Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Beautiful Life - perceptions, connnections & experience

I was thinking about a comment made recently here, about being disconnected with others after going raw.. which to a certain extent is true.. but it depends on what level you are on. Ultimately I think the goal is to get past that & come but on the other side where you are connected again, although I think you will be connected be on another level.

Let me explain this another way..
It is actually this thought that led to that one, I am going backwards (no, spiralling.. but aren't we all.. )

There is a fine line, which I seem to be walking between wanting everyone to go raw, experience these newfound freedoms, clarity, beauty, connectedness I am feeling, & to not eat meat, to nurture the planet and live a peaceful co-existence with others... & on the other side, the thought that everything is beautiful and perfect just the way it is.. that the weapons are just as important as the flowers. I ultimately strive to be on this side, but I know I sit on the fence. When I waver on the other side, I would like other people to change and I become disconnected. On the side where everything is perfect as is.. we are all connected again.

further thoughts:
God created this world (ultimately it was Him.. even if it was the archangel Michael who actually created Earth (Urantia) God created Michael to create Earth.. yk? & ultimately I have to have faith in God's creation. He gave us free will for a reason, I believe for the souls learning experience. He put us here for our benefit, not for our detriment.

We can only change ourselves, we can inspire others, but we can not change them. We have to do the best we possibly can with our own thoughts and actions.. its all we really have.

I have a belief that everything is already done. We are only perceiving things linearly in this limited mind of ours. I believe the future ( & the past.. but thats even harder to get) can be changed by changing our present. It is all connected. However, although we can choose how we are going to experience this life, dance this dance.. The story is already written. We can only change so much of it.. namely, our experience, how we are playing our parts.

wow. This got a lot longer than I planned. I was going to sum this thought up in a couple sentences.. and come back later to post the Cheezecake recipe. (Finally!) which I better do quick cause I keep eating it & I haven't even made the strawberry sauce yet.. will do that later today!

whoa.. another trippy thing just happened. (trippy = normal every day occurances now, btw) I was searching for a pic.. random image searching & the 1st pic I click on is from Alistair Appleton's blog where the guy posts all about his ayhuasca adventures - which I just sat and read at leangth! I had been going to search this for the past few days & haven't taken the time to do it. I have been really wanting to try this for a long time and finally think I may get to soon. : )

Have a trippy, adventuresome, connected experience.. Be wonderful & Love life!


shell said...

thankyou for your wonderful reflections of this beautiful life xoxo

shell said...

....& thank you soooo much for the link to alistair appletons blog! x

Keiko Ti said...

Thanks Shell.. always appreciate hearing from you. I loved the blog also..really interesting.
Have a beautiful day! xo