Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life con't - Yoga, Running, Espanol, Passover and August Gold

I am feeling Spring in the air now.. and it sounds almost summerish coming for the end of the week. I'm excited for that.. I am such a sun lover!!! Love this warm weather!

I just got in from running again! : )  & I just went and picked up 3 Yoga DVD's from the library, 4 more in transit and more waiting on hold!!  I told a girl in Cuba that I would look into sending her some Yoga DVD's and finally getting at it, well, researching, but close. I was feeling a bit bad that it was taking me this long to get at it.. I figured there must be some reason.. and maybe, just maybe its because it feels like exactly the right time to really get inspired myself. I just checked one of them out, it was so peaceful, on a sandbank.. I felt like it was in Cuba. I am so up for being transported, me and my yogamat to a sandbank on a Veradero beach. : )

Food-wise, Yesterday (& the day before) I prepared a big Raw Passover Seder-Dinner. It was great. & I've been really into raw cheeses lately.. and tomorrow I have a testing for a few 'rice'-based dishes, and more.. so much to experiment with. How wonderful to be so into something I love!!
Did you know that many sushi chefs spend years on getting the sushi rice down down before they get to move on to rolling. wow. I love Japanese culture.

& as for my Spanish, I am excited that I have downloaded on my iPod - The 4 Agreements in Spanish - Los Cuatro Acuerdos - audiolibro!! It's awesome, so exciting to understand it so well. I know the book so well, have read it a few times and love it. I also recently just bought "En Mis Propios Paabras - por Su Santidad el Dalai Lama"  In my Own Words by the Dalai Lama, but in Spanish! ; ) an introduction to his teachings and philosophy. Ahh.. life is good.

A little piece of paper next to me reads (this is from a a podcast-interview with August Gold, who I really enjoyed. I just went through a small pile of papers, tossed some, kept some, this is selected at random) :

"You must welcome everything"
"I agree. I agree." 

"Life is in constant conversation with us. Our job is to keep the door open to every conversation life wants to have with us."

"Life leads those who will & those who won't, it drags."

She has an inspiring morning ritual which she shared, called the 5-5-5 plan (or maybe I made that up ; )
 To start your day is a very positive way, she recommends doing this:
Take 5 minutes and Read a book of higher truth, something inspiring, a spiritual or inspiring text which you enjoy. Then..
Take 5 minutes and Write - what you are feeling inside ..and then
Take 5 minutes and just Sit. Not even meditating, she said she didn't even want to call it meditating (but it could be) just sitting in silence ..she suggested you could take a statement of Truth and sit with it.
By doing this you are developing a conversation with life that is so important.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Little Slice of My Life

Hey quick update, touching base..  I have my funky De Phazz Death by Chocolate music going.. bought it tonight & a new Baka Beyond cd "Yelli is still sung to enchant animals by Pygmy women in the rainforests of Africa. This is singing for survival, developed through thousands of years of communicating in song with their forest world. .." Its awesome. I was soo into it when I was listening. I havnt bought myself cds in ages it seems. I downloaded lots of highly unusual and very listenable music from lounge, french cafe, african, gypsy violin, accordian music.. I love having good music collections. Music is so awesome!!

But Food. Thats what we're really here for isnt it. Well, I have been sustaining myself on mostly green smoothies, as usual - Like I say, I could live on these - almost! and sandwiches - all raw!! Raw bread & filled with tomato, sprouts and special sauces. I have one almost every day. I have a container of highly charged superfood cookies in the fridge - always almond milk for my tea.. and intersperse that with much ethnic and other food I get to experiment making at work. ; )  Oh the night before last I was craving this incredible spinach puree I had made before, just top tomato slices with a raw nut cheese & spinach & sprouts too : )

What else? Oh running.. still doing it.. I'm working on developing as good an attitude about this as I have for most things in my life ; ) James is being really good at getting my butt in gear. The other night, its 10:30 pm, I'm all settled in my pjs & I think hes long forgotten about it.. but nope. Off we go running into the night. crazy.  lol  & I'm making a big deal about it, & I'm such a beginner, not even running that much.

k, time for a quick Spanish lesson - still keeping that up. Fun watching shows and actually understanding most of what they say . Love seeing that kind of improvement ; )

"well you got to meet me online
download you for a lifetime..  "  De Phazz

photo from my recent trip to Mars 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Insight Course - Fluid vs Static Intelligence and Transparency

My Mom sent me the link for this Insight Course. I am only on the 1st of 21 lessons so far..but enjoying it so far. The foreword is interesting - about fluid vs static intelligence and about transparency or openness.

"Fluid intelligence has little to do with IQ or "book" intelligence. It is rather the ability to step outside of our beliefs and consider information which does not fit into our previously accepted view of reality.  ..  At the other end of the spectrum from fluid intelligence is static intelligence. If an individual is rarely willing to reconsider or challenge their established beliefs, they are said to have a high degree of static intelligence. They aren't much interested in thinking outside of the box."

"Scientists with a high degree of fluid intelligence who are attracted to study matters outside the current paradigm are often labeled kooks or wacky by those operating with static intelligence."  & yet, we all know whos coming up with the great ideas in life!! - Einstein, Pasteur, Tesla, Galileo..

I enjoyed this video - Its a Perception Test
This is a short, but fascinating two-part test of your perceptual abilities. For the first part, you will be shown a 30-second video of six college students divided into two teams. Three students are wearing white T-shirts, while the other three are wearing black. Each team has a basketball which they are passing to members of their team. Your task is to count the number of passes made by the team wearing white T-shirts

"..the more transparent we are to ourselves and to the world around us, the more consciously we can make choices. And the more fluid we are in expanding our intelligence and beliefs, the more powerfully we can adapt to and make good use of the changes that occur in our lives and world...
Let us then choose to be open, transparent, and fluid both with ourselves and with each other, and to offer support for the limitless possibilities of growth and expansion which lie within each one of us. "

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life - Live On Chocolates, the Symphony, Garlic and Running...

I just got in from a run.. I cant believe I did that boyfriend urged me to go with him. & I was feeling so tired.. falling asleep in front of my Rosetta Stone (level 4!! : )  So happy that I got levels 4 & 5 now.. and thats as far as it goes. But wow, I feel amazing now. That was great.
I drank 3 green smoothies today - 16 oz glasses.. I love when I do that, cause often I only have 2. I just dont take the time to make them.. and really they are so easy..but its easy to get wrapped up in other things. ..& I really do understand the difficulty of keeping up the raw lifestyle with a busy lifestyle. I think I picked my profession to be making raw food mainly for a reason!! ; ) 

What else is going on.. well, I didnt make it to the Total Health Show this year.. I always go & I love going. But it turned out that I was working - Full-on recipe testing (& tasting) for 3 days -Last Thurs, Fri & Sat.. and then Sunday my son was coming over.. and to be honest -1. They didnt have a big name raw chef or speaker this year, like usual, and 2. I really was looking forward to a 'me' day and getting things done around here.. working 6 days a week is a lot! & I slept in till noon, with the time change.. it was wonderful, luxurious..  Oh & James & I went to the symphony on Sat eve & that was wonderful. There was this young 26 yr old conductor, who I was totally taken with, here visiting from London. I thought he and his story and the music was fascinating, Robin Ticciati. I met some friends from the raw-scene, who were obviously symphony frequenters who said they played some pieces better for him that they've ever seen them played.. really enjoyed the evening!! Fun & inspiring.

James went the health show & brought me home some Live On Chocolates made by Stacy, which are delicious. I am savoring one now!! I highly recommend trying them. Raw chocolate is definitely the way to go.  I can eat just raw nibs, love it. .. but homemade raw truffles are a true delicacy for me. I am treating myself.  I came in from running, ate a whole garlic clove.. just straight up popped the clove in my mouth and chewed and chased with water. I feel so hardcore - I've come a long way - I used to chop it up first and chase it with honey, etc..  gotta be able to appreciate some garlic once in awhile to get close to me. lol  
& now I am enjoying apple cider and truffles. Thank you Stacy!! : ) Have a beautiful night. I'm off on a testing marathon again tomorrow. Have a great day too!!! xo

Monday, March 15, 2010

Back from Mars

Mars Vacation Pictures 

Here are some of my vacation pics from Mars. 
We stayed at Frost Beach on Oceanis Borealis 
after our arrival at the Dome. 
(As you may know, Frost Beach 
is about an hour from the Dome). 
It was great. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

David Wolfe Event - April 10th - Get Earlybird Tickets Now!

David Wolfe is coming again in April, for those who missed him in December (he sold out early!!), get your tickets early!! ; )
click here to purchase online!

I love David Wolfe events. He is so motivational, & so full of empowering and the highest vibe - highest health ever information. Always filled with ideas and insights.. He makes Raw food fun & for me re-instills a deep sense of why we do this, live this lifestyle.. to be the highest, most clearest, most true, most Fun and to love closer to our highest potential.

I always learn something new at every event.. often many things!!! This event will be especially interesting as David is focusing on cleansing, detox, sustainable weight loss and age reversing.
  • Learn how to: detoxify, conquer candida, lower inflammation, restore bone health, and create healthy joints.

  • Lose weight and reverse aging with raw-living foods, superfoods, superherbs, and new healing technology!

  • Superherbs simplified.
  • Immune System rejuvenation.

  • Rebuilding core Adrenal, Kidney, and Reproductive energy (Jing energy).

  • The Healing Power of Raw and Living Foods and Fresh Juices.

  • The LongevityNOW Program.

  • Questions and Answers with David Wolfe.
Network with David and Toronto’s Raw Foods Community
Shop the Spring Market (featuring raw, organic, & green products)
Enjoy raw food & beverages available for purchase onsite
Win Great Door Prizes & Raffle

Order Earlybird Tickets Now!

Learn more about David here.

Mars ..Tonight!

Random outing to Mars tonight.. just got an invitation..

Consider what a new life on Mars would have to offer:
Tanning possibilities, licorice, sundried tomatoes, guava, yams, arp rides ( big transparent beasts), sangria canals, roses,
Cherokees (people and trucks), salsa (food & music), floating bumpercars, rhubarb, cranapple trees, goji fields forever, cherry tree oasis retreat,mudbaths, cinnamon sticks, RCMP jackets and scarlet kilts, pomegranate forests, cardinals, etc.?
See you at the launch pad?

How can I resist. I can't. I'm off. ...but will see you soon. ; ) 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Raw Beets - Lebanese Dream Salad

Pillow Talk, Ep 18 - Lebanese Dream Salad

I am always amazed whenever I get a chance to go Raw Surfing at how many new Raw Websites and blogs there are. So many creative people who are getting into sharing the high-vibes online. I love it!!
This was one I really enjoyed from Lisa Paris of Raw Beets  - Funky. Raw. Gangsta. Vegan ..she's great!

The Blog is great filled with video-blogs ..buit also dont miss Raw Vegan Shenanigans - the printed Blog:

"I'm raw. I like to party. Confused? Don't be. There are many of us out there. You too may have considered a torrid love affair with the raw foods but have hang-ups over sacrificing your weekends. Have no fear, a clean diet and killer social calendar can become one."

... "The energy you get from juicing is palpable. I realized this first hand after watching guests bounce off the walls, scrub my juicer, ask me where they could buy one, how much they cost and brainstormed what they could sell to fund the purchase. Call me a pusher. Label me an enabler. The juice will take you to a whole new level of raw."

& her Disclaimer -Disclaimer:

"Though I may look ultra professional in a pair of prescription-less designer specs, I am not a doctor. The information on this site comes from personal research and inductive reasoning based on experimentation within my own life. Apply the ideas at your own risk. Possible side effects include higher energy levels, a general enhancement in disposition and an increase in utter sexiness."

You'll just have to go read it! : )

Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Nasty Stuff

Just started a spur of the moment blog, after reading an article 'The Truth Behind Your Food' - read most of it anyway, ; )  I have a hard time reading  The Nasty Stuff. : ) But it's there.  Peace, Love and Awareness


Thursday, March 04, 2010

Inspiration, Motivation and Empowerment - What you put In

Hi. I have a big meeting tomorrow and I have been so into preparing for that.. I almost forgot to come write. Yikes, I shouldn't do that.. cause I love doing this!! : ) I have been so into my books, lots of research: spiritual, metaphysical, universal.. and lots of recipe and chemistry stuff.
I love books!!

Also, I love that I dont have a tv. !!  ..altho I did kind of miss too much of the Olympics, that was too bad.. I kept getting it 2nd hand from my mom and friends..but I did get to drive downtown and across Yonge St shortly after Canada won the Gold for Mens Hockey and record for golds.. and that was very exciting. Went to meet Erika (Power of Raw) & Marie (TorontoSprouts) for a salad.. nothing like name dropping ; ) lol

So, one thing I do often.. and what I love to do, in the evenings is find empowering videos or teleconferences and watch or listen to them. Theres always lots going on on the internet. & I love that I am being selective in what I choose to watch. I have a few different teleconferences to choose from each night right now.. Often they will have them online to listen to free for 48 hours and after you can buy the package. Right now theres one just on EFT!! Theres all kinds of these things. .. I listened to John Assaraf the other night - empowerment-success speaker, and another night listened to Nadine of Living Libations on essential oils which was fascinating. That was from Patrick Timpone's One Radio Network - Live radio focusing on health, wealth and well-being - your link of the evening! ; ) Also, I am really into Cafe Gratitude right now, watched lots of their videos - they have a monday night live series out. I love health & raw speakers ..and then after that my next fav thing to do is watch Spanish shows, try to listen to a bit every day, at least an hour..  I figure that was inevitably one day I will get it!! perseverance.. and just keep putting as much positive in as you can, all the things that make you feel awesome!
Be Happy!!  Love Life!