Saturday, August 18, 2007

Raw Summit - Happy Oasis - Part 2

Happy Oasis has a retreat called the Happy Oasis Retreat.
In the mornings they start their day there by putting on joyful music, sometimes they stand in a circle and gaze at each other, staring int he eyes and often end up giggling. They often ask 3-4 questions.. (& these are really good questions)
1 - What would I like to experience today? This comes from a place of feeling & they spontaneously answer these questions.
- What would I love to create today?
imp. to ask yourself how you can help yourself or how others can help you - bods people, & by being vulnerable and accepting help it creates community.
- What would I like to have assistance with today?
4 - What would i like to accomplish today

& she has other sunrise questions:
What interesting things would you love to explore?
Who has been inspiring you these days?
What are you feeling esp grateful for?
What would the universe love you to do today?

The way we speak, habits in speech, we have can illicit joy or sorrow. She talks about using positive words instead of negative ones. Instead of asking whats wrong, ask whats happening?
Are you ill --> How are you feeling?
I don't want to get sick --> I want to be healthy.
I won't..--> I would rather
I don't want to --> I would love to!
I'd rather that you not.. --> I would love it if you'd..
I hate.. --> I appreciate (renounce the armful word 'hate' from your vocabulary altogether)

It's very important how you wake up and start the day. Many people wake up and think of the problems they have to face right away, they start shallow breathing lets panic set in.
Its important to end the day in a conscious way..and to get to bed early. She says every hour of sleep you get before midnight is actually worth 2 after midnight. So if you got to bed at 8 you'd be so ahead of the game! (equivalent of 8 hours by midnight!)
1Am-5Pm is the calmest time. Most people are asleep so its the most peaceful, creative conscious cosmic vibration there is.

She spoke of a woman in South Africa who is 84 and a raw vegan and just ran a marathon. She has run several marathons and feels great.
Fitness is freedom. We can climb mountains, cross deserts by being fit, we can do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 chin ups, just from ingesting optimal nutrition and exercise. We can experience unlimited capacity by feeding the body dark leafy greens, drinking delicious water, keeping the body free of processed toxins.

She knew people in New Zealand who didn't use shampoo for many years. This is so interesting. Giving up shampoo and conditioner, it often takes 6-8 weeks to detox it out of the scalp. She tried this and after 5 weeks of not using shampoo, one day she washed her hair, rinsing in just plain water and she could smell all these fragrances and bubbles came and she kept rinsing and decades of soaps and shampoos were coming out of hr scalp, a final purging. And then everything changes and she says you never have to shampoo again.

Her favorite food on the planet (she has eaten a lot of insects) are the grubs from New Zealand and grubs from Thailand. They taste like fried cashews. Sometimes they are baked, or fried..

She is working on a movie called Raw Miracle, about the miracles that happen when people adopt a raw food diet. Matt, a man in it calls himself a chemitarian.
- someone who feeds themselves on laboratory concocted foods.
We used to use the word - junk-food vegetarians, but some of these diets have no vegetables or plants, & they are not vegetarians at all.. we now have chemitarians.

Other medicines from tribes:
Singing, is a very important aspect of health and recovery.. singing at sunrise, at sunset, singing prayers, singing to Allah, harvest songs, singing of gratitude and appreciation, morning songs and evening songs, springtime songs, some women sing certain songs when making clothes, songs when a son is born, or a daughter, when someone dies. When someone is ill singing to them is very important.

The story of her name -is very long but the story that will stay with me the's amazing. I retold it a few times already today, you would have had to have been here in person. ; ) ( ..but I think the podcasts are avail for more than 24 hrs. ; )
A smile is the greatest gift we can give, when there is nothing else to give we always can give a smile. Its a story of much death.. and very beautiful. She has had many of her friends, her tribal families die also.. & now
She wants to be part of a tribe that is going to be around for awhile, part of a tribe just coming to life, instead of one that on the edge of existence. These people are raw, vegan people who are concerned with an eco-sustainable solution and living in harmony with the Earth and co-creating world peace on Earth. ..cause we can live in Heaven on Earth, if we live by blissiplines.
blissiplines = bliss forth
Bliss Forth!


Anonymous said...

i LOVED this podcast....thankyou...i prolly wouldn't have listened if it weren't for you lighting the waY!
love & light & blissblissbliss! shell xox

Bluebutterfly said...

I cannot get past page 30 in your book, "Bliss Conscious Communication." Based upon what I've read, I've got a picture of someone who is in deep dread of being "normal," someone who probably has people reeling for air in conversation. Happiness and bliss are great, but only parts of the natural human landscape. Like rays of sun coming out from behind clouds; When life, conversation, etc., are touted as something to be constanty bliss, something is wrong. All the emotions are justified and part of the mix. You seem to be carrying the (perhaps) self-inflicted burden of being someone no one can be. It's just my observation... Thanks for listening.