Saturday, July 14, 2007

Color Theory, wheatgrass & cayenne, Urantia, Chocosol

Things going on in my life and changing my perception of the world around me:

The biggie: Conversations with Horace about color. hmm, how to explain this one. I had a hard time with it.. it's like I know what he was saying but couldn't really accept it because if I accept this thought it is going to change everything else I know and believe about reality. Every time you accept another truth it changes everything else.. because everything is connected.

(Like going raw.. I am the same person but I am completely different. Everything has changed)

& once you learn and accept something there is no going back.

but if someone is telling you something and you don't want to deal or accept it, your brain can somehow just shut off, tune it out.. this happens very often.. I know I must have done this a lot. I see people doing it all the time. Like the brain is saying "Can't handle, can't handle, change the channel"

ok, It started with him telling me how if you mix blue and yellow, you are not getting another color.. its still blue and yellow. It looks green but it is still the blue and yellow there.. they have not gone anywhere. Every color is contained in every other color.. and it is the light and how it reflects off the pigment which gives us the colors. and actually it is not even the (say paint) that has the color.. everything is grey really, colorless.. color is only formulated in our brains. That's why some people are colorblind, the brain is not perceiving color the same way as most people.. something in the brain is different and therefor their perception is different. In fact, I have no way of knowing what color you are seeing.. I only know what color I see.. we could all see a different color, we don't know exactly what is going on in someone elses head.. we know that we agree on red & blue.

Think about color on another level. can you describe the color red? or blue? you can't.. you can draw associations but that could be anything.. if I was blind you couldn't tell me what a color looks like. These things are not real.. not material. Like beauty.. you can't describe beauty either.. it's something in the head, its a thought, an essence.. it is not real. I mean no it is Real, but its not material. Sometimes its hard explaining concepts..

I struggled sometimes with the color one.. I had to let it go.. I felt myself losing my mind.. it was like thinking of infinity. Thats why sometimes scientists go crazy ..thinking on things too much.
and all in all it doesn't really matter. It's not going to change my perception of green or beauty.. it is just a way of entertaining my mind I guess..
& sometimes I feel like I have no choice.. its who I am, it's destiny, what i need to do. I need to et this & I need to come tell you for some reason.
Horace said that he often comes in & says to himself that he is not going to tell me things. Because he always comes in & tells me so much. I got called into the office by Zara (to save me) the other day. Everyone went, are you all right?? He can really get into it.. Simon says 'Horace comes in every day for wheat grass but its really to talk to you, he doesn't even like wheat grass." & burst out laughing.. Horace is the best, hes a great friend now. & he says he never talks like this to other people, tries not to me.. but for some reason when he comes in it just all comes out. And maybe there is someone out there who needs this information.
& go figure they would find it on a raw food blog???

oh yeah, and i should really be talking about food & health.
ok, heres a good one.. a few days ago this guy comes in & asks for 2 ounces of wheatgrass. Then when its sitting there he asks if i ave any cayenne. I bring over my big shaker of it. He asks for a spoon.. then he takes off the cover, puts a huge heaping teaspoon of cayenne on top of the wheatgrass was actually last Friday, he said it had been a long week and he needed some energy. & then he downed it. he said if you can drink it in one gulp the cayenne can bypass the mouth and go right down & then its ok. I think he missed a bit.. but he didn't even have water after.. just glazed over & went & laid back for 15-20 min on the couch. Then he was gone..that was the most amazing thing I had seen in awhile. I wonder how he felt after.. I wonder if I am ever going to try it.

I am excited today.. yesterday someone said they had a Urantia book and asked if I would like it. & said they would bring it in today. I have been really wanting one of those!

& Chocosol party tonight, opening of the Cacao Loft on St Joseph st. Graham came in yesterday.. 1st time I have seen him since he left for Mexico - 1/2 a year ago. They made their 1st batch of chocolate in their new kitchen yesterday.. the Chocosol chocolate draught is over!!! Yay!
Wishing you all a perception altering day! Those are really good ones!

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All I can say is "wow" I feel like I have stepped through the looking glass!