies of medical education at the time. No one could take exception with that. It also proposed a wide range of sweeping changes, most of which were entirely sound. No one could take exception with those, either. The alert researcher will note, however, the recommendations emphatically included the strengthening of courses in pharmacology and the addition of research departments at all "qualified" medical schools."

and finally.. (oops time!) her other goal is to have a coalition of people - doctors, nurses, scientists etc who will all come to the aid of these families who are struggling with the system.

Have a spectacular day.. I am finally getting out & into it! Enjoy!!! ~Hugs~

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Summit break - Tonya Zavasta, marinated shitakes & so much great food!

Tonya Zavasta is coming this Wednesday. Tickets are almost sold out.. I am so glad of that because I was worried when I got back from NB & realized that it had been hardly promoted at all.. we got right on that, let the raw food community know & within days the space is almost filled. I felt so bad when Tonya called before, yikes. But I am looking so forward to seeing her, she has an amazing energy on the phone.. bet she will be wonderful to see in person. & I really want to try the brush she has on her website.. the one available with the 2 creams (she said she'd give me one.. has presents.. yay, I love presents! ) & will get a brush & cream for my mom too.. and her new book sounds amazing.. Quantum Eating, not sure if it'll be available yet, but I know lots of people anxious to get a copy! me included.

(k, this might not make complete sense but I thought I would post Tonya on top.. I actually wrote this first, then I thought Tonya needed to be top billing! ..I'm going back to Rhio now.. )

Just a note.. got called away from listening to Rhio.. this one I keep getting interrupted for.. but I managed so many things today anyway.. Sawako is on her way back to Japan, drove her to the airport. We had a great day together yesterday.. we are so dangerous out shopping together!! ..bought lots of great things! What a long trip for just one week.. she will def be a Canadian one day!

I must be really needing mushrooms cause I took my Host Defense, blend of 17 medicinal mushrooms from New Chapter, which I haven't taken in a long time.. just an urge & then I bought organic Shitake's earlier, marinated them in garlic-chili flax oil, nama shoyu, garlic, cardamom, cumin, black pepper & cayenne , based on Mom's recipe.. and they were Soooo good. I was going to have them with dinner.. but I couldn't wait, kept picking at them & now they are all gone, the whole box!
..but thats ok, I know of something else great for dinner (tahini dressing & diced veggies in collard wrap) & the end of my sweet & sour neat balls, which are also so amazing.. I adapted the recipe from one in the Complete Book of Raw Foods.
O Tonya.. back up to the top (this is the blog that never ends, it just goes on & on my friends.. lol )
O wow.. k, outta here. . bbs!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Raw Summit - Happy Oasis - Part 2

Happy Oasis has a retreat called the Happy Oasis Retreat.
In the mornings they start their day there by putting on joyful music, sometimes they stand in a circle and gaze at each other, staring int he eyes and often end up giggling. They often ask 3-4 questions.. (& these are really good questions)
1 - What would I like to experience today? This comes from a place of feeling & they spontaneously answer these questions.
- What would I love to create today?
imp. to ask yourself how you can help yourself or how others can help you - bods people, & by being vulnerable and accepting help it creates community.
- What would I like to have assistance with today?
4 - What would i like to accomplish today

& she has other sunrise questions:
What interesting things would you love to explore?
Who has been inspiring you these days?
What are you feeling esp grateful for?
What would the universe love you to do today?

The way we speak, habits in speech, we have can illicit joy or sorrow. She talks about using positive words instead of negative ones. Instead of asking whats wrong, ask whats happening?
Are you ill --> How are you feeling?
I don't want to get sick --> I want to be healthy.
I won't..--> I would rather
I don't want to --> I would love to!
I'd rather that you not.. --> I would love it if you'd..
I hate.. --> I appreciate (renounce the armful word 'hate' from your vocabulary altogether)

It's very important how you wake up and start the day. Many people wake up and think of the problems they have to face right away, they start shallow breathing lets panic set in.
Its important to end the day in a conscious way..and to get to bed early. She says every hour of sleep you get before midnight is actually worth 2 after midnight. So if you got to bed at 8 you'd be so ahead of the game! (equivalent of 8 hours by midnight!)
1Am-5Pm is the calmest time. Most people are asleep so its the most peaceful, creative conscious cosmic vibration there is.

She spoke of a woman in South Africa who is 84 and a raw vegan and just ran a marathon. She has run several marathons and feels great.
Fitness is freedom. We can climb mountains, cross deserts by being fit, we can do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 chin ups, just from ingesting optimal nutrition and exercise. We can experience unlimited capacity by feeding the body dark leafy greens, drinking delicious water, keeping the body free of processed toxins.

She knew people in New Zealand who didn't use shampoo for many years. This is so interesting. Giving up shampoo and conditioner, it often takes 6-8 weeks to detox it out of the scalp. She tried this and after 5 weeks of not using shampoo, one day she washed her hair, rinsing in just plain water and she could smell all these fragrances and bubbles came and she kept rinsing and decades of soaps and shampoos were coming out of hr scalp, a final purging. And then everything changes and she says you never have to shampoo again.

Her favorite food on the planet (she has eaten a lot of insects) are the grubs from New Zealand and grubs from Thailand. They taste like fried cashews. Sometimes they are baked, or fried..

She is working on a movie called Raw Miracle, about the miracles that happen when people adopt a raw food diet. Matt, a man in it calls himself a chemitarian.
- someone who feeds themselves on laboratory concocted foods.
We used to use the word - junk-food vegetarians, but some of these diets have no vegetables or plants, & they are not vegetarians at all.. we now have chemitarians.

Other medicines from tribes:
Singing, is a very important aspect of health and recovery.. singing at sunrise, at sunset, singing prayers, singing to Allah, harvest songs, singing of gratitude and appreciation, morning songs and evening songs, springtime songs, some women sing certain songs when making clothes, songs when a son is born, or a daughter, when someone dies. When someone is ill singing to them is very important.

The story of her name -is very long but the story that will stay with me the's amazing. I retold it a few times already today, you would have had to have been here in person. ; ) ( ..but I think the podcasts are avail for more than 24 hrs. ; )
A smile is the greatest gift we can give, when there is nothing else to give we always can give a smile. Its a story of much death.. and very beautiful. She has had many of her friends, her tribal families die also.. & now
She wants to be part of a tribe that is going to be around for awhile, part of a tribe just coming to life, instead of one that on the edge of existence. These people are raw, vegan people who are concerned with an eco-sustainable solution and living in harmony with the Earth and co-creating world peace on Earth. ..cause we can live in Heaven on Earth, if we live by blissiplines.
blissiplines = bliss forth
Bliss Forth!

Raw Summit - Happy Oasis - Part 1

I am posting again on the raw summit..but I have to add a short note here to let you know I am bursting with information and so many interesting things going on in my on life also.. which I will hold till after, because I can only write so much.. and I must say that I was overwhelmed last night listening to Happy Oasis & just have to write down at least the most important things she said. All of those other things I have on my mind will have to wait until I finally get around to posting about them.. I am saving most now in the pink *sparkly flower* files. - This is my special book from Japan, special gift from Sawako who is here visiting but only until today.. I have seen her almost every day, we missed one.
& just wanted to say a personal hi to you.. anyone reading.. but, ok, now I will get on with it.. this is an especially great one. I didn't know who Happy Oasis was before this.. and this is a podcast that particularly humbled me & honoured me to hear, to get to know , or know about her..

Happy Oasis is the founder, president and chief visionary officer of the annual Raw Spirit Festival, which is the largest raw, vegan, organic, ecological, world peace festival in the world.

She has spent much of her life traveling all over the world and over a decade living with (& was adopted by) tribal societies and learning their lifestyles and healing methods. The telecast last night as filled - overwhelmingly by stories of her adventures. I will retell a few of her stories as time permits..

One of the things she learned from yogis who lived high in the Himalayas was about the power of water, which was their primary medicine. Any part of the body diseased, or for an insect bite or cut they would put it under the coldest bubbly water for as long as they could stand it, several times a day. Free water cleans the body mind and spirit. It is esp powerful at sunrise and sunset. She practices baptism every morning and evening.
Watching the sunrise is an important spiritual practice. Many tribal people she lived with did this every day. Seagulls face chest to the sun at every sunset, it adds warmth and solar radiation to the body. Soul food. Soul = sun. A person with soul has a lot of sunshine in their hearts.

Sleeping al fresco on the Earth is also healing - to feel the magnetic radiation, the love and the rhythms of the Earth. To naturally bed ourselves down and get into the rhythm of nature and the birds who think a lot less than us but feel a lot more. Important to embrace the night and the darkness - revere and commune with the starlight. Starlight could be our most overlooked nutritional deficiency. When you sleep on the Mother Earth it feels like you are sleeping with a Mother, a living breathing mother.
Also important is to commune with the soil under our feet. And to grow and eat wild plants - even sprouting we can do anywhere.

Breathing is so important, to breathe the day and night, the seasons, the spring, to be aware of the breath. The inhale is different from the exhale, you think different thoughts with each one, which each have a different speed, different color.
We are all Breatharians.. we just snack on food.

The Kozi of Bangladesh, when they greeted her, they all sat in a circle with her & no one spoke for hours, they all just stared and gazed and got to know each other, soul to soul.

Certain cultures will pray for hours of the day.
In the West when we pray we want something. In the East she describes it as a dog-like devotion to loving kindness, to service, a vast appreciation to being and to creation- & the singing. These people are tunes into the birds and creation. The birds never miss a sunrise, they are always chanting.This devoted feeling is the non-material feeling of bliss.
She holds a feeling of sacredness, which is not seriousness, it's joyful, a deep reverence and a wonder, an awe, a feeling of gladness - a feeling of joy and celebration to start and end each day with.

In the morning she often wakes up before sunrise.She says good night & good morning to the stars. And in the morning she plays a game with herself, she lives in the wilderness and she will run for miles every morning, never taking the same path twice and she goes swimming in the most pure pristine water that she can drink while she swims. This is a very holy feeling which makes her feel so happy. She collects her breakfast in the wild and comes home and starts work at 9. For breakfast she had fresh oak leaves with yarrow (great for the liver). For lunch she went to her garden and had parsley, arugula, dock, purslane, clover, chard.
"How could anyone be less than happy with this lifestyle?" she asks.

She advocates low fruits and high levels of dark, leafy greens.
Part of the raw vegan diet is fasting. She used to fast on Fridays but now she goes more on a monthly cycle. The yogis and rishis fast on the new moon and at the full moon and 4 days before each, 4 days a month total. Some people do not eat or drink anything, others water, or water & lemon and some if overweight & on cooked foods could eat raw foods for those days.

She has a book - that I want to get now - (am a book addict lately, bought 4 this week!) called Bliss Conscious Communication. She has over 100 blissiplines (ways-activities to bliss) outlined in this book. She says there is a certain discipline to joy - it is not a given but a lifestyle we create.

This is to be continued, Part 2 coming soon.. I have to go get ready for work..
& I am inspired to go pick green leafy things from my backyard to put into a green smoothie.
Doesn't she remind you of Anastasia??!!! What a beautiful life..I want to go visit her retreat!
Have a wonderful day! ~HuGs~
& if you get a chance & have 1 hour today go listen to her podcast!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Raw Reform - Angela Stokes

Angela Stokes lost bover 160 lbs on the raw diet. She had been almost 300 lbs, was ill and miserable most of the time and then a friend lent her a book by Victoria Boutenko - The Raw Family. She read the book that night & it inspired her so much she went raw overnight, 100%, despite that she was in Iceland and about to embark on an adventure trip where you pack your own food to bring. She packed loads of fruits & veggies & detoxed like crazy "at an insane rate". After this she went about 70% raw for the next few years.

Most people when they lose a lot of weight,, they gain it back, in fact she says 90-98% of people gain the weight back. She attributes this to the fact that most people don't address the underlying emotional issues. Society and even doctors will put you on a diet and get you to exercise, its all about the physical but they don't get to the root cause of why most people are putting the weight on. And losing weight can be scary, its like being catapulted into another world - people treat you differently, everything seems different, you even walk different. Food is not suppressing things any more and not only do you have to deal with issues as they arise instead of blocking them & your feelings with food but the emotions suppressed in your cells are being released. She thought of her obesity as a layer of protective fat, her shield that no one could get past to touch her.. that she was afraid to live in her true essence. The thought of letting go of conditions and living in real joy can be scary for people.
In working with people with similiar food issues she starts with the physical. She looks at their history - their relationship with food and gets them to write it down.
Then she gets people to write out a trigger list - the foods that once they start they can't stop eating. There is usally a patterna and it is usually sugar or processed starches.
Then she gets them to make a daily food plan so they have a new structure to work with. Everyday the person woll write a new plan of what they are going to eat for the day & this is best written in the morning when they are fresh, things come out more simply then, they are more grounded.
Then follow the plan and do this everyday, 1 day at a time - Not eating more, not eating less. Eventually this leads to regaining a trust in yourself and confidence.
& Avoid the trigger list completely!

Refined sugar and starches are the most addictive foods, they are the ones most removed from nature. You eat these and the body doesn't know what to do with them, people become so exstremely malnourished from eating these 'frankenfoods'. She advises people not to even touch them - they are dangerous, for someone with a food addiction its like a coke addict - you just can't have them/it occasionally. & its actually even harder to get out of the habit with foods, we are so addicted, often were exposed to it even in the womb. And its so socially acceptable to eat cake - In fact, its against society if you don't.

Angela is 100% raw now. She has 3 underlying tenets in her diet. 1 - she drinks 2 large glases of juice a day 2 - she mono-eats fruits. 3 - she eats as simply as possible her diet right now goes something like this (she eats usually between 11:30am-8pm):
11:30 - juice
later - fruit monomeal
mid afternoon is her largest meal of the day - maybe a big salad or nori rolls
a few hours later - another juice
fruit mono-meal/snack
and maybe a green smoothie or small salad at night The body is amazing she says, you just give it the slightest chance at healing itself and it just goes for it.Going raw is like going back to being a baby - and even before (some mothers don't have very clean diets) like going beyond that, to pre-birth.

Angela loves the feeling she got from juice feasting & plans to do it again very soon. She has an e-book on this.. actually she has 4 e-books available and also her book Raw Reform.

She is reading Anastasia right now! : ) Describes her as a contemporary of ours, who lives in the Siberian forest and who is completely wild.. completely Raw! She has absolutely no attachment to food, she eats like an animal. Grabs a handful of berries walking by, she just doesn't really think about food, goes on to the next thing and just gives no thought to it at all.

Angelas morning.
She wakes up and gives the day over to the universe. "Thy will be done" - not mine!
Its important to have a good start coming right out of the dream world and back into the material plane. Then she does a bit of yoga, the 5 Tibetan rites, which establishes her connection with her whole chakra system to the earth and the heavens as well. And then she does about 15 minutes of meditation. Sitting meditation which can be different - sometimes she focuses on the fields of energy in her body, sometimes she does creative visualization, sometimes filling her being with light.
Then shes ready to get on with her day, although through the course of the day she may take a few minutes to reconnect esp if shes challenged with something. And to remember to breathe.. and be conscious of beauty.

Have a beautiful day!!! xo