Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Love, babies, getting back to nature, Nana Nauwald

Out beyond all imaginations
Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing
There is a field.
I'll meet you there.

Even though I have such limited time I am sitting here enjoying the paintings of Nana Nauwald.

Her paintings remind me somewhat of the ayahuasca journey.

I went to see my friend last night who
just had a baby a couple days ago - her 5th boy!!!!! He is so cute!!! Se was telling me how everything is so different now & ow they really push the pills. They just give you a little plastic bag in the hospital with 5 different types of pain relievers. She said she wasn't in pain & they gave them to her anyway, Tylenol, Tyleol3, ibuprofin, forget what else.. mostly over the counter but she was still amazed. I guess so you don't bother the nurses, & they just expect everyone to take them. wow!

I sometimes am amazed at how far removed we are from nature.. I think thats why I found it interesting to do the ayahuasca.. even though its extreme, I found it a very get back to nature thing. Real natural therapy. 1 trip probably = a few years on a therapists couch. : ) Sometimes when I think about how far removed we have gotten I get sad. But its not only that... I think its the people who are the furthest removed who have the hardest time with life.. but they don't realize it. I was thinking of this esp talking to my friend Elena.. (she's from Uruguay) she is from a culture with not a lot of money but from one with people who live close to the land. They often get together to share meals, often there are a lot of people from the community getting together, they party a lot and sing and dance & have fun & enjoy life together.. and its not about money at all.. they are actually much farther removed from it. All the adults party at the kids birthday parties. I love that!! They know how to enjoy life.. to take the time to appreciate nature and really bond with each other, establish strong close communities.

One of the interesting parts of the ayahuasca journey was the coming together of the North & South. We have our advantages also, which I don't give credit for nearly enough.. they mentioned our strength & endurance, that we are a powerful people. & I guess to get through our winters we have needed to be. Lol ,,but we talked about how its important in these days.. to save our planet, our species for us all to come together.. we need to take the best from everywhere & all work together.. it is essential for our survival. & Love ..I think we always need love. More than anything from my trip I think I realized just how harmful negativity is.. even in small doses, negativity is negativity & hurts everyone. ,, and negativity is really just an absence of love. Love is all there is. I think the best thing we can do for our planet, for ourselves or for anything is to love.. appreciate & love!


Paul said...

Dear Voyager,
thank-you for your generosity and honesty in sharing this very personal experience with us. It is the greatest aid to spiritual sanity to hear and understand the truth.

Keiko Ti said...

Thank you so much for saying this..I appreciate it. I was hesitant to post about this topic, quite controversial and was on just such a deep level for me. It was a major emotional, spiritual detox.. I didn't know that existed.
I also appreciate the people who e-mailed personally & I am glad because of it that I did post. Thanks!