Friday, February 29, 2008

Mango Chutney and Garam Masala - To Feast or not to Feast

This was my dinner, which I enjoyed earlier. It was amazing.. esp the crackers layered with dips. I had a neighbour friend drop by earlier who shared some with me & told me they were "everything you would ever want in a food! ".. and its true. They were delicious. They were Onion & Herb flax crackers with sun-dried Tomato Hemp Pesto, Dill Sunflower spread, a Sun-dried Tomato Sunflower spread with Indian (curry-cumin) spices and Mango Chutney on top.

The mango chutney was so good!! I was making it late last night & realized that I was out of Garam Masala .. so off I was googling about 20 or more recipes for it.. how diverse they are! & I realized that the home-made blends are usually far superior to the are commercial ones as they tend to use more of the expensive spices like cardamom instead of lots of cumin & cheaper ones.

I love mixing spice blends - it's very creative - my brother almost went into business mixing and selling spices. He used to run a restaurant in his inn, creating very unique and delicious ethnic & world cuisine recipes and dishes. I must come by this passion for creating foods naturally. : )

Almost ready to post my chutney and masala recipe but first I have to mention that now, looking at this dinner, I am wondering if its going to be like the 'last supper' ..I am so tempted to start in on the juice feast or even doing a master cleanse, or something.. juicing would be good. I have put a couple pounds on in the last few months.. just a couple.. but I know I would feel so much better - lighter..
But I have so much food here - been experimenting with recipes for the Rawlicious menu.. and cause I love doing it. I made 4 types of raw muffin-type things last night: Banana-Blueberry, Carrot-Raisin, Apple-Cinnamon-Date and Cacao-Goji. What will I do with all these?

& Tomorrow is March 1st - the 1st Annual Global Juice Feast begins!
well, it's 1 minute to 12 . Decision time, what to do?
ok, gotit -I'm going to post my recipes & go to bed & sleep on it.
Thats the best I've got right now - See you tomorrow!

& Best wishes to all the juice feasters!!

Mango Chutney

1 Mango (1 ½ c) – peeled, cored and chopped
¼ c Red Pepper – chopped
¼ c Pineapple - chopped
¼ c Onion – chopped
¼ c Raisins
¼ c Agave
½ T Apple Cider vinegar
½” Ginger – minced
1 Garlic clove – minced
1 T Cilantro leaves - chopped
½ t Garam Masala
¼ t Chili, Mustard powder and Salt
dash of Cayenne to taste

Process all ingredients except mango, red pepper, pineapple and onion, together in a food processor. Add onion and pulse chop until coarsely chopped. Add red pepper and pineapple and repeat, pulse-chopping into mixture. Put chopped mangoes in a bowl and pour processed chutney mixture on top. Stir until well combined and let sit together, stirring occasionally, for at least an hour before serving.

Garam Masala

1T Cardamom
1 T Cinnamon
½ T Cumin
1 t Cloves
½ t Coriander
¼ t Nutmeg
¼ t Black pepper
¼ t Fennel

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Juice feasting - Superfoods and Blog - Inspiration

Even though I am if'y on participating fully, I am really inspired and being motivated by the upcoming Global Juice Feast starting in a few days - March 1.

It's so inspiring to think of so many people getting this health buzz on and all the healing and cleansing and ..healing and cleansing ..and happiness and bliss that is going to be going on.

I am just taking a break to checkout their site more fully. I love the idea of combining superfoods and potent supplements with juicing! Check out their page on supplements here.

Some of my favorites are: Bee pollen, Blue-green algaes (E3Live, Chlorella, Spirulina), Phytoplankton, Kelp, Mushrooms ( Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Agaricus, Cordyceps etc), Herbs (Astragalus, Fo-Ti, Nettle, Ginkgo Biloba etc), Coconut oil, Cayenne.

..but I don't see Cacao on that page, must be able to get that in somehow!!
I think I would have to modify, if not.
! )
& Mate (Yerba Mate) I am drinking it right now! (pic mainly to show off my cool Mate cup which a friend sent me from Uruguay.) This is where I have been almost all day working on my book but also mainly on a menu & recipe ideas for Rawlicious.

The other big thing in my life right now has been lots of cleaning and purging stuff, decluttering. A lot has happened very quickly in this past week. There is now a 'For Sale' sign in front of my house. A real estate agent was just here a couple hours ago showing the place. ...(wow!)

but bringing it back to the Juice Feasting- Decluttering goes well with cleaning up inside also!!

Check out the Juicefeasting Blog also for more inspiration - thats where I am getting mine!
& Thats where got the cute Flower Shower pic also!

Spread the Love! ..Bliss forward and Radiate! xox

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Juice Feasting - Global Juice Feast

There is a Global Juice Feast starting on March 1 - 2008 - in 1 week!!

This is going to be a huge online gathering of people juicing together. I have heard about it from many sources, friends - in person & online - and was seriously considering taking part in it also. It is such a phenomenal idea! But because of the huge transitions (my house is being listed in a few days, & lots of other things ..), I am taking it a bit slower - and just feeling good about staying raw. However, I will be supporting and definitely be drinking juice in spirit with all the feasters. Its a great idea! .. and who knows, maybe I will join on board also.

I love that you can do this while still maintaining your regular daily routine.

Here are some details from the Juice Feasting website:

The Global Juice Feast will be an annual event, with a different host city each year, starting with San Francisco in the United States, and moving to another host country in 2009.

This is the first time in human history that such a program of such massive personal and global potential has been available to so many, due to the fact that persons can cleanse to completion by Juice Feasting, and still maintain their daily lives at home with no interruptions financially or in their family life. The internet has made possible the dissemination of this valuable information. At we have made detailed instructions on all questions pertaining to Juice Feasting available at no cost, only the optional companion 92-Day Juice Feasting program requires a subscription.

An online community of persons doing the Global Juice Feast will be created at, available to all who register, again, at no cost to the public, making global support accessible to everyone.

Juice Feasting is a paradigm shift that will utterly transform the world of healing, nutrition, and health. Because of its simplicity (even for persons who know little about diet or health), deep nutritional foundation, its effectiveness grounded in the science of fasting, and potential for significant healing while maintaining one’s daily life, Juice Feasting is designed to serve as a new and lasting foundation for personal and global transformation.

Through cross-training and not just hyper-focusing on our diet as part of our personal evolution, we recognize that shifting to a diet of nutrient-dense plant foods is not an act that exists by itself, but part and parcel of a larger determination to acknowledge who you are at a fundamental level and to live your authenticity to the best of your ability. In 1984, George Orwell coined the word doublethink to describe the act of knowing one thing and doing something else. When it comes to something as fundamental as your foods source, shifting to a non-toxic, life-affirming, worldcentric diet of nutrient-dense live foods encouraged by Juice Feasting will inform and support your choices in every avenue of your life. Those who are most successful at this draw in with purpose the best persons, information, events, environments, and experiences possible – and this makes the challenge of moving into live foods easier, as it is just one aspect of a greater life transformation.

Friday, February 22, 2008

In Gratitude of Raw - a Blessed Life

Sometimes you have to wonder - why is it there are these billion dollar pharmaceutical companies and millions upon millions of growing sick people and there doesn’t seem to be any health benefit to it. The drug companies are getting richer and people are getting sicker.. what’s up? How long is it going to take before we say Enough! How long until we wake up and start looking around.. Why do some people glow and have lots of energy? Why do animals living in the wild not develop allergies and get cancer?

Sometimes I think we get caught up in this complicated world of ours and think that the answers must be complicated. We give credit and praise to our doctors (who are trained in schools subsidized by pharmaceutical companies) and to scientists who are trained in molecular biology , to Rockets scientists and brain surgeons.. when all the while the real answers and deep truths are hidden right in front of our noses. We are so close to the answer we don’t see it, it’s all too easy. The big answers about life lie inside each one of us. For health we only need look at nature.. eat an apple from a tree or pick and eat some will greens from our backyard, which is probably one of the most nutritious things you will find, and free.

I often marvel at how could it have been possible that it only occurred to me that the best way to be healthy was to eat natural – uncooked, fresh produce. And this simple and profound realization only came when I was already 40 years old!!! How can this incredible revelation, that shook my very existence, and brought me closer to my true nature, that transformed me into someone so much stronger, vital and happy – How can it be that I only discovered this so late in life?? ..that such a simple realization had never even been a consideration before that. Why hadn’t I heard of this or had it presented as a viable option earlier in my life.. especially when compared to the processed lives most of us live, eating raw works miracles. Why are we living with all this processed food and in such a disease and sickened society when we can easily be living in a much more healthy and happy one?

I consider myself incredibly blessed to have found this lifestyle – the Power of eating Raw – and so is anyone else who has not only discovered it and has had access to the information, but especially are those who have actually tried it and felt the difference it can make. We are beyond fortunate- we are truly blessed.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Betty Crocker

It's my oldest child's birthday today - Dylan, he's 19 years old.

I really wish I had known when the kids were young what I know now.. about health and nutrition. I just finished baking and decorating his favorite traditional baked boxed cake for him.

I wish when they were growing up I gave my children what so many fortunate children are getting today - wholesome, living, raw, organic foods.. so many more parents are gaining an awareness of how to attain true health and wellness - living close to nature.

A notice just came in the mail for my daughter to get an immunization vaccination for diptheria and tetanus. I think this is the last vaccination notice I will get the last one she is required to have. Why wasn't I aware of the dangers these vaccinations could present later on in life. It seemed when they were young that it was in their best interest, for their best health. Everyone was doing it. I didn't think about it. I went with the flow. I didn't question it.

By the time I realized the difference that eating more naturally - raw and organic - could make.. my kids were teenagers. I have since apologized to them ..and explained that I feel badly for not having known the difference ..but now they are old enough and will have to decide for themselves what they choose to eat.

& no matter how much a Betty Crocker cake is filled with love - it's still harmful and full of baked white flour and processed, unknown, undecipherable ingredients.

This is the way of our world - and we keep on learning.

I love you Dylan, Happy Birthday! xo

Monday, February 18, 2008

Upstairs-Downstairs - the Rawlicious Scene

Today was cracker day.

We experimented with 5 different types and flavours: Onion Herb, Mexican, Sea Veggie-Kale, Italian-Herb & Za'atar-Curry-Cumin...Mmmm

Love having an assistant!!! : )

& downstairs...

it's starting to get built up..

Counters and tables being constructed, sinks going in.. progress is happening!
It's very exciting!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rawkalicious Cookie Recipe

ok.. Here it is.. straight from the upcoming book, which I have been pulling some very, very late nighters working on.. (but that's fun too!) The Rawkalicious cookie recipe!

Rawkalicious Cookies

1 c Almond pulp
1 c Walnuts – crushed
2 Bananas - mashed
½ c Currants
½ c Sesame seeds
½ c Coconut flakes
½ c Cacao nibs
½ c Pumpkin seeds
¼ c Goji berries
¼ c Honey
¼ c Hemp seeds
1 t Vanilla
½ t Cinnamon

Soak pumpkin seeds and goji berries together in a bowl with just enough water to cover them for a couple hours. Mix the rest of the ingredients in another mixing bowl. Drain and add the gojis & pumpkin seeds. Mix well. Drop by spoonfuls onto Teflex and slightly flatten. Dehydrate for 4-6 hours at 115 degrees. Flip onto mesh screen and continue dehydrating for another 10-12 hours. Enjoy!

PS - Tracy has made these without the Walnuts and substituted Coconut Milk Pulp for the Almond Milk pulp to make them school friendly. Most of our schools here do not allow nuts to be brought into the schools. Her kids love them! What a great healthy cookie to bring to school - Superfoods - Yes!

Friday, February 15, 2008

More Raw Blogs

I've come across some great raw blogs lately..and thought I would share them:

Raw Cool….Black Is The New Blog

Buellers Kitchen

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Raw Diva Keely

Rediscover Raw Food

Yael Naim - New Soul

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is a special Valentine to my Dad.

I Love you!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rawlicious - Coming Soon!

Yes! This is it! Rawlicious !!!

This is the most exciting post, which I have been waiting to share with you. I have been on the go this past week, constantly going from one place to another, a lot of transiting and with just enough time to check e-mails from here & there. But now I have the day off to catch up on things and work on my own projects .. and time to tell you the best news. So much going on lately..

But this is by far the most exciting!!! I am currently working on a project with a couple, Tracy & Angus, here in Toronto to open a most phenominal new Raw Cafe - Zen Den - Eco-friendly Product Emporium - Distributors of the purest, most High Vibe Superfoods, and the most nutritious and crazy delicious Living Food products ever!!! And also.. the health enforcing Inner Sanctum complete with Infared Sauna and MRS2000 mat. (interesting article about that here) We are going to share the most up-to-date, best health & wellness technologies and information available. Of course, I will be posting more about this..cause it's my main area of focus these days.. but for now, here's some pics of what we've been up to:

Smoothie experiments! We have come up with some of the best flavours - crazy, crazy, highest quality ingredients - most delicious drinks I've ever tasted. Seriously - you have to come check these out!!!

Gojis and pumpkin seeds soaking to make..

Rawkalicious Cookies
They were an impromptu inspiration I came up with to use the almond pulp from all those nut milk experiments. I made them quickly while Tracy was on the MRS2000 mat (8 mins) using all the ingredients I could find around me in her kitchen. & they were so amazing we have made 3 batches since, in less than a week!
(This is Tracy making this batch : )

Angus's incredible Valentine Macaroons.
They taste even better than they look. Absolutely delicious!!

Check out all of the smoothies we made..and this is only a few of them!!

& here's Tracy to the rescue to make us a serious Green juice.
That was so good after all those smoothies and sweet stuff!
(Wow, I've really come a long think I would crave a green juice! Mom never saw that one coming! lol)

Ok, now..check out whats going on downstairs...
This is street level, where Rawkalicious is going to be.

The walls have just come down and it is just starting to be reconstructed.
The shadowy back there is me.

A bunch of guys have just showed up to work on the place. Angus is at the back in the orange t-shirt. He's doing most of the work reconstructing the place.

Tracy and Angus are such a phenomenal couple to work with, so positive, exciting, motivated, full of great ideas and fun to be around. It is such a joy to be working here with them! This spot is loaded with happiness and has the best feel-good, uplifting energy, I love it!!!

& ps - We are hoping to open in March.. but I will definitely let you know an exact date when it gets closer!! ..and when the website is up!'s coming soon!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

February Raw Pot Luck

I managed to get in a few early shots.. the table was actually quite crowded a little later on. We had another full house - the dishes and people kept pouring in throughout the evening. Lots of great people, food, conversation, music.. a thoroughly fun and successful event.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Last Wednesday at Chocosol

Group Hug - Michael, Ruben & I

Cacao Butter

Lots of Chocolate - Many, many bins!

Conscious Food

Great Art

Building community through food

Maria making Raw Coconut Cakes - peeling coconuts

Me making Raw Chocolate Cookies

Kitchen Antics- always fun.. High Vibe

& Great Music!