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10 Steps to going Raw

Eating more Raw Foods will Change your life - You will change and your experience will change. It is inevitable. Well being and happiness is our true nature - Eating raw will help this wellbeing, clear energy to flow through you, unobstructed. It is the obstructions in our body and energy which causes dis-ease.

I came across this article on Going Raw a long time ago and it has just resurfaced. It has some really good ideas to help Go Raw.  Everyones path and process is different, so take from this what works for you. Add raw slowly or dive in completely.. & enjoy!

"the secret to success is having a plan."

t's not enough just to say to yourself, "I'm going raw." That will work for a while - a few days, perhaps a few weeks - but unless you have tons of willpower, very shortly you'll find yourself going back to your old habit patterns and comfort foods.

That's why a plan is important. Let's consider a plan for going raw:


10 Steps to Going and Staying Raw  
1. Assemble the tools you need. A blender - any blender - an expensive dehydrator, some jars for sprouting, and a variety of raw recipes are the minimum requirements.

Assemble your list of suppliers. Where are you going to buy your food? Are you going be mostly organic? You'll also need to find a supply of sprouting seeds - at least some alfalfa, clover, sunflower and wheatgrass (hard red winter wheat). The wider the variety the better.

Read your instructions. Do you know how to sprout, and how to run a dehydrator?

Plan what you're going to do. If you decide you'd like to make angel-hair pasta from zucchini, for example, you might find having a spiral slicing machine handy. This might put you back to step 1.

Set a starting date and create your support mechanism. Having a support group is the greatest. Check for raw groups in your area. If you don't know any rawbies in your area, find a raw chat group or two for support. A professional Raw Coach is idea, if available.

Share with them what you plan to do, and the date you're going to start. You'll find yourself more successful this way, than if you "go raw secretly." 
Secret quitting doesn't work.

While I'm constantly reminding people that we don't have to justify our lifestyle choices to anyone, sometimes we can't avoid it. This video I made about
 Dispelling the Raw Food Myths will help you deal with the standard objections you're going to hear:

6. Don't forget that you're going to need to 
stay inspired as you go raw. Build a collection of books, videos, and CDs before you start so that you'll have lots of material when you go raw. This will help maintain your momentum. Otherwise you might find yourself running out of steam before you get to the top of the hill.
I find that videos motivate me the most. Instead of watching the news or a movie at night, I'll pop in a video on raw foods and watch it, instead. is a good source for these, and if you have high-speed internet you can watch raw videos online at websites like

7. Research shows that it takes 
21 days for a new behavior to become a habit; if we move to a new house and now have to turn right instead of left when we leave work, it'll be 21 days before it seems natural to turn right when head for home.

In dealing with addictions the transitional period is longer. Yes, 
cooked foods are an addiction. Thus, we need to deal with them as such.

Victoria Boutenko has a good book on this subject - 12 Steps to Raw Foods. Her website is and the book is on, too. Her book covers the subject in detail, but here are her 12 Steps to Raw Food:

Step 1  - I admit that I have lost control of my addiction to cooked
              food and my eating is becoming unmanageable.

Step 2  - I believe that live vegan food is the most natural diet for a
               human being.

Step 3  - I shall gain necessary skills, learn basic raw recipes and
               obtain equipment to prepare live food.

Step 4  - I shall live in harmony with people who eat cooked food.

Step 5  - I shall stay away from temptations.

Step 6  - I shall create a support group.

Step 7  - I shall find alternative activities or hobbies.

Step 8  - I shall let my higher self lead my life.

Step 9  - I shall make a searching and fearless inventory of the real
               reasons for seeking comfort and pleasure from cooked

Step 10 - I shall let my intuition help me.

Step 11 - Through clarity I will gain happiness.

Step 12 - I shall provide support to other raw fooders.

8. Part of changing your diet and lifestyle is 
detoxifying the body. Not as a one-time detox, but instead, we should be constantly detoxing. That's where Dr. Ann Wigmore's program comes in. She taught much more than a diet. In her books and videos she lays out the procedures for a continuous healthy detox, including the foods we eat, how we combine them, the usage of colonics or enemas, the uses of wheatgrass juice, and more.

The basics are laid out in her book, 
Why Suffer? How I Overcame Illness and Pain Naturally, which you can download for free at If the book won't open for you, you might need a free copy of Acrobat Reader from

Other great books of Dr. Ann's are 
Be Your Own Doctor and Rebuild Your Health, both available at They're also available as audio books on CD at

Be aware, not discouraged. You're going to backslide at times, and it's normal. Don't feel like you've "failed" if you happen to go out for pizza or a hamburger. Instead, think about how well you've been doing, how much better you're eating than you used to, and how much better you're feeling since you started going raw.

Experiment, experiment, experiment.  Knowing that I have addictions to comfort foods, I found new comfort foods. For me that's fresh blueberries, raspberries, and raw vegan pizza, made with flax crust in the dehydrator. It's a recipe I've included in my book. Victoria's Step 9, above, has helped me a lot, too.

Overwhelmed? I would be, too, if it weren't for the teachings of Dr. Ann.

Sometimes I get off the raw path when traveling the country, visiting family and friends. But when I get home I head to the market, stock up on good raw, organic fruits and veggies, then pull out my Dr. Ann Wigmore Raw Living Foods Home Study Program and get back to it.

I'm feeling better, more energetic, happier and de-stressed than I did in my old cooked-food life. MUCH better. 
My warning is when I felt the arthritis coming back in my knees - that's my personal sign that I'm not eating right.

Article by Jim Carey, excerpted from (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Dreams, Quiet Minds and Careful Attention

I have been having the most wonderful dreams lately - I love that!!! I am very sensitive to my dreams and have to be careful of the input I put into my brain to keep my dreams really high-vibbing and as creatively wonderful as they are!  ..So in last nights episode, Owen Wilson was in it, we were hanging out. My mom had this tottally cool convertible sports car which she thought she could drive anywhere she wanted even vertically on hills in up-scale properties (& she could!).. and we went to this really cool retreat by the ocean, with of course Owen Wilson.(I got to watch videos with him on his amp, which he had set up with a monitor on front and to his laptop, he was a musicial, and kind of Kurt Cobain looking, but very, very cool, and hot ; ) But the coolest part was where this gypsy woman was checking my energy and gave me a black shiny paper to hold - to put my thumbs in a certain place on each side and from them the energy came out and drew a picture of my body.. and showed pure clear energy flowing through it. I had the clearest energy ever - & it was very cool!!

I had a dream the night before with Kevin Gianni that I really enjoyed. A few nights ago I came up with this documentary video idea to make a doc called 'Booger' about the fast food industry and talked to an Indian woman about it and helped get her set up to make it.
Its nice to enjoy sleeping as much as you enjoy living!!
: ) xo, Love Life and Happy Dreams!

A quiet mind is all you need. All else will happen rightly, once your mind is quiet. As the sun on rising makes the world active, so does self awareness affect changes in the mind. In the light of calm and stady self awareness, inner energies wake up and work miracles without any effort on your part. ~Anonymous

Stay awake.
Watch and reflect.
Work with careful attention.
In this way you will find the light inside of yourself.
~ Gautama the Buddah

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Talk on Energy - Essential oils, Thoughts, Magnets, Yoga and Everything

Here are some thoughts from an energy therapist relating to the energetic effects on the body.. it comes from a essential oil e-group and is regarding the potential negative effects of using magnets on the body.

"My personal opinion from an energy therapist perspective.

Everything electrical effects us - our hairdryers, our cell phones,  the outlets in our kitchens, or our computer TV rooms... and none of  it is good. Just before the rolling brown outs in California a few  years ago a major paper was going to be presented that said that  electrical pollution from innocuous appliances we use like shavers,  curling irons, irons, etc were detrimental to our health. Humm... it never came out... there may be some deeper politics here...

Compare what the FDA approves and what is good for your health to  what passes 'electrical standards' inspectors, and what is known to  be good for the health. Consider what we were told about microwaves,  or what we used to believe about X-rays, and how all that has been  downgraded. Quebec Hydro had employees develop strange and rare  cancers when they were responsible for substations out in the middle  of now-where in the far reaches of the wild natural and untouched  Canadian tundra. The common factor - electrical exposure.

Think of magnets. Gary says they curtail the effect of essential  oils which are naturally electrical. I have seen magnets literally 'blow the circuits' of spiritually sensitive individuals and it has taken them days to recover their own inner balance within their  meridians and chakras. Magnets are stagnant frequencies. Beware of  what you play with. They will lift you up if you are sick and your internal frequency is below that of a magnet, and pull you down if  your innate frequencies are higher than the magnets.

On 'ultra sensitive days' I have felt the different frequencies of  different diseases at a distance from a stranger only to have their medical challenge reveal itself years later. Everything is frequency. Disease has a frequency that exactly corresponds to some of our thinking/emotional patterns. I suspect you know and have experienced that - someone walks in a room, and the energy drops, or it rises. If one wants to create a change, start with thoughts...  Feng Shui indicates stay away from electrical sockets, especially in your bedroom when you want to rest. Do you see the inconsistency of  artificial electrical stimulation?

A chain around the neck can upset a human body. A piercing can effect the subtle electrical flows. I have had bodies call for rebalancing people because of their tattoos. Even a wedding ring (hold thoughts - electrical impressions) regarding and releasing the itch (irritation & limitations) of shingles. Anything that can conduct electricity usually does regardless of our intellectual awareness of it of not.

I would start with yoga, or another mindful martial art and listen to the messages within.

Or learn Kinesology, and start to muscle test to see what is optimal for you.."

Energy is so important. It's all about energy!! Raw foodists have awesome energy. Our energy flows smoothly and clearly!  ..& we make great energy healers too!! ; ) 
Peace and Love, xo

Chakra painting by Dina Herrmann

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hearts Everywhere!

Amazing Valentine's day with One Eskimo and Little Feather

U are Amazing!!! Me too. 
Happy Valentines Day!
One Eskimo - Amazing

One Eskimo - Kandi

Friday, February 12, 2010

Eating Raw in Cuba

 Food in Cuba.
Staying raw at an all-inclusive resort in Cuba is more challenging than I thought it was going to be.  I had hints to pack lots of superfoods, which I did and was sooo thankful for. They made it for me.. I can handle 'cheating' a little bit with eating raw.. but only a bit. I love it most and feel best when I eat 90-100% raw. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.. I really dont think you need anything else. But I do believe that to do this you have to eat really smart.. for optimum fuel you need the superfoods - This works for me. So I packed a big bag of Goji berries with a few handfuls of Cacao Nibs, a few bars of ChocoSol raw chocolate bars ~and Thank God for that, if you love chocolate as much as me.. : )  there was No chocolate there, and certainly no raw chocolate. I brought Lots of chlorella tabs, Turmeric, Mushroom caps, Digestive enzymes.. lots in case I ate cooked food, which I did a few times.  ..but food:

Every morning there was lots of fruit - However, I guess most people who travel the Caribbean know that the quality just isnt as high in Cuba. I hear to subtract a star off the normal rating. If its a 4 star resort, its going to be like most 3 stars, its worth going for as high a star rating as you can afford if food is a concern. So, yeah, there was lots of fruit..but the pineapple was kind of hard, not quite ripe enough.. the rest was good though, and plentiful. I was happy that the watermelon had seeds ; ) always lots of melons, and fresh orange juice.. and I became good friends with the fruit lady (even gave her my favorite silver crocks! ..could sympathize with sore feet, standing all day ; ) and she would make me a fresh smoothie in the mornings. Mo milk or yogurt!!! just banana and select whatever fruits.. I was telling her about putting spinach and lettuce in there, she couldnt believe it! lol I had fun explaining it to her in Spanish!! fruit was ok, always lots for breakfast and dinner and sometimes at night.  
Lettuce was always available..but a few times as a garnish, which I went for, of course. sometimes we actually had dark greens, parsley or some other dark green veg cut up. but not always.. it was challenging a few times. There was always cucumbers and shredded carrots and tomatoes, although they were quite green the last 2 days?? I would often eat beets, which were always there, but cooked.. but I figure when in this situation, just pick the best you can - pick the best, leave the rest. 
But overall, if you couldnt eat as a fruitarian for a week, eating raw is going to be very challenging.
Oh and I packed a big bag of granola and some dehydrated spiced nuts - so thankful to have those!!
..and another thing tipping goes a long way here. a Long way!! Things mean a lot when you dont have a lot. & they do have a lot, I just meant financially and with things. I left almost everything there.. we have a ridiculous amount of abundance, every one of us here in North America.. and a trip here really helps you see that. I also learned that they have a lot there too, which is really wonderful, its just not so much about money.. 

I loved it. I think next time I go tho I would like to stay for a week in a hotel in Havana or right in Veradero. I'll definitely be packing a blender! ..and yeah, maybe one that I can just leave there.

&it helps to like the song Guantanamera! (which of course I do, esp with the Fugees!)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Love Cuba!!

These are some of my favorite images and memories of Cuba. I Loved Cuba!! Loved the people, the energy, the music, the beaches, the Spanish architecture..but mostly the people. Generally poor, low access to internet, but they seem to have an inner happiness, a connectedness to each other and the earth, a vibrancy, peace, and fun love of life - the laughter, the connectedness, the sun - it's a beautiful place. I had a huge education - learned a lot about the system from outside and from inside - Life is fascinating & all I know is that I dont know.. and that I love the people here!
Music everywhere..
Coco's Taxis - all over the place - very fun!

The best part - the Beach

Cactus trees!

Arbol de Queso - is not a Cheese tree!! but a Noni tree. ..and a bit of advice: if you make friends with a Spanish gardener and he lets you take a Noni from the tree, dont decide to wrap it in a cloth bag and put it in your suitcase and bring it home to see if it will ripen, because - there is a very good chance it will get hot  in your suitcase, and mushy....  and we all know what noni is like!!! yuck! the noni will go straight into the garbage and the clothes and anything around it will go straight into the laundry.. and everythign will eventually get resolved - but just dont do that! ; ) !!

We discovered we could walk into the town of Veradero - it took a long time & I had a blister on the bottom of my foot the 1st time - but it was so interesting & we had the most beautiful walk back on the beach, ..and so it didnt stop us from doing it again the next day! : )

From the main road it was only a block down to the beach.

One of my favorite views ; )

..and a few pics of the many I took randomly from the window of the bus leaving..

Adios, Hasta luego! Espero ver a mis buenos amigos que conoci un dia de nuevo pronto!! xo