Saturday, September 13, 2008

Finishing Books - Reading and Writing

It's late and I am tired so am going to keep this short. I have been working a lot, both at Rawlicious and after at home - was really determined this week to get the recipe book finished, and I did it late, much too late, last night, rough draft.. I have been staying up really late the last few nights and now looking forward to a beautiful long night (& maybe morning) sleep!
Am really happy.. and looking forward to figuring out the next step in this project of mine.

and I am happy about my book purchases last night, Jim & I went out & he bought me books after dinner. Nice! I chose 2 books on Sedona 1st called Sedona Power Spot, Vortex and Medicine Wheel Guide and the 2nd is Sedona: Beyond the Vortex: The Ultimate Journey to your Personal Place of Power, both by Richard Dannelly.
My thoughts and love are with all of you at the Raw Spirit Fest! One day soon I will join you for it!!

I seem to be just flying through books lately - I am almost through Amazing Grace by Nick Good and David Wolfe. ..and am loving it!! I haven't even finished and plan to read it again. I am into so many of the things they are talking about in it.
I just feel like a sponge these days.. send info my way, I am just absorbing everything I can.
Life is so interesting..
..but right now this sleepyhead is off, feel my eyes already starting to close. 'Night xo

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