Thursday, March 04, 2010

Inspiration, Motivation and Empowerment - What you put In

Hi. I have a big meeting tomorrow and I have been so into preparing for that.. I almost forgot to come write. Yikes, I shouldn't do that.. cause I love doing this!! : ) I have been so into my books, lots of research: spiritual, metaphysical, universal.. and lots of recipe and chemistry stuff.
I love books!!

Also, I love that I dont have a tv. !!  ..altho I did kind of miss too much of the Olympics, that was too bad.. I kept getting it 2nd hand from my mom and friends..but I did get to drive downtown and across Yonge St shortly after Canada won the Gold for Mens Hockey and record for golds.. and that was very exciting. Went to meet Erika (Power of Raw) & Marie (TorontoSprouts) for a salad.. nothing like name dropping ; ) lol

So, one thing I do often.. and what I love to do, in the evenings is find empowering videos or teleconferences and watch or listen to them. Theres always lots going on on the internet. & I love that I am being selective in what I choose to watch. I have a few different teleconferences to choose from each night right now.. Often they will have them online to listen to free for 48 hours and after you can buy the package. Right now theres one just on EFT!! Theres all kinds of these things. .. I listened to John Assaraf the other night - empowerment-success speaker, and another night listened to Nadine of Living Libations on essential oils which was fascinating. That was from Patrick Timpone's One Radio Network - Live radio focusing on health, wealth and well-being - your link of the evening! ; ) Also, I am really into Cafe Gratitude right now, watched lots of their videos - they have a monday night live series out. I love health & raw speakers ..and then after that my next fav thing to do is watch Spanish shows, try to listen to a bit every day, at least an hour..  I figure that was inevitably one day I will get it!! perseverance.. and just keep putting as much positive in as you can, all the things that make you feel awesome!
Be Happy!!  Love Life!


Jim said...

I enjoy listening to John Assaraf as well. Nice blog and lifestyle!

To Your Health!
James Reno

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi James,
Nice to meet you - thanks for dropping by, and commenting ; ) Great to hear from you.
& to your health too!! : )