Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Talk on Energy - Essential oils, Thoughts, Magnets, Yoga and Everything

Here are some thoughts from an energy therapist relating to the energetic effects on the body.. it comes from a essential oil e-group and is regarding the potential negative effects of using magnets on the body.

"My personal opinion from an energy therapist perspective.

Everything electrical effects us - our hairdryers, our cell phones,  the outlets in our kitchens, or our computer TV rooms... and none of  it is good. Just before the rolling brown outs in California a few  years ago a major paper was going to be presented that said that  electrical pollution from innocuous appliances we use like shavers,  curling irons, irons, etc were detrimental to our health. Humm... it never came out... there may be some deeper politics here...

Compare what the FDA approves and what is good for your health to  what passes 'electrical standards' inspectors, and what is known to  be good for the health. Consider what we were told about microwaves,  or what we used to believe about X-rays, and how all that has been  downgraded. Quebec Hydro had employees develop strange and rare  cancers when they were responsible for substations out in the middle  of now-where in the far reaches of the wild natural and untouched  Canadian tundra. The common factor - electrical exposure.

Think of magnets. Gary says they curtail the effect of essential  oils which are naturally electrical. I have seen magnets literally 'blow the circuits' of spiritually sensitive individuals and it has taken them days to recover their own inner balance within their  meridians and chakras. Magnets are stagnant frequencies. Beware of  what you play with. They will lift you up if you are sick and your internal frequency is below that of a magnet, and pull you down if  your innate frequencies are higher than the magnets.

On 'ultra sensitive days' I have felt the different frequencies of  different diseases at a distance from a stranger only to have their medical challenge reveal itself years later. Everything is frequency. Disease has a frequency that exactly corresponds to some of our thinking/emotional patterns. I suspect you know and have experienced that - someone walks in a room, and the energy drops, or it rises. If one wants to create a change, start with thoughts...  Feng Shui indicates stay away from electrical sockets, especially in your bedroom when you want to rest. Do you see the inconsistency of  artificial electrical stimulation?

A chain around the neck can upset a human body. A piercing can effect the subtle electrical flows. I have had bodies call for rebalancing people because of their tattoos. Even a wedding ring (hold thoughts - electrical impressions) regarding and releasing the itch (irritation & limitations) of shingles. Anything that can conduct electricity usually does regardless of our intellectual awareness of it of not.

I would start with yoga, or another mindful martial art and listen to the messages within.

Or learn Kinesology, and start to muscle test to see what is optimal for you.."

Energy is so important. It's all about energy!! Raw foodists have awesome energy. Our energy flows smoothly and clearly!  ..& we make great energy healers too!! ; ) 
Peace and Love, xo

Chakra painting by Dina Herrmann