Thursday, August 09, 2007

Raw Summit - Dr. Gabriel Cousins

This is a pic from my road trip to Halifax.. taken with my hand out the sky roof.. every day was so beautiful! Thanks Randy!

Last night was summit talk # 2 with Gabriel Cousins from the Tree of Life.

He talked about the live food diet being the best diet for spiritual life and that our main purpose in life is to get closer to God. He talked a lot about culture.. how we are living in a culture of death - living in separation from ourselves and the earth. As opposed to the culture of life which is living organically, feeling oneness with the planet, living in liberation and love - in unity and in beauty.
Culture of death = better living through chemicals
Culture of living = better living through living

Symptoms of the culture of death are chronic disease, misery, disconnectedness, sadness, loneliness..Economy is not about the health of the planet - it's about health for the few, not the many.

Dr Cousins is a major contributor in the film coming out in January, Raw for 30 days. So he is very concerned about diabetes - the topic of the film. He says the biggest contributors to diabetes are heavy metals and toxicity, junk food - white flour and sugar and obesity (90 % of type 2 diabetes are obese)
240,000,000 people in the world have diabetes.
3,000,000 people a year die from it.

The best part! ..was Gabriel talking about this lifestyle/diet being a very turned on way to live. You are experiencing life as an expression of the divine. Its a complete amazing tantric experience - and not just sexually. The whole world is radiating and you are just radiating with it.

You go through the day like everyone else - just your experience of it is different. It's like the divine is unfolding in front of you all the time - like "Isn't this amazing?!!!" Its very, very deep and full of peace.. life becomes incredible. Everything is a turn-on.

*You understand immediately that you are never going anywhere*

At this level you are in tune with the will of God. You are guided. You are not there anymore - you are just in service. All experiences deepen your understanding. Even when you become liberated, awakened you are not done, you are never done.. there is just the next phase. There is no stopping. it is a complete unfolding. You are being lived by love and liberation. ..& it is living you.. you are not living it.

Living foods transform you into a superconductor of the divine.

Mom, this is the heart we found in the sand.. it's for you! ~Hugs~


shell said...

i much preferred reading your summary than listening to the audio! You pick up all the juicy bits and make it more tasty!! love xoxox

Keiko Ti said...

Thanks so much Shell.. You have inspired me to continue. ..but in all honesty I get lots out of it also.
Thanks.. love back to you!!! xo