Friday, January 29, 2010

The Fire Dances Without Us Like the Spirit Within Us

Burning Flowers Of Flame and Flash

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beaches, Inspiration, Love and Peace

This is Veradero, the beach I will be on tomorrow afternoon. : ) Just set my alarm for 3 am!! Got an excessive amount of superfoods packed - gojis, cacao, chlorella, maca, enzymes, lots of dried mushrooms - keep the immune system high ..and a big bag of granola and dehydrated spiced nuts and seeds..

I hear internet is Very slow, like dial up.. so bringing a small laptop but not expecting to post here until I get back in a week. & then hopefully one full tropical fruit, salads and beach scenes!! Yay, Sun!!! I'm craving the sun! : )

ok, I'm almost packed.. gone in a few hours. See you in a week.. xo!!! Love and peace
JJ Cale - Crazy Mama


Wyclef Jean - 24 e tan pou viv

My Mom has been selling her paintings to raise money for Haiti. She's the biggest inspiration in my life. She is Always doing things for others.. and is the happiest, most peaceful person I know. .. it may have a bit to do with being raw! ; ) Love you. Mom!! xo


It's come to my attention lately that many people do not know very much about GMO's and the dangerous threat they pose. & It's a really important thing to be informed about.. they are a major health concern!

I just watched the video 'Everything you HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods' by Jeffery Smith, activist and author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette. He is very positive that we can make a change and are on our way to doing so.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are the result of laboratory processes which artificially insert foreign genes into the DNA of food crops or animals. Those genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans. Although banned by food manufacturers in Europe and elsewhere, the FDA does not require any safety evaluations. Most Americans say they would not eat GMOs if labeled, but the U.S. does not require labeling. GMOs are not safe, but have been in the food supply since 1996 and are now present in the vast majority of processed foods in the US.

A large portion of Europe have already succeeded in kicking GMO's out of the food supply.

What it takes to do that are people in the know avoiding buying GMO products.

The Biggest GMO products are the ones most heavily subsidized by the gov't: Soy, Corn, Cotton and Canola. ..another good reason to avoid vegetable oils.

& most importantly - How to Avoid GMO's:
- Buy Organic
- Buy products labeled non-GMO
- Buy products listed on a non-GMO shopping guide
- Avoid at risk ingredients ((soy, corn and canola & almost all packaged products, which contain these, ..and often hidden))

For more info check out his website - Institute for Responsible Technology & download the Shopping Guide ! : )

& also this page is interesting - shows invisible GM ingredients.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Day

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am so excited!! Within a few days of a thought.. it has happened and I get to take a week vacation in Cuba. : ) I can't believe how things happen sometimes.. wow, must be all those beach pics Ive been looking at. So, I am sitting here watching videos of the all-inclusive club we are going to.. It looks really nice, & I am amazed at how they can do this so cheaply!
In the first video I watched all the food was meat or pizza - yikes, whats a raw foodist going to do in a place like that?? but then I saw the video below.. too bad no people in it..but at least lots of fruit!! I will be sure to pack lots of chlorella, phytoplankton, gojis, cacao.. to keep me going, I've gotten so into the superfoods again lately. Yay, I'm so excited!! (& that I get a week off before we open Raw Pantry!!) I was told if I'm going to go, go soon!! & soon it is - 4 days!! .. not sure about internet access, couldnt find anything about that on the web.. sent an e-mail asking.. no internet for a week?? now that would be strange!!
Oh & listening to Cuban music.. Love it!!!! : ) Yay, yay, yay..... & bonus - I am understanding the words!! I love Spanish. so good.

Buena Vista Social Club, Cuba

Breezes Veradero

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cayenne Power

Oh, I am feeling the Cayenne!! in a very good way.. I was wondering how I would feel.. I was just down in the kitchen and took lots of interesting things, all of the normal, except being inspired by a long note on the benefits of Cayenne from my Mom - and how to make tinctures and dry and grind you own, but more on that later.. - So, my morning, I had a green smoothie delivered 1st thing - Ahh, life is good!! ; ) and then went and took some water with phytoplankton drops, Turmeric, Cordycepts, 2 other blends of various mushrooms, lots of that, they are so powerful - Maitake, Rieshi, etc etc.. Maca, Chlorella.. etc and topped it off with a cap of Cayenne.
& wow, I am feeling the Energy!! ..and the Love!! Have the most magical and beautiful day ever!! xo

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My New Blue Home!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Zion's Raw Cookies

Zion's Raw Recipes: Raw Cookies

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mmm.. Salads!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adding in the Good Stuff

I was just thinking about the #1 piece of advice that I felt was important from the David Wolfe event we had in December.. its a simple thing but heres the 1 thing I am feeling most like getting across- There are so many things that we can do to improve our health and well-being.. so many that sometimes it can be overwhelming, esp when you hear of them all at once:

sungazing, phytoplankton, superfoods, yoga, deep breathing, meditation, green smoothies, green juices, wear a zapper, walk barefoot, remove mercury fillings, make super Chinese herbal teas, chocolate & gojis (ok, thats super easy), rebound, exercise, stretch, infrared saunas, massage, reiki, shiatsu, wheatgrass, go to bed early, sleep under the stars, spend lots of time outdoors, eat raw, drink more water, get oxygen, take turmeric, etc etc..

All together its a lot. But it just takes one thing.. pick any one thing that is easy for you to do. Just add one thing to your routine. ..just one thing can get you on an upward spiral.. or a further upward spiral ; ) and you will find yourself feeling better and then you will add another thing..

I find I flux through these different things.. some are staples and some come and go as they fit into my lifestyle at the time. Just try to do the best you can to feel the best you can and you will find yourself feeling better and better. No pressure, no guilt.. just add as much as you comfortably can.

These are Meaghans Vibram Five Finger shoes, which I have yet to experience..but excited to get my first pair one day soon. ; ) David was wearing them also. Barefoot technology. I love them!

& I have been wearing my zapper a lot since hearing David talking about it again. Its another superhero device, and he inspired me.. it seems to be more powerful than I realized. He says he has worn his every day for the past 4 years!! So now, mines attached to me lots.. but more on that another day.. Peace out my friends!! xo Love & Sunshine!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Open Innocent Kind Creative Seeking Respectful and Pleased!

More wonderful words from Robert Genn:

Have a decent ego; cultivate self-esteem and individualism.
Keep an open mind; there's more than one way to do things.
Focus on your processes; that's where the joy comes in.
Be kind; it never hurts to give to others, even praise.
Be innocent; have a childlike--not childish--approach.
Be thankful, even for the smallest of blessings.
Be a perpetual student--be curious and seeking.
Filter your priorities--and don't suffer fools.
Be creative. It's the highest form of life.
Honour and respect time; it's the main gift.
Be optimistic; the opposite holds no charms.
Develop good habits--they will develop you.
Be thrifty--waste not, want not.
Work to please yourself.
Be hard to please.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hi, Staying Connected

Hi. A little personal update tonight.. about time! : ) Well, all is well, great in fact, over here at my place. I had been taking it kind of low key for the past half year.. but all thats changed lately. I think it started Right at the new year.. not that I made any resolutions.. but I think perhaps my subconscious had!! I have been going non-stop. Pro-active - very - I have been going to the gym lots.. pumping up the superfood content yk, phytoplankton 1st thing.. followed by my maca-chlorella- bee pollen.. usually a tab of turmeric.. throwing macuna, ashwaganda, all kinds in my green smoothies.. and lots of that going on. & I feel like I've been soo productive, keeping lists and just go, go, go.. except a few movies.. seen quite a few lately - I cant believe I went to see Daybreakers today.. way too gory for me, had to keep hiding my head, but I have always loved vampire stories.. and that they found a cure for vampirism.. well, that made it worth it all. ; )
But the best movie by far I have seen lately is Avatar.. oh Wow!! I was so there.. just totally enraptured - I was Neytiri - the female Na'vi archer-warrior from Pandora. I am so her!! : ) Now this was the best fantasy world I could totally sink into ..I thought it was such an empowering, connecting movie.. brings us back to our roots.. and thats something I think we can all use a little more of - connection - to the earth, to each other.. but on some levels we are.. It seems to be a gap widening between the connected (healthy, empowered, clear) people and ..well, maybe I shouldnt say it, but people who are not. there said, maybe I'm wrong.. like there's all types.. but every once in awhile I get a glimse of the news or something.. I saw a report awhile ago that over 10% of Americans are on anti-depressants?? Can that be true??? ..and that would just be the people who are feeling bad enough to go to the doctor and ask for something!! Well sometimes I hear news and feel like maybe I'm the disconnected one, lol. & maybe but sorry, I'm not connecting up to that! I love my life and I feel so blessed to feel so supported and happy in life!! & that the future is just getting better and better all the time, so much brighter, so much potential ..& I really hope you are in here, feeling this and connecting with me too!!!

So, yes, lists of things to do.. my main focus is on work now though. Raw cuisine experimentation .. I love my job! Its just awesome when you get to do something that you love!! The universe is so good to me! We have a great little communication system I think, get along very well indeed.
Life is good - Be good to Life and Life will be good right back!!
ok, Its smoothie time. xo, Love & Hugs
Have a beautiful week!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Let's Read each other, Love each other.. Travel and Plant Mint

"We will all die soon enough. Why not take the short time we have on this delicate planet and figure out some really interesting things we might do together? I promise you, God would be happier. So many people are always trying to speak for God - I know it is a very dangerous thing to do. I tried my whole life not to do it. But this one time is an exception. Because there are so many people crying and scarred and confused and complicated and exhausted right now - it is as if we have all had a giant simultaneous break-down. I beg you, as your distant Arab cousin, as your American neighbor, listen to me. Our hearts are broken, as yours may also feel broken in some ways we can't understand, unless you tell us in words. Killing people won't tell us. We can't read that message. Find another way to live. Don't expect others to be like you. Read Rumi. Read Arabic poetry. Poetry humanizes us in a way that news, or even religion, has a harder time doing. A great Arab scholar, Dr. Salma Jayyusi, said, "If we read one another, we won't kill one another." Read American poetry. Plant mint. Find a friend who is so different from you, you can't believe how much you have in common. Love them. Let them love you. Surprise people in gentle ways, as friends do. The rest of us will try harder too. Make our family proud." ~ Naomi Shihab Nye ..found on Corby's Orbit

Friday, January 08, 2010

Lotus Dance, Just a Minute and Peace Pulse

Lotus Dance

Just a Minute - One minute Meditations & Peace Pulse - One Minute of Silence each Hour

Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Fifth Agreement

The Fifth Agreement was the book I wanted most for Christmas. I always get amazing books for Christmas..but I was especially looking forward to this one as The Four Agreements, its predecessor (from 12 years ago!), is one of my very favorite - I mean all-time favorite - books. So I finally sat down last night to read it.. and I read late (most of the night), up early continuing.. and actually finished it by early afternoon. I was sooo into it, I was actually rereading many pages, sections. I loved the four agreements just as much, and maybe more on one level, but I took about a month to read that one - slowly..because even though it is so easy to read.. it is very, very deep! Now the Fifth Agreement is deep also, equally I think, but different..but its like I had just been waiting to her these words.. and I just couldn't put it down.

Jose Ruiz says in an interview here, that "The Fifth Agreement is based on all my father’s teachings. He did a course called “Angel Training” which is about training the mind. It is about bringing awareness to the dream that is your life. All of life is a dream. The world is a mirror that reflects back to us what we believe. We create our beliefs and the mirror of God reflects them back to us."

The Fifth agreement is about different levels of awareness, different levels of being, or artistry, as he puts it. Its really about de-programming, which has been a major focal point in my life for the past few years, and belief systems, how they are formed, how they guide how we see the world, and about dismantelling them.. getting back to truth. It's about seeing our story ..and seeing other peoples stories, and seeing beyond them. Its about self-mastery, seeing how we work, understanding our creation. The actual Fifth agreement is more precisely, and basically, to be skeptical of our own lies and to be in truth at all times...& to listen with the heart. Overall its about raising ourselves through levels of awareness, from awareness of the Dreamer, to awareness of the Warrior and finally to awareness of the Seer.

a small exerpt - I like this God part : )

" Instead of using words, perhaps a better way is to put you face to face with God, so you can see God. And if I show you God, face to face, what you are going to see is yourself. Believe it or don't believe it, but you will see yourself because you are the manifestation of God. And if you could see what's moving your body, then you would see the real God. Look at your own hand. Move your fingers. The force that moves your fingers is what the Toltec call intent, or what I call life, the infinite, or God.
Intent is the only living being that exists, and it's that force which is moving everything. You are not the fingers. You are the force that is moving them. The fingers obey you. You can give whatever explanation you want: "Oh, my brain, my nerves..." But if you go for the truth, the force that moves your fingers is the same force that makes you dream; it's the same force that opens a flower, or moves the wind, or creates a tornado, or makes the stars move throughout the universe, or makes electrons move around atoms. There is only one living being, and you are that being. You are that force that manifests itself in infinite ways throughout all the universes."

& then it goes on into our energies, it's 1st manifestation of light, which is the energy.. and DNA and its all interesting.. oh, and how we are a universe (of course) but this is a small personal favorite part.. because I am not sure if I mentioned how I used to think that maybe I was an atom in the body of God, and often wondered if I was if I was part of his big toe, or nose or something = ) Just where do I fit in anyway? But he says that yes, all of us humans on earth we form an organ of the earth, and the water forms another, and trees another, you know. & I really liked that thought.
ok, time to put that book to bed. ..& me. Good Night!!! xo

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

Raising a Champagne glass filled with Kombucha for a New Years Cheer! ; )

May 2010 be a year filled with Happiness, Beauty, Love, Health, Supportive and Peaceful Relationships, Productive and Empowered Action, Fun Adventures and Lots of Laughter!!! xo

Happy Lucky Exotic Radiating Art Light and Magic to You!