Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Raw Summit - Brenda Cobb

Last night Brenda Cobb was speaking on the Raw Summit. I was esp interested because I don't know very much about her. She was diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer in 1999, the doctors told her she needed surgery, chemo and radiation treatments but instead she adopted a raw, living foods diet in an attempt to cure herself.. and she not only did that, her cancer went away, but also did her arthritis, her migraines, the indigestion - acid reflux and heartburn, which she suffered from daily, she lost weight, her skin improved, she wasn't depressed anymore, no more mood swings, started sleeping through the night.. etc etc..

People in her family and friends thought she should follow the doctors advice and that she was crazy not to.. now they think shes a genius.

She has made it her mission in life to tell other people about this.
She has seen what were considered terminal, completely hopeless situations and discovered that the body is miraculous and it can bounce back from almost anything.

Brenda has written 9 books and is currently writing one on emotional healing.

In her program she has developed over the past 9 years, she has found that
the 4 reasons people get sick are:

1 - How people think - their thinking which is tied in with their emotional stuff, which is often buried deep and needs to be cleared out. Sometimes there are issues of forgiveness, forgiving themselves. Stress, working stress, and not just stress from outside, also from inside - its not only about what happens to you but how you deal with it.

2 - Toxicity - Toxins are often built up in the body from breathing the air, drinking the water, eating foods, chemicals, toxic thoughts, toxic jobs etc. Need to detox.

3 - People are Deficient - vitamins, minerals, enzymes - we need to get these through nutrition, often difficult, the soil has few nutrients. In addition to healthy foods she adds supplements (superfoods) herbs, essential oils etc.

4 - Dirty, Toxic and Impacted Colons - mucoid plaque, parasites etc. Many people have hardened stuff around the wall of the colon so that no nutrients can get absorbed.

By taking care of all of these together all the body is supported - mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually.

Our thoughts are so important. Often we are thinking negatively and don't even realize it.. we have negative self-thinking and need to reprogram ourselves.
She teaches people positive self affirmations.
She says 'I am' are 2 of the most powerful words and to be very careful when saying those.
If yu say am so tired you will become more so. Instead go for a walk and say "I am energized' and after a short walk you will find you are.

(my own note, this reminds me of a time a month or so ago.. I had something fall on my foot and it hurt & I went to an art show anyway & while walking (almost limping) there I told my friend how much my foot hurt.. at one point I was just going to leave ..then it occurred to me & just for fun I said Oh it really doesn't hurt very much anymore (which was a lie) but i realized about 20 mins later that I was walking around and had forgotten about it & it really wasn't hurting hardly at all anymore. ..fascinating stuff! ; )

3 books she uses and works with people with on emotional healing are;
1 - Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K. Truman
2 - You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
3 - Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping

She does exercises to get people to see themselves more clearly, to get people dialoguing and thinking. She uses breathing exercises, relaxation exercises, meditation, yoga, etc

She talked about how every disease has a particular emotional reason for being in the body.
Most emotional issues come down to loving yourself.

You can have a great diet, eat very alkaline foods but if you get angry, the feeling of anger can cause the body to become acidic.

(I have to hurry now.. leaving for work in 5 min & I have to clean my blender out.)

ok last thought of Brendas that I really liked..

She talked about how we are always keeping so busy. Its part of our culture and we think if we are not busy all the time that we are missing something. So we are doing, doing, doing.. but then think of lying on a beach - relaxed - and this is when all those ideas and thoughts come to us. When we were busy we didn't have time for inspiration to come.

Amen. Think I'm due for some slow down, inspiration time! : )
Have an inspiring day!!!

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