Thursday, March 11, 2010

Raw Beets - Lebanese Dream Salad

Pillow Talk, Ep 18 - Lebanese Dream Salad

I am always amazed whenever I get a chance to go Raw Surfing at how many new Raw Websites and blogs there are. So many creative people who are getting into sharing the high-vibes online. I love it!!
This was one I really enjoyed from Lisa Paris of Raw Beets  - Funky. Raw. Gangsta. Vegan ..she's great!

The Blog is great filled with video-blogs ..buit also dont miss Raw Vegan Shenanigans - the printed Blog:

"I'm raw. I like to party. Confused? Don't be. There are many of us out there. You too may have considered a torrid love affair with the raw foods but have hang-ups over sacrificing your weekends. Have no fear, a clean diet and killer social calendar can become one."

... "The energy you get from juicing is palpable. I realized this first hand after watching guests bounce off the walls, scrub my juicer, ask me where they could buy one, how much they cost and brainstormed what they could sell to fund the purchase. Call me a pusher. Label me an enabler. The juice will take you to a whole new level of raw."

& her Disclaimer -Disclaimer:

"Though I may look ultra professional in a pair of prescription-less designer specs, I am not a doctor. The information on this site comes from personal research and inductive reasoning based on experimentation within my own life. Apply the ideas at your own risk. Possible side effects include higher energy levels, a general enhancement in disposition and an increase in utter sexiness."

You'll just have to go read it! : )

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