Saturday, August 25, 2007

Carioca night , Ayhuasca - getting ready and the most amazing Sorrel Chia Tea ever!

Good Morning! I had planned on getting up early to post about Tonya's lecture Wed eve.. it was so great ..but I've just had so much going on & it takes time.. so one day next week we will have a Tonya day.
Right now I am getting ready to leave for my Carioca night - Ayhuasca ceremony ritual thing I am doing tonight and I thought I would come here & look it up quickly. My friend yesterday asked if I looked it up & I haven't really yet. Heard stories, lots of stories. I am excited, a little nervous, but over-all really looking forward to it. Ayhuasca Basics here.

It is taking place somewhere up north 1 1/2 hours out of the city, somewhere in the forest.. I think. Mi-San has the details.
Everyone wears white. I just had my sewing machine out.. but its not working, Ahhh.. cause I just found the most gorgeous white skirt I thought I had lost, its all layered and lacish.. I have it fixed with a couple of safety pins, it works. & I bought another, a white wrap.. really, really nice too.. Ah, choices. & 3 tank tops to pick from, 2 white sweaters.. I am just bringing it all LOL
I love clothes!

& we are supposed to fast today.. or at least eat lightly. There is a list of certain foods that we def shouldn't have. Most of them I wouldn't eat anyway, meat, dairy, caffeine.. but also some other things like ripe bananas.. Mi-San has the list. Yesterday I hardly ate, which is rare but I think I had this on my mind & know day 1 fasting is hard. Yesterday I had the Superfood Bowl of Bliss and the some cantaloupe later.. In the afternoon I visited my Chocosol friends - Graham & Matieu - had Sawako Snow samples, small juice - freshest, organic produce hand cranked with the highest vibe, greatest energy ever!
& then an amazing drink that totally would rival my memories of the best Kool-Aid flavour concoction I ever had as a kid. It was the coolest drink I think I have ever had.
& that was it.. I was a little hungry later but just got my mind on other things.

How to make Graham's Sorrel Chia Tea:
Steep Sorrel and cinnamon sticks in a big clay pot overnight. You can use room temp water or water just hot enough not to burn your hand. In the morning soak chia seeds. I think Mattieu said 1/2 c per 1 liter. ..but I will experiment one day & come revise if necessary. Strain Sorrel (Jamaica flowers) and cinnamon. Add chia and sweeten with honey (or agave).
It tastes amazing and the texture is so cool!!

k. I am out of here in less than an hour.. really better get going. still have to pack!
Much Love!


fatma said...

You will be having the best time ever.

Thank you SOOO much for linking to my blog. I have yours linked too.

Did you see more butterflies? :)


Sawako said...

Hi Robin!
I had that Graham's sorrel chia tea last week! I love it!
In summer, it's definitely my favorite drink!!!
I got sorrel tea and chia from Chocosol. And I'm making it everyday! It's so refreshing...=)
And I have raw honey as well!

Good luck with your Carioca night!
I look forward to hearing about it.


Anonymous said...

I just researched this ceremony on the internet and CANNOT wait to hear your story! Lucky Girl!

Keiko Ti said...

Thank you Fatma, Sawako, Connie!!!
You being here & caring and all your wonderful thoughts mean a lot to me. I appreciate each of you LOTS!

yes, Fatma, lots more butterflies! : ) Saw your post on Tonya.. will mention it tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day! Hugs!!!