Friday, August 10, 2007

Raw Summit - Dorit

Notes from Dorit’s talk last night:

Dorit says it is best to eat locally.. but, we can’t do it anymore exclusively, we need to supplement. Our soil is lacking nutrients, bees are dying off, we have GMO’s and pesticudes to deal with. Foods are no longer wild crafted. So we should supplement with high nutrient foods like maca from Peru, E3Live, camu camu etc. . ..and she is a big supporter of eating seasonally.

Book - Thomas Pauley – The End of Food – is about a study in Canada showing us that foods don’t have the nutrient value they used to have – even raw – unless from an extremely pristine place with glacier water, in the wild, etc.

She orders food from a Japanese farm, which is beyond organics practices biodynamic farming. They talk to the soil, ask the plants when to harvest them, send them love, work with nature.. they let the land lie fallow for 7 years (this is recommended in the Bible).

Dorit talks about sacred eating, which includes giving thanks to not only the food but all the people who came in contact with the food.. from the people who grow it to those who harvest it & drive it to the store, those who sell the produce as well as those who prepare the meal. It is important to find out where your food comes from and to give thanks and send love to all those who help bring it to you. She insists it's very important to establish a connection with your food. We often act selfishly and just gobble our food without thinking about it.

If we think of the people on the hills of Peru pulling maca from the ground and send them love, they will receive it. A thought is the strongest tool we have. We have not learned to develop this part of ourselves, but once we learn to develop it we will realize how powerful we are. (!!!) Apparently, it is important for us not to be powerful, because we tend to shy away from this, we run from it, are in horror of it, hide from it. And if we decide to be raw we need to face up to the fact that we are powerful.

As we start eating these high energy foods in their raw state, then all of your emotions that you have not dealt with or faced are going to come up.

& it can be depressing to discover after eating raw how simple it is and how many years you have suffered eating a conventional cooked diet. How all of society is based on this unhealthy way of eating.. you go to a restaurant to celebrate and are eating this food. You discover that people don’t have to die these painful deaths.. if you are sick, you may wonder why didn’t doctors tell me this? You may feel a resentment at doctors, society, the system etc.

Sometimes a person has such a high vibration that they can eat unhealthy foods and actually raise the vibrational level of the food. Coming from a place of gratitude for the food supply can increase its vibration.

Dorit often mentions the words we use and how they can affect us. I remember her saying at the workshop.. someone came by & said they were going to steal something ( like a piece of apple) I remember her saying & this has always stayed with me – Don’t steal it, just take it, borrow it.. but don’t steal, it’s bad karma.

She mentioned someone saying they were ‘grabbing something to eat’ Grabbing is actually a violent act, very destructive..

And the saying “Larger than life”.. but she says, what can be larger than life?? Nothing is larger than life!

She is against the saying “everything in moderation” This is like accepting mediocrity.

..and she says never say never.. then it is bound to happen. ( so true!)

The day is neither good nor bad. We are responding, judging and experiencing depending on how we are feeling.

Our bodies are constantly talking to us & we are the ones who stop listening. The body is continually giving us clues – ie PMS, hormonal imbalances, not being ale to lift as heavy weights, etc. These are clues.

You body knows when it wants what. When it wants to fast.. when it wants water.. we have to learn to listen. But often we are battling against it, waging a war with our bodies, as if our bodies are trying to kill us.

The body is an instrument of the soul. It is given to us to use on this dimensional plane. The vehicle we use in the physical world. It is important to get to know this vehicle, to know what it wants, how it feels, to be in love with your body.. and not just sexually. We need to spend time and get in touch with our bodies view and treat our bodies as the sacred instruments they are.

Finally some practical exercises she gave - People often eat when they are sad, crying, dissatisfied, tired, angry, disappointed etc. Then they approach food and expect it to make them feel better. Don’t do it, don’t eat at these times.. do something else. Drink water, exercise, run, jump up and down, rest ut do not eat. The food will not help you release it.

If you are sad.. or sore, if your back is hurting you, go into meditation, sit with it, go deep into it, breathe into it. Then it will cease to exist. It has gotten your attention, it needed your attention, a quiet time to get in tune with it. I have found this works well. It works for either an unpleasant feeling, emotion or physical pain.. being conscientious of something unpleasant (instead of keeping busy, avoidance and suppression, which never really takes it away) is often is what we need to work our way through it. You think about it, accept it & then .. it’s gone.

Dorit is coming to visit us soon, I believe in September. I am so looking forward to seeing her again. Such a positive, beautiful, loving and conscientious spirit!

Dorit is coming out with a new book soon called Recipes for Life. Her 1st book Celebrating our Raw Nature is mostly raw with a few transitional recipes. It’s great I bought a copy for myself and then a few others to give as gifts. She has a great spin on raw food.. some different, creative, more ethnic and spicy flavours. ..& I just love all that she is about.

Love & Peace!

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