Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting settled - Cappadocia

A peaceful night - I feel like I am finally starting to move in, putting pics up on the wall, getting settled. Nick is here, doing homework, Zoey curled at the end of the bed, groove music playing - St Germain - The Tourist, kind of a blend of jazz, house, electronic and maybe a bit of blues.. good atmosphere. Peaceful . Am getting comfortable here - still kind of beige and fairly bare - and very Zen - clean, clear.. still what I need. ..Isn't this a great place!? .. lots of room for guests! ; ) Nice!

More on the underground cities of Cappadocia, Turkey here.

Kellan is doing great - Day 27 - Raw! Wow!! He says he's still feeling great, mentioned feeling his heart beating, strongly. strong enough to mention..but he said thats the only thing he wondered about, he was still feeling clear and energetic and good and enjoying it. He came in early with a salad.. still juicing a lot. I notice feeling a lot more going on in my body now being raw than I ever used to, in a good way. Its a comforting symphony of things going on, that I forget about often when I get busy, but when I stop, I know I am much more sensitive than I ever was before. & I know I feel a lot healthier.. so I think of it as very natural and comforting.. & also because there is this this bliss universe hug thing that you feel along with it.. and just happy to be a part of it all.. and to feel. ..really, really feel.

Oh, & Kellan is listening to an audiobook which sounds really interesting - The Way We Eat- Why our Food Choices Matter by Peter Singer and Jim Mason. They look at 3 peoples diets, a Standard American diet, a Vegan and an organic omnivore and the ethics and sustainability of eating each. I jumped to the conclusions - they make a strong case that while the Vegan diet is the only truly ethical and sustainable diet, a conscientious omnivore is the next best thing.

This is their Five Principles for Making Conscientious Food Choices
1. Transparency: We have the right to know how our food is produced.
2. Fairness: Producing food should not impose costs on others.
3. Humanity: Inflicting unnecessary suffering on animals is wrong.
4. Social Responsibility: Workers are entitled to decent wages and working conditions.
5. Needs: Preserving life and health justifies more than other desires.

In the review it said the book was life-changing. & that everyone who cares about what they put in their mouth and everyone who cares about how living creatures are treated around the world should read this.

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