Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am so excited!! Within a few days of a thought.. it has happened and I get to take a week vacation in Cuba. : ) I can't believe how things happen sometimes.. wow, must be all those beach pics Ive been looking at. So, I am sitting here watching videos of the all-inclusive club we are going to.. It looks really nice, & I am amazed at how they can do this so cheaply!
In the first video I watched all the food was meat or pizza - yikes, whats a raw foodist going to do in a place like that?? but then I saw the video below.. too bad no people in it..but at least lots of fruit!! I will be sure to pack lots of chlorella, phytoplankton, gojis, cacao.. to keep me going, I've gotten so into the superfoods again lately. Yay, I'm so excited!! (& that I get a week off before we open Raw Pantry!!) I was told if I'm going to go, go soon!! & soon it is - 4 days!! .. not sure about internet access, couldnt find anything about that on the web.. sent an e-mail asking.. no internet for a week?? now that would be strange!!
Oh & listening to Cuban music.. Love it!!!! : ) Yay, yay, yay..... & bonus - I am understanding the words!! I love Spanish. so good.

Buena Vista Social Club, Cuba

Breezes Veradero


Anonymous said...

Guajippy (pron: gwa-hippy) an affectionate term combining guajiro (rural Cuban or Cuban cowboy) with hippy. Used to relate to friends and fans (especially those dancing in bare feet at festivals) ie. Hey guajippy, how you doin?

Paul Corby said...

Mum said...

Great music ... you'll have a wonderful trip. Stay safe.

Thanks for sharing.

Much Love