Saturday, July 28, 2007

My new paintings

Thought I would post my new flower paintings b4 I pack this up. I am not painting today.. out of herein less than an hour. Drinking my massive green smoothie.. how would I live without these?? Lots of great chocolate packed.. almonds and an avocado in my purse.. lots of mangos in my suitcase.. lol The rest of my family won't eat them. Listening to a great trip soundtrack.. thanks for making me these amazing cd's Em. Loving it!!! Boys r all still sleeping upstairs.. I'm probably out of here b4 they wake up... its a minute countdown now, better get this into my suitcase. & I've got the massive Urantia & Anastasias packed, of course - not many clothes - 1 pair of my fav shorts, which I am going to wear all week, 3 bathing suits & wrap skirts - Thats what I plan on doing!!! Thats it! Am off.. write you soon, from sunny (hopefully) NB. Ciaooo... xo

Friday, July 27, 2007

Walking on the beach - Raw in the real world

I just set my desktop background to this image.. I am dreaming of walking on sand soon.

I have so much on my mind it's hard to think of what to write..but here I am. I usually have some vague idea. Today -nothing... so I'll ramble. I am feeling a bit bad.. I just made a conventional cake, in the oven, for my son, Nicholas, who is turning 16 today. My kids all love cake, and cookies and just about everything else that average kids on a Standard American Diet like. It makes me kind of sad, understandably. I raised them on this stuff ..but now I know what it is doing to them.. and I have apologized but what more can I do? ..& Even if I didn't make him a cake, there would be one bought.. which I feel would be worse. Sometimes we have to just follow our heart to make the right decisions.

I am having issues in this manner at work also. I think I need to go meditate. sigh.

I am flying out early tomorrow morning.. lots of last minute things to do around here. I haven't packed or really thought of that yet. This is my first trip away by myself without my kids or husband in 18 years!! (first real trip that is, I had a couple over-nighters away) we'll have been married 18 years on Aug 5th. wow!! There is a big family reunion on that day also.. the day after I get back.

Oh, & get this. I am missing going to David Wolfe's birthday party cause I will be away.. Oh well, next year.. Mi-san said she'll take pics.

This is a lot more personal than I usually get. I am going to go make juice now.. just enough time.. maybe time to wrap presents ( or I'll do it quick when I get home. )
We got Nick a Wii, extra controller w/ another game and the new Harry Potter book. - my kids don't read my blog. ; )

Sometimes it's strange I feel like I waver back & forth in & out of the real world.. & thats depending on what side you call the real world. I should say normal, convention life vs earthy, raw, flowing, life.. its almost like going in between a solid form and a translucent state. The raw me almost feels like flying.. and I am still in this state when dealing in the normal world.. but there just is a difference interacting with different presences. It's fun.. but sometimes kind of sad.

I am so excited for my trip tomorrow. I am not even sure when I am leaving.. bbwhen I get a chance. I am planning on taking my laptop. : )
Have a wonder-ful day!!! x

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Carved Tree & David Wolfe video - Life and Love Tv

ok, so this may not have very much to do with raw foods.. hmmm
so, here's another video of David Wolfe from Life and

David "Avocado" Wolfe

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Strawberry Cheezecake

Finally, here it is..

Strawberry Cheezecake

1 c walnuts
1/2 c pecans or almonds
12 honey dates
dash Celtic salt

Process together for 1 min. until mixture becomes crumbly, just before it starts forming a ball. (If it gets to this stage, it'll still taste great). Press into bottom of pan.

2 c cashews (soaked approx 4 hours - to soften)
1/2 c pine nuts (not soaked - or use macadamias, soaked)
1/4 c agave
1/2 lemon - juiced
1 t vanilla
dash Celtic salt

Blend together until pureed into creamy consistency in food processor. Spread on top of crust and refrigerate while you make topping.

A springform pan would probably work best., but I used a pie plate. After removing from fridge, once set - I transfered onto a plate and cut and smoothed around the edge.. it was really easy to do. Then make and spread strawberry sauce on top.

Strawberry Sauce:
1 1/2 c strawberries
1/4 c agave
dash lemon juice
dash Celtic salt
1 t ground flax (or psyllium - to thicken a bit)

Puree in blender. Spread strawberry sauce on top. Return to fridge until ready to eat.

This freezes really well also. Which is what I plan to do with most of this one now, slice it and freeze. .. and the mini cheezecakes as well.

I made another recipe last week using cashews and coconut as the cheezecake base.. it was really good also. I brought it to work.. Mi-San said it was better than sex. Wow (not sure about that one, but.. ; ) It was really good.. I didn't post that recipe because it was more work. I made it in a high speed blender, my Blend-tec. It was really thick.. I tried putting the coconut through the juicer with the blank screen but it didn't get fine enough. I didn't think the food processor would have made it creamy enough.. so I used the blender but had to keep helping it turn, so thick - it was just more work.

So mainly based on this, even though the pine nuts are expensive, the recipe with them wins out. & I am really into pine nuts these days (& cedar nuts - Anastasia influence)

All in all.. this is a very easy to make & amazingly delicious dessert. & It's been my experience that most people prefer it to the cooked traditional version.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Beautiful Life - perceptions, connnections & experience

I was thinking about a comment made recently here, about being disconnected with others after going raw.. which to a certain extent is true.. but it depends on what level you are on. Ultimately I think the goal is to get past that & come but on the other side where you are connected again, although I think you will be connected be on another level.

Let me explain this another way..
It is actually this thought that led to that one, I am going backwards (no, spiralling.. but aren't we all.. )

There is a fine line, which I seem to be walking between wanting everyone to go raw, experience these newfound freedoms, clarity, beauty, connectedness I am feeling, & to not eat meat, to nurture the planet and live a peaceful co-existence with others... & on the other side, the thought that everything is beautiful and perfect just the way it is.. that the weapons are just as important as the flowers. I ultimately strive to be on this side, but I know I sit on the fence. When I waver on the other side, I would like other people to change and I become disconnected. On the side where everything is perfect as is.. we are all connected again.

further thoughts:
God created this world (ultimately it was Him.. even if it was the archangel Michael who actually created Earth (Urantia) God created Michael to create Earth.. yk? & ultimately I have to have faith in God's creation. He gave us free will for a reason, I believe for the souls learning experience. He put us here for our benefit, not for our detriment.

We can only change ourselves, we can inspire others, but we can not change them. We have to do the best we possibly can with our own thoughts and actions.. its all we really have.

I have a belief that everything is already done. We are only perceiving things linearly in this limited mind of ours. I believe the future ( & the past.. but thats even harder to get) can be changed by changing our present. It is all connected. However, although we can choose how we are going to experience this life, dance this dance.. The story is already written. We can only change so much of it.. namely, our experience, how we are playing our parts.

wow. This got a lot longer than I planned. I was going to sum this thought up in a couple sentences.. and come back later to post the Cheezecake recipe. (Finally!) which I better do quick cause I keep eating it & I haven't even made the strawberry sauce yet.. will do that later today!

whoa.. another trippy thing just happened. (trippy = normal every day occurances now, btw) I was searching for a pic.. random image searching & the 1st pic I click on is from Alistair Appleton's blog where the guy posts all about his ayhuasca adventures - which I just sat and read at leangth! I had been going to search this for the past few days & haven't taken the time to do it. I have been really wanting to try this for a long time and finally think I may get to soon. : )

Have a trippy, adventuresome, connected experience.. Be wonderful & Love life!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Did you know that In 1989, the U.S. produced its one millionth man-made chemical!

But thats besides the point. (??)

What I want to write about is - Mutants!

Mutants as in - us -humans .. and just about all the food we eat. Scary! I was reading a part in Anastasia about this. I love these books! I think she's for real.. of course, the thought crossed my mind that maybe she's an alien - and maybe not even a friendly alien.. but thats my imagination at work again. Always question everything. I used to think I knew quite a bit. I know a lot less not that I know more.. ykwim? But no.. I really think she's for real, too much of this rings too true. She is working for the creative, positive, light side and she gives us more hope for this beautiful planet of ours.

There are so many great parts.. There was a part earlier where she told about this little girl who lived in a kins domain (as outlined by Anastasia earlier) and had returned to a natural way of living.. she could change things all over the world by thinking about them. (& she had bacteria and micro organisms working for her - destroying, actually eating up weapons and things she didn't like.) In our natural state we should all be able to control and change things and send out thoughts etc, but most of us are so dulled we have very little ability left. I love reading this stuff & actually missed my stop a few mornings ago going to work, a few stops even though I was almost running late as it was.. lol great reading!
(btw, I wasn't late, exactly on time, as usual. I have great timing. Its such a good feeling to flow. : )

but this mutant part is relevant(to this blog, to eating raw, to life) ..some of it seems kind of obvious.. but its important stuff for us to realize anyway.

From Book 5 - Who Are We? Chapter 11 Science and pseudo-science.

..these so called scientists have begun to fundamentally change the plants existing in Nature, thereby changing the fruits they bring forth. Hey have begun changing them without first determining what purpose these fruits have. After all, in Nature, as in the Universe, everything I so closely interconnected."

She describes how if you take one part out of a car , like the filter, the car will go for awhile but soon will not go at all. & tells how “Nature is also a perfect mechanism, and nobody has yet fully fathomed it. Every part of this great living mechanism has its purpose and is closely interconnected with the whole structure of the Universe. A change in properties or the removal of a single part inevitably affects the work of the whole mechanism of Nature.

“Nature has many protective devices. First, it will signal an impermissible action. If that does not work, Nature will be obliged to destroy the ‘mechanic’ who fails in his calling. Man uses the fruits of Nature for food, and if he begins to feed himself with mutant fruits, he will be gradually transformed into a mutant himself. Such an adulteration is inevitable, given the consumption of adulterated produce.

“This is already coming about. Man is already experiencing a weakening of his immune system, his mind and feelings. He is beginning to lose the abilities unique to him alone, and is being transformed into an easily manipulated bio-robot. He is losing his independence. The appearance of new diseases only confirms this – it is a sign that Man has tried undertaking an impermissible action."

Later Vladimir states that there is no way to avoid all commercial produce – “There’s not enough real produce, and it’s so much more expensive.

There, you see, that is because the forces of destruction have managed to lure humanity into a state of economic dependency. They have managed to convince Man that If he doesn’t consume their products, he will die of starvation. But that is not true, Vladimir. Just the opposite: Man will die if he does eat them.

She goes on from here to say that almost all produce is mutant. She says “For example, on the earth today there are only nine apple trees left bringing forth original fruit. The apple is one of the most healthful and delicious of all God’s creations for Man. But it was one of the first to be subjected to genetic manipulation.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Friday, July 20, 2007

Food energy, NB trip booked! green juice kick

A few of us were talking about the energy in food at work yesterday. One guy there, who has a very, very, pure raw diet said that he couldn't even eat the food made by some people. Some people are very sensitive - you get to be more so the more you clean you are inside.

Another guy told this story: There was a saint and he used to travel and visit others a lot. One time he was staying in this place and in the middle of the night he got up in the night and stole all the silverware. He woke up the morning and was wondering why he did that. Later that day he found out that the person who had been preparing his food was a thief.

I love a good story!

I am really excited because ..wait.. uh-oh, overflowing inbox (which is a great thing) but I'm looking for something. Yes!!! From Sat 28 - Aug 4 I will be in NB. Mom booked my flight..I love you Mom!!!!
I told her last night that it would be cool to just go sit in a forest for a week
I doubt if we will really end up doing that.But I kind of feel like a nature vacation. But whatever we do doesn't really matter to me. I just want to BE & being together will be great!

I have to go. I am on a green juice kick right now. ..someone brought me a 32 oz bottle of it yesterday & I feel like getting into it. So I am going to juice & fill up the bottle to bring to work with me. I have been putting on some weight this past month or two.. not a lot, maybe 5 lbs, but I really feel it and I feel so much better without it. I figure a week or less I'll be back at my normal weight.. just stop eatling by 6 or 7 or 8, eat lighter for a few days. I had been eating a lot lately. & More conscious eating. Like skipping the cheesecake right before bed kind of thing. & I've been excersing more& that feels great. Went to the gym last night.. hardcore cardio.

Oh yeah, juice ..sometimes I can just sit & write& write & write..
Have a spectacular day!!! Light & fresh & clean ..and energetic,and fun.. & & & & ..uh-oh, its going to be one of those types of days! Have a great one!

ps. I am wondering if I should bring my laptop & post? hmm.. I think maybe.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Random rollover, conscientious healing, sun and rain, Naked as we Came

Quick posting today.. spent lots of time in the kitchen this morning.. and called Mom - I got vacation time booked yesterday, a week from July 28- Aug6 and we are arranging me coming home (NB) Yay.. shes looking into flights. What a great Mom!!

The pic is a bit random, yesterday (random day) was so much fun I have to extend it a bit. ; )

Thought for the day: Whenever you take something for your body, put something into your body to help it, whether food, herbs, medicine, essential oils etc. think about what effect you would like it to have on your body. If you think about what you want this thing that you are ingesting to do, it will boost it's effectiveness. Not that it wont be effective without the thought.. but thoughts are very powerful and I think if you combine the thought with the substance you are taking it will help it to do exactly what you want. Sometimes I take wheatgrass and think of it like little scrub brushes going into my cells and cleaning all the toxins out.. I remember Mom telling that this smoothie she used to make would heal tumors and things in the body and I think of that now sometimes, that anything that was there is going away, disintegrating, the body is healing itself through the smoothies and the healthy foods I eat. Think of your blood being clean and flowing smoothly, the pathways are clear.. think of the inside of you being filled with light, radiating through and brightening your aura, helping to send out positive vibes and love to everyone who comes into contract with you. Think of how you are detoxifying, cleaning the guck out of your cells, all the toxins that have gotten stored in there is being eliminated and making room for clean blood and oxygen and light to flow through and illuminate you both inside and out. & be happy! & in love!!

It's pouring & dark outside!! (but the sun is still there - it always is)
Reminds me of this video that my friend sent.. not exactly all raw, but its interesting - the life cycle - 2:30 min and it made me think & I like things that do that. I am posting it.

Naked as we Came - Iron and Wine

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Random day - Flowers, quotes, recipes, Stephen Hart and 6 Billion others

These are pictures of flowers in my neighbourhood. I took them with my new camera.. they will be used as subjects in a few upcoming paintings. My post today is taken from the randomer than random (although we know nothing is random) files. That means today is a fun day! : ) Random days always are!

When you have only 2 pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, (Raw, of course) and a lily with the other” Chinese proverb

This is a link to a new friend of mine's website, Stephen Hart. We have been sharing recipes and raw ideas for awhile and I could write a whole post of info .. but just in case I want to make sure I at least post his website: There is a lot of info on healing MS & more here! & I love the travel sprouting set-up!!!

This is cool also! 6 Billion Others

I saw a weed today
that had the majesty and
beauty of the most
perfect flower.

Can it be that
Life, indeed, depends
entirely on how we choose
to perceive it?

-G Jampolsky, 32, out of the darkness into the light

(from heather havey e-mail)

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling; but in rising every time we fall." – Confucius

I was a doctor in my dream last night. How cool is that!!!! very. The same people I work with in real life I was working with there in this very very cool old mansion.. I think it was a fasting retreat also. But I was taking patients. Think I had just become a doctor, a bit of a novice.. but everything went really smoothly. I think I was divinely guided. But of course we all are always!

Recipes from Vegan Fusion. They are not all raw, but there are a few - Zaphods Live Chi tabouli, Cashew Cheeze, Live Fettucini Alfredo etc .. and there are some great ideas to take from the cooked & tranform-translate into wonderful living food creations!

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy: They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." - Marcel Proust