Monday, September 29, 2008


What is Ormus? I have been hearing about this mysterious substance and am now getting a grasp of what - and how powerful - this stuff is.

I will try to explain and give an understanding of what this substance is and what it can do for us.

In the late 1970s an Arizona farmer named David Hudson noticed some very strange materials as he was doing some gold mining on his land. Hudson spent several million dollars over the following decade figuring out how to obtain and work with these strange materials.

Ormus has been a big topic in the raw food world for some time but 2 of the biggest names connected with it are David Hudson and Barry Carter.

David Hudson calls the materials he found Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements or ORMEs. He also refers to them as monoatomic elements in a high-spin state.

ORME's are also called monoatomic gold, white gold, white powder gold, ORMUS, m-state, AuM, microclusters, and manna. It is also believed to be related to and is called The Philosophers Stone and the Elixir of Life. & this substance is what alchemists have worked in secret to produce ever since ancient Egyptian times.The word ORME is also the Hebrew word which means: the 'Tree of Life'.

The subject of ORME gets into and is a connecting link between chemistry, physics, physiology, Ancient Worlds, philosophy, the Tree of Life, Kabalah and more.

ORMUS is thought to be the precious metal elements in a different atomic state. The following elements have been identified in this different state of matter - Known Ormus Elements: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Iridium, Osmium, Palladium, Mercury, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Copper, Nickel and Cobalt.

All of these Ormus elements are abundant in sea water. According to David Hudson's discoveries, these elements in their Ormus state may be as much as 10,000 times more abundant than their metallic counterparts. There also may be other elements which occur naturally in the ormus state.

Various researchers, working independently, have identified these materials in this different state of matter. They have arrived at many of the same observations.

These ormus elements have been observed to exhibit superconductivity, superfluidity, Josephson tunneling (tunneling through solid objects) and magnetic levitation. It looks like these are an entirely new class of materials.

Ormus elements are also present in many biological systems. They may enhance energy flow in the microtubules inside every living cell.

Ormus gold and other precious elements is different from the metallic state of these same elements. They are low energy state, super deformed and high spin monatomic particles. Ingesting ormus gold has different effects on the body than the effects of ingesting metallic gold. What makes the ORMUS state atoms different is that they will not form metal-metal bonds with their own kind. (this is because their valence electrons are not available to form normal molecular bonds - each electron is paired up with another electron in a Cooper paired state.) & When electrons are Cooper paired, they cease to behave as particles and begin to behave more like light.

In fact they have literally changed into light (i.e. photons). These precious metals have the unique ability to remain stable in the monoatomic form, which can then lead to effects ranging from levitation (weight losses) to zero-point energy
applications to fundamental biological and/or human physiological effects.

Of particular importance is the fact that all of these precious metals have a strong affinity for and are almost always found in their natural state in combination with gold. Gold, in turn, has a history of being the most precious of all commodities -- a “spiritual tradition” which has survived countless generations!

to produce monoatomic gold, first you get sort of a gray-black, hydrogen Auride (HAu). Then when you heat it, and the proton is annealed away, and it goes to a snow white powder! It loses 4/9th of its weight. If you take it back to metal, it regains the weight. If you kept annealing the material, it would levitate - literally taking the pan it is in with it. In cooling, it would sometimes go to 2 or 300% of the weight. In heating, it goes to less than nothing.

This only happens in the white powder form. But mass has never left. Losing weight when cooling the material (approaching absolute zero), and you have a superconductor.

A superconductor is a material that has a single wavelength, a single vibration or frequency, much like a laser. By definition, a superconductor does not allow any voltage potential to exist within it; it’s perfect amperage, but no voltage. Any amount of light can exist in the superconductor. It doesn’t reside in any space time. Superconductivity responds to magnetic fields, such as the larger magnetic field of the Earth.

A superconductor can see your thoughts in your brain. Different parts of your brain lights up when you eat something sweet or something sour -- it’s a superconductor that sees it.

When it goes to the white powder and loses 4/9th of its weight, it’s flowing light within it, in response to the earth’s magnetic field. And it flows so much current that it levitates 4/9th of its weight on the earth’s magnetic field. A human hand has sufficient amperage, that if you pass it under the sample, the material floats. It’s that sensitive to magnetic fields.

David Hudsom, after years of intensive research believes that ingesting Ormus can give one the abilities all the esoteric alchemists have longed and searched for: perfect telepathy, ability to levitate and/or bilocate,project thoughts, know good and evil, heal by laying on of hands, even to be able to essurect the dead (within 2 or 3 days from passing).

But a warning - these monatomic particles are superconductors and said to connect us more fully to our spirit. Now if the theory that we have been living is that each of us is responsible for everything that happens to us. & that everything that we are putting out there is coming back at us.. well, Ormus is making that happen at a faster and stronger rate and we are manifesting our desires and beliefs and thoughts and feelings.. and if we are putting out 'I love you' that is coming back strongly but if we are putting out 'I hate you' then hate and fears are what are going to be coming back at you. So it is advised to only get into taking Ormus if you are in a good positive state or it could be dangerous and harmful. It does not change free choice or make you think about only positive states, but amplifies the thoughts you already have going on.

Now the good news, for those who are ready, these momatomic elements are already available naturally in herbs and numerous vegetables. "Grapes, for example, can be a primary source. A four ounce glass of Concord grape juice frozen concentrate can yield 127 mg of rhodium and 48 mg of iridium (more than an equivalent amount of virtually any other food). A key to the grape’s concentration of these precious metals is apparently connected to the fact that the grape roots go so much deeper into the Earth, where there is, apparently, a much better source of the elements. This explains why the deepest mines on Earth are gold mines, and furthermore that volcanoes are also a source. This implies that the interior of the Earth seems to be a primary “manufacturer” of the elements, and thus the ash from a volcanic eruption leaves downwind crop fields enormously fertile for years. " from the Library of Halexandria

Here is a link to an article of someone ingesting LOTS of Ormus at the recent Raw Spirit festival that I loved!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Zoey, Healing Crisis's, Our True Nature and the Backster Effect

So here I am with Zoey in his new home, spending some time getting him adjusted. But, of course, I knew that he knew he was moving and that something big was going on before I told him and started gathering his things yesterday. ...maybe this was part of my sadness although I think that was something much bigger, like a healing crisis, probably emotional or spiritual - "Part of the healing process involves something called the "healing crisis". This is often an unpleasant condition wherein many of the symptoms of a past illness will re-manifest for a period of time. Sometimes these symptoms might be more unpleasant than the original illness because they are concentrated in a short period of time."

but still. Zoey's my buddy and my favorite cat ever, he's so beautiful and smart and adventurous and friendly, such a great personality, and he's so regal, self assured ruling over his kingdom with such grace and yet is a wild thing.. just the coolest cat ever! ..not to mention that he is kind of the last link to my previous family life, so many memories attached to him. ...and now he's moving in with my boyfriend, which is kind of strange, except that he loves cats! ..and has a nice house and Zoey will be so happy here, and comfortable and once he gets adjusted will probably be going outside again, and I get to see him here.. and I had a feeling that even though he was kind of nervous and anxious about the change he knew it was a good thing.

I am sure cats know things that are just being thought.. we do too.. or at least it's in our nature, if we were close to nature we would be able to pick up on lots of things. We have gotten ourselves so distanced from our true natures. I think we should almost be ale to speak telepathically, to know thoughts and feelings of others.. & I feel quite sure that animals do's been tested and even plants do.

I remember reading this book years ago - The Secret Life of Plants (1973) by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. In it they write how this man, Backster tests plants to see if they actually have feelings. He uses a galvanometer, a polygraph lie detector test and attaches wires to the leaf of a plant and decides to test it.

"The most effective way to trigger in a human being a reaction strong enough to make the galvanometer jump is to threaten his or her wellbeing. Backster decided to do just that to the plant: he dunked a leaf of the dracaena in the cup of hot coffee perennially in his hand. There was no reaction to speak of on the meter. Backster studied the problem several minutes, then conceived a worse threat: he would burn the actual leaf to which the electrodes were attached. The instant he got the picture of flame in his mind, and before be could move for a match, there was a dramatic change in the tracing pattern on the graph in the form of a prolonged upward sweep of the recording pen. Backster had not moved, either toward the plant or toward the recording machine. Could the plant have been reading his mind?

When Backster left the room and returned with some matches, he found another sudden surge had registered on the chart, evidently caused by his determination to carry out the threat. Reluctantly he set about burning the leaf. This time there was a lower peak of reaction on the graph. Later, as he went through the motions of pretending he would burn the leaf, there was no reaction whatsoever. The plant appeared to be able to differentiate between real and pretended intent.

When he and his collaborators, using other plants and other instruments in other locations all over the country, were able to make similar observations, the matter warranted further study. More than twenty-five different varieties of plants and fruits were tested, including lettuce, onions, oranges, and bananas. The observations, each similar to the others, required a new view of life, with some explosive connotations for science. ...

Backster’s antics with his plants, headlined in the world press, became the subject of skits, cartoons, and lampoons; but the Pandora’s box which he opened for science may never again be closed. Backster’s discovery that plants appear to be sentient caused strong and varied reaction round the globe, despite the fact that Backster never claimed a discovery, only an uncovering of what has been known and forgotten. Wisely he chose to avoid publicity, and concentrated on establishing the absolute scientific bona fides of what has come to be known as the ‘Backster Effect.’"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Getting Powered Up - Power Tea and Superfoods

So for the most part I seem way, way better, but was disappointed to get another lapse into sadness yesterday. I guess thats part of the healing process. I really feel like it's some block being released and am just going with it. And it passed quickly, by mid afternoon I was smooth sailing (think magic carpet riding ; ) again.. I was fortunate to get to hang out with high vibe people and get totally immersed into superfoods.

Last night Paul came into work and made us an incredible tea made from Goji berries, Pau d'Arco, Chuchuhuasi, Chanca Piedra and Cat's Claw.

& then, get this! a girl comes in and requests a smoothie made with just all of the extras and no fruit, just some water and Yacon syrup ..and with flax seeds instead of flax seed oil.

Wow! I looked at Cassandra when she came over with the order and amazed said "Wow! Why didn't I think of that!?!" Our extras are: Maca, Spirulina, Camu, Camu, Hemp protein, Tocotrienols and Bee Pollen, So I made this smoothie and we tasted it. I could drink it but Cassandra wasn't quite going for we added some berries and banana and it tasted a lot better. I thought it tasted great, but I am used to superfoods and herbs.. I like the taste. ..maybe it's cause you know how they'll make you feel & they keep tasting better.

This is Kellan, Alex, Cassandra and Paul.. only Cassandra and I were working, the rest of then were here hanging out, eating (or juicing) and drinking tea.

To make your own Power Tea - Steep 1t - 1 T of each herb and a small handful of goji berries (10-20) with hot water for 10 - 20 minutes.. or longer. The gojis make it taste really good! Strain and pour tea into cup(s). You can pour more water over the herbs and berries to make more tea after that pot is finished.

Goji Berries are mostly cultivated in China, but they also grow in Mongolia,Tibet and Nepal, where they have been eaten for centuries and are nicknamed "happy berries" because of the sense of wellbeing they are said to induce.

Goji's have an incredibly high antioxidant level. Antioxidants destroy free radicals that cause cancer and speed up the aging process. they also contain mega nutrients- amino acids, minerals, many vitamins, incl B1 & B2. They are very high in beta-carotene (their ability to improve vision has been documented for more than 1,500 years in China)
Goji berries are believed, among other things, to strengthen the immune system, help eyesight, protect the liver, boost the sperm count, improve sexual function and circulation and strengthen the legs.
Goji berries are also known to benefit the complexion and it is also claimed that they enhance longevity (a Chinaman, Li Quing Yuen, who ate them every day, is said to have lived to the age of 250).

Pau d'Arco is a natural herb retrieved from the inner bark of the beautiful taheebo tree which grows in Central and South America and also southern Florida. Pau d'Arco has been used for centuries by the ancient Incas and Aztecs.

Pau d'Arco has beneficial effects for cancer victims - from alleviation of chemotherapy symptoms to complete remission of tumors. An article published by Dr. Daniel B. Mowrey on Pau d'Arco stated that it "has produced clinical anti-cancer effects without side effects."
It is also used to treat Candida and acts against unwanted bacteria, fungi and yeast.
It has antiviral properties, is antiparisitic and also an anti-inflammatory.
It is used by many during the cold and flu season, and is a remedy for smoker's cough. it acts as an expectorant and promotes "coughing up" by the lungs in order to free deeply embedded mucus and contaminates.

Chuchuhuasi is a tree found in western Amazonia. The bark, roots, and leaves are a famous ethnomedicine and used for many traditional purposes.

Chuchuhuasi strengthens the immune system and gives adrenal support. & as well as enhancing the immunological system, it has revitalising and antioxidant activities.
Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties are taken advantage of in
It is a muscle relaxant, effectively breaking up and dispersing lactic acid.
It is helpful for those with arthritis. Chuchuhuasi helps fight pain due to its analgesic properties. It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, helps relieve rheumatic conditions and is valuable in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, MS and alcoholism.
It helps to rejuvenate the system and revitalise the nervous tissue.
Chuchuhuasi bark is considered to be an effective treatment for diarrhea, menstrual irregularities, and upset stomach.
It enhances virility and the libido

Chanca Piedra is a small plant growing up to 12 to 18 inches in height and is indigenous to the Amazon rainforests and to southern India and China. It has been used for generations by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon to promote the body’s natural elimination of gallstones and kidney stones.

Chanca Piedra is used to clear obstructions throughout the various internal organs of the body by promoting the elimination of mucous and stones. andalthough this is what it is mostly known for it is used for a huge variety of conditions. It is believed to help stimulate the production of bile and to promote healthy liver and gall bladder function. It is also used to treat a wide variety of conditions: edema and excess uric acid, it aids gall bladder, kidney, and bladder function. It is used to treat malaria, typhoid fever, flu, colds, constipation, dysentery, and stomachache. And also for inflammation of the bowels (IBS), pimples, diabetes, and ulcers. It is also used for diabetes, prostate disorders, asthma, fever, tumors, bladder infections, as a diuretic, to remove excess uric acid (as in gout), for painful joints, jaundice, indigestion, constipation, vaginitis, viruses of the reproductive tract, proctitis, poor circulation, excessive phlegm, bronchitis, and coughs. It is also considered an anti-spasmodic and muscle relaxant, specific to the urinary tract system. Traditionally it is also used as an anodyne (pain reliever), apertif (appetite stimulator), a digestive, carminative (helps gas to be expelled from stomach and intestines), and vermifuge (expels worms and other parasites from the intestinal tract), diuretic, and emmenagogue (stimulates menstrual flow).

Cat's Claw is a woody vine native to the Amazon rainforest and other tropical areas of South and Central America. It is named after the hook-like thorns that grow along its vine.

Cat's Claw has been used by South Americans going back to the Inca civilization to treat a variety of health problems including arthritis, stomach ulcers, inflammation, dysentery, and fevers. It was also used as a form of birth control.
Studies indicate that cat's claw may stimulate the immune system, help relax the smooth muscles (such as the intestines), dilate blood vessels (helping lower blood pressure), and act as a diuretic (helping rid the body of excess water). It also has antioxidant properties, helping rid the body of particles known as free radicals that damage cells.
It has also been used traditionally to treat osteoarthritis. One study indicates that it may help relieve pain from oteoarthritis without side effects. Cat's claw has also been suggested as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis based on its anti-inflammatory properties.

& speaking of cat's claws - I just clipped Zoey's - getting him all ready to go to his new home. He knows already and is ok with it, he's all over me though. We really love each other. Here's a pic of him from when Mom was here & taking pics - and one of me in pj's! Ahh!! ; )

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Inner Renovation Revelations

I have been going through something HUGE these past few weeks. Some sort of emotional (or spiritual) detox is what I am thinking it is. I could attribute it to many things, I had been racking my brain thinking of what was going on. & its hard to even explain it.

I felt this huge sadness, waves of it coming over me, and then the tears. I felt like something inside of me needed to get out.. and it was confusing whether the best thing was to just let it or to try to go the other way and fight it so I wouldn't experience this. But I felt the right thing was to experience it.. whatever it was, to get into it.

It was unusual for me. I have never been depressed, I mean in my teenage years I maybe had a bit of teenage angst, most of us do.. but not a lot, I got mine out the natural way. my poor mom, I was an incredibly wild child! but other than that I have been a happy, smiling and maybe out-there person, always saying whats on my mind and living my truth.

So I started analyzing my life: I just sold my house in the beaches and now live in an apt in the west end.. I miss my friends from there, but still keep in touch with many and have new friends here, my apt is great, new furniture, comfortable, low maintenance. I am good friends with my husband, we just split up after 20 years last November.. but we see and e-mail each other regularly and probably get along better now than before. I have an amazing partner-boyfriend who is so supporting and accepting and fun! He hasn't met my kids or husband but that may happen soon. My kids are excellent. Dylan just started university and loves it. Nick is in grade 12 and happy, Kaiya's in grade 11, they are both doing really well. She's really happy, just started co-op placement at Yorkville school of Esthetics, where she really wanted to get into, my friend runs it & got her in. My work is ok, my cat is ok, although is probably going to go live with James this weekend, it'll be better for him there & I will still get to see him often.. so everything with my close relationships is good. Those are the most important things and it's not that.

I think it may have been raw food but more likely the ayahuasca, which I have been experimenting with .. and some deep thing that I was carrying, and not realizing I was carrying is (or has) been released. This has been going on, on & off for the past few weeks, but especially this past week and I am just feeling now like it's over.

I woke up this morning and had the luxury of getting to go back to sleep after Kaiya left for school. Pulling my big white fluffy duvet over my head.. and when I woke up, I peeked out, expecting a wave of tears to come over me and nothing.. I just waited, looked around, ok.. surely it's going to happen soon. I'm going to start crying again.. nope.

I was crying a lot.. it was like a depression, well, I felt like I had depression symptoms, but I knew that wasn't it, because I wasn't depressed. I could see through it. I would wake up and cry in the mornings, sometimes in the shower or just when I woke up .. and then be ok for most of the day, sometimes feel a bit teary, but easy to shrug off, but I felt this deep sadness over me. I still worked and hung out with friends and laughed and lived life.. but somehow there was this heavy sad feeling behind it all. And then at night before I went to bed I would cry again, burst into tears.. and feel heavy and fall asleep.. It was totally crazy as I had never experienced this. Maybe it was all the life changes, my reality, everything I based my stability on in life had been changed, I am now independent, or trying to be, Thankfully I have lots of support!

But I really feel like it was something much greater.. like something either from my past or more likely past life -or ancestral memory, something like that working itself out. I think it completely passed yesterday.. in the afternoon I looked up and the leaves and branches were even brighter and more luminescent than before.. I felt like "it's gone and I am clearer" It may be a temporary lapse but I think thats it.. I feel myself and more than myself, stronger, today. Its a wonderful feeling, what a lightness to release that heavy feeling, whatever it was that I had been living with and not even realizing that I was living with it. I am feeling an incredible lightness of being right now.

That was very unusual, but I am glad to have experienced it. It's exciting to feel all of life, gives us an understanding ,, and if this feeling now lasts, it's very wonderful. I almost feel like I could fly - or at least levitate!
Hugs, am off to the gym, get stronger on the physical level also ; )
Have a beautiful, clear, luminescent day

Monday, September 22, 2008

Adventure Island Sun Day - Come Play!

You are all cordially invited to come visit me on this beautiful island. I plan on a day in the sun, exploring, swimming, relaxing and reading. It is so beautiful!! Come join me.

Mmm... this feels good! It's a beautiful Earth. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dr. Brian Clement lecture

On Friday evening after work at Rawlicious I went to help Erika who was hosting Brian Clement speaking at Trinity- St Paul's Church at Bloor & Spadina. Brian likes to speak here, he has a bit of a preacher kind of air to him.. lol. He knows his stuff and has conviction - he's very interesting & knowledgeable.

Brian is director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida. ..which is known for healing people who have very serious illnesses, diseases.. many people who have been through the medical system and then through every other therapy and when they finally find themselves here will then recover and gain their health and life back.. the stories are quite amazing . Their recovery rate is astounding, a high 90+ percent.

I missed the first part, as I was working at the door but got to sit and listen to a lot of it. He was talking about how we are so stressed these days and so wired, all the cell phones and technology that we can't get away from.. as I pull out my blackberry to take a few notes! A bit self conscious I held it low.. lol I know, I know, I'm so wired.. I even get comments coming directly in to it (which I really enjoy! ; ) lol ok, excerpts from my notes:

We are 15,000 x more stressed than we were 50 years ago!
& we are becoming 50 x more stressed each year!

27 of the most important studies done on health and longevity all say the same thing..
that what you eat is important but the 2nd most important thing.. the 1st is to eat less of the best foods.

It is convenient to live an unhealthy life. People live in fear. They ask why don't doctors tell me this? How to be healthy. They don't know.

Living takes commitment to self respect. The changes you make to live healthy will bring extraordinary rewards. If you want to get healthy, get self respect.

80 percent of all cancers come from environmental toxins.

Our well being or lack of also affects the environment. We are vital when the earth is vital and vice versa.

Double the amount of greenhouse gasses come fro eating meat and dairy than driving cars.

Oxygen is our most vital nutrient. It increases the nutrient absorption in foods. We can not absorb foods or decrease stress without oxygen.

Prayer, contemplation and meditation all tells us to breathe. It changes our consciousness.
87 percent of the ocean is oxygen, 1/5 of the atmosphere is and 6 out of 10 atoms of the Earths crust is oxygen.

Morphogenesis - our body develops this as a tool of oxygen delivery. Its about the way cells communicate, become organs and tissues. The cells receptors, the way they get information requires oxygen.
Exercise changes the shape of the body because of oxygen.
If you want to be brighter - breathe more
If you want to have less cancer - breathe more. Cancer can not survive around oxygen.

Oxygen is the friendliest nutrient. We get it from breathing, food, plants and therapy. Force yourself to breathe more.
The only food with oxygen is Raw.

We get 2/3 of out oxygen from water. and only 1/3 from breathing.
We are 65% dehydrated. Tea, coffee, colas dehydrate, take water out of the body.

Most of out oxygen comes from the ocean, from phytoplankton .. the rest comes from plants and trees on land. (its all about photosynthesis, but mostly from water)

About water filters: Best filter is a molecule structuring water filter (organized molecule system)
(it is expensive though - $1500. +)
2nd best is distilled (does not rob body of minerals)
Reverse osmosis hasn't worked for about 20 years since the introduction of some chemical to to our water supply which it doesn't take out. (BTEV (MTEV?) ethyl-methyl? tried googling, not sure what it is)

Supplements everyone should be taking: B12 and blue-green algae.

B12 - Brian has spent lots of time in medical libraries- Harvard, NYU etc and has discovered that the way our large intestine is shaped is very different from the way it is shaped now. Our appendix looked different also, it looks like a shriveled up thing now compared to back then - It is part of our lymphatic system.
Our lack of B12 if an anatomical problem, not just a dietary problem.
65% of our population now has a B12 deficiency.

Our best form of B12 comes from soil based bacteria found in organic food. (Before WW2 there was only organic food) and also is found in fermented foods and cultures.

Best B12 supplement to get is a bacterial form. Most are not, they are a chemical form which our bodies don't digest properly and therefor not as effective.
If there is B12 bacteria in foods and we cook them, it doesn't survive.
Birds and wild animals, with their beaks and teeth in the soil often, are abundant in B12.

6 months ago, a court case won against the pharmaceutical industry by parents, who were both doctors, of a girl who developed autism from having vaccines. (Link to a report here just googling, there are thousands of claims for medical illnesses/diseases resulting from vaccines!)

Mercury - the older generations thought of mercury the way we do nuclear waste. Became popular in the dental profession. Was a less expensive metal that people could afford. Melt mercury put it in your mouth. Didn't go over well with the 1st generation. but..
If you lie long enough people will believe you.
They did and produced lots of bogus research. 3-4 generations later of brainwashed dentists = lots of mercury filings in our teeth.
Dentists have the highest suicide rate, mercury poisoning.

Thyroid problems - Hormone imbalance - #1 reason for this is the fluoride in the water. Fluoride is the best way to destroy the endocrine system. He told about how they transport fluoride to the water treatment plants, it is transported in tankers made out of incredibly thick metal and lined with this thick rubber lining which gets mostly eaten away on its way and when it reaches its destination and the fluoride removed so is whats left of the rubber lining which gets tossed away.
Fluoride in the water has nothing to do with strong teeth. Places that have the highest levels of fluoride also have the highest hormone imbalances and related diseases.
Wearing polyester is also bad for hormone imbalances.

He talked about a huge study done in Framingham Mass. (called Framingham study) which took 4 generations and looked at many things. According to blood and urine tests everyone was B12 deficient.

Eggs are one of the most horrific foods that you can eat. When you boil and deshell one you are left with a rubbery protein structure and the only animal who can digest one is a fox. (They have intense digestive systems)
We don't need to eat any cholesterol - our bodies create the small amount that we need.

Propaganda and media have filled our hearts and souls.

The quickest way to decoagulate and flush the body is through exercise.

Hemp seeds are extremely high in Omega fatty acids.
Get ones not hulled, in shell. Sprout them by soaking 12 hours on unbleached brown paper towels. They are 77% more effective that way. (Fish oil is not the best omega oil)
Wheatgrass has fatty acids in it.

ok, Thats the end of my blackberry notes. Off to help Kaiya with her homework, sew her top, pat and kiss and hug Zoey and then go watch Meercat Manor. Nice! xo, sweet dreams. 'Night

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I have been here in spirit.. amidst working, dreaming and visioning.. I am going to get lots of sleep and rest tonight and will be back writing tomorrow. I love you all.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seven Principles of Huna

The Seven Principles of Huna:Ancient Hawaiian Healing Wisdom

In ancient times the pre-warrior Hawaiian tribes lived according to fundamental laws and moral rule. The principles that were these laws are as follows:

1. IKE: We Make Our Reality. The World is What We Think It is. All knowledge Is Not Taught in the Same School. Be Aware.

Here the individual accepts responsibility for his/her life. The wonderful challenge that is the gift of co-creation is embraced and thoughts, words and actions are the tools with which we sculpt our experience from the magical substance of Life. Thoughts, words and actions have a vibratory impact upon the sensitive ethers of the space that surrounds us and permeates everything. Thoughts, words and actions leave a residual affect that we experience as our feelings. It is our feeling experience with which we are constantly engaged that constantly magnetizes our reality. How do you feel now? How do you usually feel? This feeling experience defines your reality.

2. MAKIA: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes. Be Focused.

A fundamental quality of a true master is the ability to control ones thoughts and to direct those thoughts to the highest and purest considerations. Thought forms and accumulates with other thoughts forms of a similar vibratory nature. Be mindful of what you think, what you create, what you tune into and attract. Be aware.

3. MANA: All My Power Comes From Within. Be Confident. Let The Singer Select The Song.

The most potent natural resource is the Eternal Ocean of Divine Light and Love which laps against the shores of the soul. The simple challenge of life is: will I go to the shore and commune in the Holy Instant with the Infinite Power within me. Everything we are looking for in life is born in this holy relationship, in this Holy Communion with the Greater part of I. It is accessed in stillness, it is accessed in love. Through this sacred relationship the wonderful being I am may emerge to express itself wholly upon the playing fields of manifest creation. According to your faith so shall it be.

4. MANAWA: Now is The Moment of Power. Be Here. Strike While The Iron is Hot.

Enjoy the holy instant in the power of now. Strike the metal when it is hot. Be fully, deeply present. Access through the feeling experience the power of now. The door to eternity swings open in the here and now. Gather your scattered spirit, focus, commit and in the depth of your intuitive knowing accept all you truly are.

5. KALA: All Change Is Possible. There Are No Limits.

The only thing that limits the wonder of life flowing into our world are the fear mechanisms we cling to. Let go of the rocks. Cease your clinging, trust in The Great Ocean of Life and open your heart to the infinite possibilities of existence. The time is now and the need is great. Say Yes to Kala.

6. PONO: Harmony/Effectiveness is a measure of Truth. An Expert is Recognized by the Altar he builds.

Are you in tune with Life’s song of peace filled magical love? Are you living your destiny, your Life purpose, your mission? Is there disharmony in your life, if so why?

Harmony is a measure of Truth. Truth is a living presence in Life. To the degree we are in harmony with Truth is the experience of magic in our lives.

7. ALOHA: To Love Is To Share The Happiness of The Breath of Life, with. Joy is In The Voice of Love.

The call of the times is to unify and share. Aloha is the spirit of giving. The most important thing is to give the spirit of love. By bathing in the Ocean of Love, we become that which we eternally are. By maintaining a conscious contact with that ocean, through the Holy Breath, we can bring it into our world and share it with each other. Aloha is the spirit of togetherness in Love.
Wa hou makou, ka mana hila la. E ia I ka lani, Papa he ‘e nalu la He ‘e maluna

We emanated from Supreme Grace from the powerful ocean that descended from the sun. We came from heaven. Distributed in waves we surfed here from the sun, In flight from above.

7 Huna Principles from SuccessUltraNow
Photos by Howard Shatz

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting settled - Cappadocia

A peaceful night - I feel like I am finally starting to move in, putting pics up on the wall, getting settled. Nick is here, doing homework, Zoey curled at the end of the bed, groove music playing - St Germain - The Tourist, kind of a blend of jazz, house, electronic and maybe a bit of blues.. good atmosphere. Peaceful . Am getting comfortable here - still kind of beige and fairly bare - and very Zen - clean, clear.. still what I need. ..Isn't this a great place!? .. lots of room for guests! ; ) Nice!

More on the underground cities of Cappadocia, Turkey here.

Kellan is doing great - Day 27 - Raw! Wow!! He says he's still feeling great, mentioned feeling his heart beating, strongly. strong enough to mention..but he said thats the only thing he wondered about, he was still feeling clear and energetic and good and enjoying it. He came in early with a salad.. still juicing a lot. I notice feeling a lot more going on in my body now being raw than I ever used to, in a good way. Its a comforting symphony of things going on, that I forget about often when I get busy, but when I stop, I know I am much more sensitive than I ever was before. & I know I feel a lot healthier.. so I think of it as very natural and comforting.. & also because there is this this bliss universe hug thing that you feel along with it.. and just happy to be a part of it all.. and to feel. ..really, really feel.

Oh, & Kellan is listening to an audiobook which sounds really interesting - The Way We Eat- Why our Food Choices Matter by Peter Singer and Jim Mason. They look at 3 peoples diets, a Standard American diet, a Vegan and an organic omnivore and the ethics and sustainability of eating each. I jumped to the conclusions - they make a strong case that while the Vegan diet is the only truly ethical and sustainable diet, a conscientious omnivore is the next best thing.

This is their Five Principles for Making Conscientious Food Choices
1. Transparency: We have the right to know how our food is produced.
2. Fairness: Producing food should not impose costs on others.
3. Humanity: Inflicting unnecessary suffering on animals is wrong.
4. Social Responsibility: Workers are entitled to decent wages and working conditions.
5. Needs: Preserving life and health justifies more than other desires.

In the review it said the book was life-changing. & that everyone who cares about what they put in their mouth and everyone who cares about how living creatures are treated around the world should read this.