Friday, March 26, 2010

Little Slice of My Life

Hey quick update, touching base..  I have my funky De Phazz Death by Chocolate music going.. bought it tonight & a new Baka Beyond cd "Yelli is still sung to enchant animals by Pygmy women in the rainforests of Africa. This is singing for survival, developed through thousands of years of communicating in song with their forest world. .." Its awesome. I was soo into it when I was listening. I havnt bought myself cds in ages it seems. I downloaded lots of highly unusual and very listenable music from lounge, french cafe, african, gypsy violin, accordian music.. I love having good music collections. Music is so awesome!!

But Food. Thats what we're really here for isnt it. Well, I have been sustaining myself on mostly green smoothies, as usual - Like I say, I could live on these - almost! and sandwiches - all raw!! Raw bread & filled with tomato, sprouts and special sauces. I have one almost every day. I have a container of highly charged superfood cookies in the fridge - always almond milk for my tea.. and intersperse that with much ethnic and other food I get to experiment making at work. ; )  Oh the night before last I was craving this incredible spinach puree I had made before, just top tomato slices with a raw nut cheese & spinach & sprouts too : )

What else? Oh running.. still doing it.. I'm working on developing as good an attitude about this as I have for most things in my life ; ) James is being really good at getting my butt in gear. The other night, its 10:30 pm, I'm all settled in my pjs & I think hes long forgotten about it.. but nope. Off we go running into the night. crazy.  lol  & I'm making a big deal about it, & I'm such a beginner, not even running that much.

k, time for a quick Spanish lesson - still keeping that up. Fun watching shows and actually understanding most of what they say . Love seeing that kind of improvement ; )

"well you got to meet me online
download you for a lifetime..  "  De Phazz

photo from my recent trip to Mars 


P iers D said...

Hey Robin,

That music sounds mindbending! :) If you're getting into running and haven't checked this out already, take a "look at the book "Chi Running".

Very cool stuff.

Looking forward to trying your new creations when they go public and hope Mars was fun. Swing by next time you visit Earth. :)

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks Piers!
Chi Running looks like an great system to check out more.. I googled-wikipedia'd it, thanks!

Hey, I hope your trip to Cuba was amazing (of course, I'm sure it was!! ; ) So wonderful hearing from you, Big Hugs to you and family!!! xo
yes, look forward to seeing you again soon! : )