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Raw Summit - Rhio

ok, here we go again.. it's almost done - 2 more, Richard Blackman & Shazzie & then the wrap-up Wed Eve.. which I will miss because I will be at Tonya's lecture & raw food demo! Yes!! Oh & I may be getting tickets for the Sly & Robbie concert Tues eve, so if those come through.. well, I will have to juggle.. and this weekend if the big Carioca weekend (ayhuasca) and I still need to buy white clothes for that.. which I plan on doing sometime today, on my way to work.. or after work.. so many errands to run.. a goji/cacao/maca present to ship, canvasses to buy, another book to buy.. I am reading 'Excuse me, Your Life is Waiting' by Lynn Grabhorn at the moment.. It was recommended by someone & as soon as she said that she heard of it on the Abraham-Hicks website.. well, I went out the next day & bought it & now the other books I am reading have been set down - I am really into this one.. more on the Power of Attraction.. but I like the way she writes and gets the ideas across. & Hey, I just feel like I am embarking on a big journey these days.. and will take all the assistance that is put on my path. cool.
ok, now 1 sec, green smoothie time & will brb with Rhio!

Rhio is a raw chef, actress, singer, author, activist and eco-farmer. <--This is her book, Hooked on Raw. Rhio has been into raw foods since she was a teenager. when she worked at a raw juice bar, downtown LA.

She talks a lot about our health care system and how most people don't understand what creates health in the body & the medical field supports an erroneous system which we buy into and believe.

What causes disease is that our bodies become acid and we need to stay alkaline. Many processes in the body create acidity but our blood and tissues need to stay at a slightly alkaline state.

* There is a lost chapter in our history of biology. In the 1850's there was a big discussion in France and Europe about what keeps a person healthy. There were 2 different factions- Louis Pasteur & his beliefs prevailed but there was also Antoine Bechamp, who had a different theory. Pasteur said that bacteria and germs caused disease. Bechamp said it was not germs that cause diseases but little indestructable "microzymes" in the blood. (germs were a cause of disease) (and many other scientists since have had similiar theories - I'm wikipedaing)

When the terrain in the body becomes acidic, the microorganisms inside us can change form and become pathogens. Through studies it has been shown that these organisms change form 17 times in the body and at the end become fungal and dangerous, creating sickness and then death.

There are different theories why Pasteur became so popular, he was more connected politically, and he was much more outgoing and flamboyant, Bechamp was very quiet. It also could possibly be that the germ theory was easy, and Bechamps theory was more difficult to comprehend.
This is not commonly known although there have been many scientists to come up with this theory.
Doctors know this, people come into the trauma ward and the 1st thing they do is check their PH to make sure they are alkaline so they don't lose the patient - but at the same time doctors are so ingrained with the germ theory that they don't come through with a logical conclusion. If the body is in an alkaline state you can not get sick.

Mom reminded me of something I had heard before also.. that on his deathbed Louis Pasteur said that he was wrong about his germ theory.
..hmm.. something is definitely wrong with the system!

Things that create acidity: junk foods, colas (the worse, they are totally acid!), meats, poultry, wheat.. these all create acidity in the body. High protein is very acid. The body will leech calcium and potassium from bones and teeth - this is why we have so much osteoporosis.
Drinking water helps bring down acidity.
Once there is too much acidity then disease starts being formed.
When there is too much acidity and the body can't get rid of it the body sends the acidity out to the extremities. Too much acidity around the major organs is very dangerous, life threatening, the bosy knows this and pushes it out away from the center of the body.

Most people get their information from mainstream media which doesn't have this type of information. The dairy industry is always telling us that we need dairy for calcium, its just not true! We need leafy greens, this is the best source.

She told about these 90 sec syndicated spots she had on the radio stations and she said something about dairy one time and the dairy industry heard it, called immediately and it was pulled and not broadcast at all.. of course, you hear this all the time. You hear on the radio & Tv what the pharmaceutical & Dairy & Meat industries want you to hear.. they support them.

She told more stories like this.. about something she worked on for the American Journal about a guy who completely cured his level 4 cancer with raw foods..and this big interview.. they took just a tiny piece, completely cutting the most important part ( how he cured himself) and only used a small part about how he fasted & lost all this weight.

We need to get info from sources who are not driven by a profit.
In health issues money should not matter, the main thing should be the persons health.

why are so many drugs released to the public, used for awhile and then a few years later recalled. It happens over & over.. they are just hoping that they work.

She talks also about questionable food practices. How the industry is moving to removing the irradiated stickers, when they are actually even used, from foods that have been irradiated. Foods are being irradiated by radioactive gamma sources like cobalt 60 and CCM 137 and the foods contain radiolytic products such as formaldehyde, benzene (dangerous carcinogen), and many others.. forget them all.. but see Food Irradiation in wickipedia to get more info & see the cute little flower sticker that they put on irradiated foods.

Organic foods are not irradiated.
Most spices are. Most papayas coming from Hawaii are.. they just built a few big irradiation plants in Hawaii int he past few years.

Another big problem in Genetically Modified foods.. putting fish genes in tomatoes, stuff like that.. we are doing crazy things that nature would never think of doing!
All private research has shown that GM foods are completely different than the original foods they came from.. completely other entities.
Studies are also done which show that these foods (non-foods) create pre-cancerous conditions in children.. but of course, these studies are not made public.

She went on to talk a lot about the Power of Attraction, which she highly believes in ..and why she now has her huge farm.. but I am not going to get into this.. have to wrap it up.. g2g ..just the most imp notes now..

How a prolific amount of good bacteria keeps the bad bacteria in's the same as if we have a living soil. The worms and bacteria and fungi and micro organisms- having lots of stuff going on in there - thats how we get healthy foods.
You hear of vegetables which have e. coli in them.. the spinach scares recently etc etc.. this happens when crops are grown in soil with pesticides,herbicides (cide=death) The salmonella and e. coli can take over - the friendly bacteria is not there to take care of the bad bacteria.
Mother nature has a great diversity of everything. We are supposed to have everything. We ave e.coli in our bodies naturally, but it is kept in check.

I appreciate most of all her activism. Lastly.. She is also concerned about families who are suffering because their children have been taken away from them feeding them raw.
Since mainstream society does not understand the benefits of raw foods, they approach it with some trepidation.
her primary and long term goal is create and add a constitutional agreement - that people can have freedom of choice in health matters.

If you go to a naturopath who doesn't encourage chemo, radiation, surgery, it is not sanctified and the doctor can get in trouble for taking a more natural route and so can the patient. Many amendments have been added-changed in the constitution ie, women voting, black people voting.. she says we need to roll up our sleeves and change the constitution, add this amendment.
Anything not allopathic (conventional) medicine often considered quackery. & 1 reason for this.. Interesting fact: In the 1900's Carnegie & Rockefeller hired Abraham Flexner and his only job was to discredit other medical institutions. (following from an article here)

"The Flexner Report, as it was called, was published in 1910. As anticipated, it was "published far and wide," and it did "do much to develop public opinion." The report quite correctly pointed out the inadequacies of medical education at the time. No one could take exception with that. It also proposed a wide range of sweeping changes, most of which were entirely sound. No one could take exception with those, either. The alert researcher will note, however, the recommendations emphatically included the strengthening of courses in pharmacology and the addition of research departments at all "qualified" medical schools."

and finally.. (oops time!) her other goal is to have a coalition of people - doctors, nurses, scientists etc who will all come to the aid of these families who are struggling with the system.

Have a spectacular day.. I am finally getting out & into it! Enjoy!!! ~Hugs~


Anonymous said...

I tried to get to the Rhio broadcast and missed it too! Thank you soooooo much for your faith~full~ness! I am sending everyone from my blog over here to soak up all your sharings!

Big Hugs!

fatma said...

Just discovered your blog. What a joy. And right here in Toronto. I will be coming on Wednesday to see Tonya and will get to meet you too.


Keiko Ti said...

Yay!! Thank you Connie. So glad you enjoyed it. I am enjoying these so much, more than I thought I would.. they take a lot of time, but totally worth it. Hugs!

Hi Fatma,
Look forward to seeing you Wed. I think you know me though (just don't recognize me here).. I have had your amazing Raw Indian food a few times. Spoke to Moni yesterday, we might be sold out. Called her in case she wanted a ticket, will save one for you.
xo cusoon.