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Raw Summit - Mike Adams

Wow! This is going to be another long post. Please bear with me if this is too much for you. I would love a page to post articles and notes like this instead of filling up my blog.. and maybe one day., but for now I really want to post & keep this information. I am loving this raw summit - Mike Adams last night was sooo informative.. here goes another long one! It’s just so much good info.. how can I not???

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, was previously obese, suffered from chronic fatigue, had diabetes, suffered back pain etc etc. He was listening to doctors and his life was terrible. He dove into nutrition, studying about foods, lost lots of body fat, got his health back, took up speed reading, gymnastics in his 30’s, started his website, got into raw foods and studied medicines from different parts of the world – Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic.

In Ecuador he studied how people lived such long lives. People in their 80’s & 90’s were healthy with no disease, not getting sick, exercising regularly every day, out walking for hours with no sunscreen. They took care of their health by living close to the land.

Cat's claw cures cancer.. can be labeled there. But not in America, the FDA keeps people in planned ignorance, away from the truth. In Ecuador everyone knows that Cats claw cures cancer, its common knowledge.

The sun is good for you. Vitamin D is one of the most powerful vitamins there is. It is the single most potent anti-cancer medicine ever discovered by science. The best way to cure skin cancer. Few people know this. The best sunscreen is the Vitamin D that you eat in blue green algaes and in berries.

The sun combined with poor nutrition can cause cancer.
The sun combined with good nutrition can cause the most healthy skin.

The people in Ecuador are in the sun all day. According to science they should have the highest rates of skin cancer.. but they have the lowest rate, its almost non –existent.

In the US today, rational thinking gets replaced by profit motives..
Real scientific thinking no longer has any place in medicine today.
The FDA believes that nutrition has no significant role in human health.

Food has no significance except to give us calories and there is no difference in the calories from refined, processed white sugar and live, high enzyme, nutrient dense broccoli sprouts.

Profit has become everything in this country and during this profit take over, human health has been cast away along with human compassion and also with the wisdom of our ancestors, the healers, midwives, shamans, medicine women. This knowledge has been cast away and replaced by lies, which says that chemicals are what we need to be healthy.

He gives examples of different drugs with really bad (life threatening) side effects. Dangerous anti-cholesterol drugs. & Antidepressants – These create an average weight gain of 22 lbs in the 1st year. (That’s not depressing??) but also how these powerful psychotropic drugs create violent behavior in young males. The Columbine shooter was on a psychotropic drug. In fact, (almost ?) every school shooting in the Us was by a young person on these drugs.

In Europe these drugs are banned for children.

Best herb for stress reduction = Radiola Rosea, an adaptogenic herb aka Russian Ginseng.

1st habit for health transformation is taking responsibility for your health.
(most people don’t think they are at fault, its someone else’s fault, ie bad genes, they are in victim mentality)

* Turn off the Tv. You can’t watch tv without being influenced by it and its advertising.

* Take one step that you can control and experience the difference from. Mikes fav is a 30 day no dairy diet. There are 45 types of food, dairy is just one. Interesting to see how it affects health, cures allergies, sinusitis, IBS, Crohn’s disease, heart disease etc. Most people see a huge difference in 7 days.

* Read the ingredient labels of everything that you put into your body. Perfumes esp toxic often with an average of 21 different cancer causing chemicals. The FDA does not require them to list ingredients because they say the skin does not absorb. It acts as a barrier. Outdated thinking – we know the skin absorbs everything.

* Throw out perfumes, deodorants, chemical based shampoos, conditioners, soaps – these are very poisonous products.

Where is our healthcare going? He believes we are headed for a gloomy short term followed by an awakening, a rebirth. But our short term will see massive infertility, mass widespread neurological disorders, depression, widespread cancer, mental disorders etc. We will have a population of mutants because of all the chemicals and drugs.

But at some point we will learn the hard way.

We will abandon these chemicals and go back to nature, which can help us heal and nurture us. Nature has more wisdom than all the drug scientists in the world, who in the end will turn to nature.

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