Sunday, August 05, 2007

Not quite back yet.. almost

I know I haven't been here for the past week.. but I am feeling a real dedication to this blog.. being here right now with this big bowl of cantaloupe cut up beside me.. which I will wait to eat so I don't get the keyboard sticky.. yk. well, one piece.. OMG this is the best cantaloupe in the whole world!

ok, fact is I have many thoughts piled up in here (in my head) after not posting for a week that I am not sure where to start. (& its my 18th anniversary today & a big family reunion later to go shopping & get ready for soon). I have just been told I am on a time limit. yikes. So I will come back & post some pics etc. I had so much fun on the east coast!! I will post some pics tomorrow.

The best thing was becoming princess of the universe. Judy is the queen.. and I asked to be queen of the Earth initially, which she granted. She is a very great queen! but then later she thought I would make a much better princess of the universe. I was being very forgetful & yet very wise.. & I accepted.. being princess is so much better. This gives me a much broader range and yet, much less responsibility.. you really can't beat that! I love being princess!!! That was the best. foraging was fun also..

The worse thing was coming back from exploring trolls homes and doubting caves and then seeing the back window smashed in in my brothers Saab. & the only thing they took was my bag! His bag, the cooler, everything else was still there! & I really liked it - perfect overnight bag, just bought it in the To airport (but I replaced it on my way home yesterday! : ) Thats life, things come - things go.. but somethings up cause I have been losing a lot lately - my tachyon crystal necklace broke just before leaving.. someone threw out 50$+ of bee pollen I had at work, my amber earring -gone.. I don't usually lose things or have bad luck but something has been up. I was thinking neg energy from somewhere maybe.. but my friend (who's a witch) thinks that maybe I have been too busy.. hard to hold onto everything when you are spinning fast.. things go flying off.. that could be. I have noticed there are a lot of witches on the east coast. and witches and especially Indians were the theme of my vacation.

I am still walking on sand!


Mum said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you Princess, and your special guy

Much Love to you both

BARB said...

Happy Anniversary, Sorry to see you go but happy to see you got home.

With LOVE always

Keiko Ti said...

Hi Mom.. Hi Barb! Thanks so much.
Big Hugs to the kids, Barb , have been thinking about them. Love u always also!!! was so happy being there, being with you. You are always very special to me!!! xo

shell said...

Glad you're back :) sori to hear about you losing things. I've had a few things like that happen to me car stereo was stolen just when i had been thinking how much i appreciate listening to my audio cds...and my fave byron katie cd was in it too....letting go/ losing things is like a big exhalation.....i just sit tight knowing that it'll be time to inhale soon enough!
love&hugs xox

Keiko Ti said...

Thats a great thought. I like that. I am generally ok with losing things.. I try not to get too attached to stuff. Life's easier that way.. things come & things go.
Maybe its a sign that I should just get rid of some stuff that I am holding onto. focus more on my exhalations. ; )
Interesting thought.. thank you for that!