Monday, August 13, 2007

Clarity, Bliss, Energy Smoothie with coconut oil & great music!

Good Morning!
I am feeling great ( so what else is new?)

I am listening to the 2 new World music compilations I have just made. A lot of Latin & African.
Great Music in the background. I had some, downloaded some.. aren't computers amazing?!. I don't mind downloading to sample music & hear new things. Then I will often buy the cd if I find someone I really like. I think its such a great way to hear new music. & I had a list of recommended titles to go by. We really need some new music at work. These will be great!

& I am drinking another superfood smoothie - The Clarity, Bliss, Energy drink!!!
I made this yesterday before going to the gym and had soo much energy!
& I did so much after & didn't get a chance to eat again til many hours after my workout & was totally fine. This smoothie had hemp seeds & coconut oil which I think gave it its lasting power.

I am only realizing now the power of coconut oil. I eat coconut on its own, but I guess there are hundreds of coconuts used to make one small bottle of oil, its very concentrated. I had someone at work come in & we were talking about it - I had just bought a bottle. He said he went on it, taking about 1T of it a day and, hes a cooked foodist, but he was saying that he had put on a bit of weight, not much - but he had been having a hard time getting rid of that middle stomach weight, that 5 lbs that can kind of sit there in your middle age, he had been doing major ab work & it still stayed. But then.. he started taking coconut oil every day & the weight just disappeared within a month. And he said he wasn't even working out very much.. I have heard this many times actually.

If you are interested to knwo more google 'coconut oil weight loss'... all kinds of info will come up, lots of reading about it. Its interesting the good fats disintegrate the bad fats stored in cells.. those low fat weight loss diets just don't work. Unless you pretty well stop eating, but then you are often starving your body of nutrients & doing more damage i other ways. I see many thin people who's immune systems get shot.. or other things. Anyway, coconut oil! Thats it.
ok, here is my

Super Clarity, Bliss, Energy Smoothie

1 banana
3 T raw cacao
1 T honey
1 t bee pollen

2 T gojis
2 Stem Enhance caps
(or 1 oz E3Live)
2 digestive enzymes

1 T maca
3 T hemp seeds
2 T coconut oil
1 c org wild blueberries
2 c water

I open any caps of anything & pour out contents & toss the caps. Who needs those? I do that even in my mouth all the time. Open the caps & pour contents in my mouth & drink water.. they are more effective, start working immediately. Of course, its good to know what you are taking.. I wouldn't do it with anything tasting really bad. or sometimes with something messy like Stem Enhance I will pour them out into a bottle and add water & then drink. ok, now..

Put everything into a blender & blend.. Great Combo. It was so good yesterday I am doing it again this morning. Perfect drink to set you off sailing from one beautiful experience to another.. all through the day ~~~~~Enjoy!~~~~~ Hugs to the Universe~~~~~
(the more I hug it, the more it hugs me back! : ) ~~~~~~~~ besos y abrazos ~~~~

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