Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hi, Staying Connected

Hi. A little personal update tonight.. about time! : ) Well, all is well, great in fact, over here at my place. I had been taking it kind of low key for the past half year.. but all thats changed lately. I think it started Right at the new year.. not that I made any resolutions.. but I think perhaps my subconscious had!! I have been going non-stop. Pro-active - very - I have been going to the gym lots.. pumping up the superfood content yk, phytoplankton 1st thing.. followed by my maca-chlorella- bee pollen.. usually a tab of turmeric.. throwing macuna, ashwaganda, all kinds in my green smoothies.. and lots of that going on. & I feel like I've been soo productive, keeping lists and just go, go, go.. except a few movies.. seen quite a few lately - I cant believe I went to see Daybreakers today.. way too gory for me, had to keep hiding my head, but I have always loved vampire stories.. and that they found a cure for vampirism.. well, that made it worth it all. ; )
But the best movie by far I have seen lately is Avatar.. oh Wow!! I was so there.. just totally enraptured - I was Neytiri - the female Na'vi archer-warrior from Pandora. I am so her!! : ) Now this was the best fantasy world I could totally sink into ..I thought it was such an empowering, connecting movie.. brings us back to our roots.. and thats something I think we can all use a little more of - connection - to the earth, to each other.. but on some levels we are.. It seems to be a gap widening between the connected (healthy, empowered, clear) people and ..well, maybe I shouldnt say it, but people who are not. there said, maybe I'm wrong.. like there's all types.. but every once in awhile I get a glimse of the news or something.. I saw a report awhile ago that over 10% of Americans are on anti-depressants?? Can that be true??? ..and that would just be the people who are feeling bad enough to go to the doctor and ask for something!! Well sometimes I hear news and feel like maybe I'm the disconnected one, lol. & maybe but sorry, I'm not connecting up to that! I love my life and I feel so blessed to feel so supported and happy in life!! & that the future is just getting better and better all the time, so much brighter, so much potential ..& I really hope you are in here, feeling this and connecting with me too!!!

So, yes, lists of things to do.. my main focus is on work now though. Raw cuisine experimentation .. I love my job! Its just awesome when you get to do something that you love!! The universe is so good to me! We have a great little communication system I think, get along very well indeed.
Life is good - Be good to Life and Life will be good right back!!
ok, Its smoothie time. xo, Love & Hugs
Have a beautiful week!


Dawn said...

Love you *smile*

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Dawn.. Love you too!
Thanks for being here.. great to hear from you.
Great big hugs! xo
& tea, soon!! ; )