Monday, July 16, 2007

Raw karmic energy and Jet Fuel

What a busy weekend! It's been great!
The Chocosol Party was soooo good. I am elevated when I am around them. It's interesting, and this is another thing I have noticed being raw, how people respond, react, behave in your presence is different. I went to another party yesterday - have been around a lot of people in the past couple days. I was thinking it was the raw people who really look you in the eye.. a real energy exchange happens.. but I get it with some people who are not raw.. but it came to me that I think it is a karma kind of thing.. people with high (good) karmic energy tend to look you right in the eye.. send out love.. and people who are low tend to look away, avoid the eye contact as much as possible. & its more than just looking in the eye, that can be a confidence thing also.. but its the energy.. and being raw you are sooo sensitive to all these energies that come off things.

Thats one thing I love about the more raw you go.. the more clear things are.. and not only clear but almost prismatic, I feel kind of psychedelic.. its like very,very, very good drugs. .. just connected with everything
& in love.

& Now I am off to the gym. am impressed with myself this morning because I am up so early, (instead of still being in bed like I could easily be - my day off) - have my list of many things to do today ..and plan on getting so much done.

1 of these things includes experimenting with cheesecake recipes cause I told someone at the Chocosol party that I made a really good one before & promised them I would look the recipe up & post it. I can't find it, didn't copy into my recipe book.. so I am on it again. & I have chocolate fudge shells in the fridge waiting for the cheesecake filling.. I will post on it soon. (& I am going to make a regular crust also)

For right now I have just made this crazy Jet Fuel concoction..
I can hear the 80-10-10er's gasping. but here goes:

Jet Fuel

1 c sunflower sprouts
1 c pea green sprouts (stems cut off - just green leafy tops)
1 T chia seeds
1 -2 c water
Pulse blend and then add:

1 banana
1 mango
1 T bee pollen
2 T goji berries
3 T raw cacao
1 c blueberries
1 oz E3Live
2 t maca
1 t ginseng (siberian)
2 caps stem enhance
1 cap phenylmine (just for fun)

Blend all together & drink with one cap of cayenne - to speed everything up!

ok, let's see how this works.. am off to the gym 1st, then flying around town (I don't have a car today)- a bunch of errands, then back.. loud wild music and painting this aft, followed by cookie & cheesecake making, & then the house will quiet down & get back to normal just in time for dinner.
This day is going to be so much fun. I am going to enjoy it to the fullest and sprinkle and spread waves of love everywhere I go to everyone I see. Radiate the love vibes.
Live and be love.. (I think the jet fuel is kicking in! - Oh, I wish I could share this!)
I love you!


shell said...

I Love You Too!!!

Anonymous said...

You are sharing it! Thanks!