Thursday, February 07, 2008

Backtracking through Mercury, crazy times and eating raw Korean

Wow! It is the busiest week ever!!! & mercury is full-on retrograde!
Mercury is the planet that rules communication and transportation and when you are TTCing (public transit) from one end of the city to the other a lot.. when things go wacky it can take a lot of time. One day I will have a car again! & someone took my bag on the subway today.. I didn't notice until I went to get off, and it wasn't there, I couldn't believe it. I was totally engrossed in writing out smoothie recipe ideas and didn't even notice. & the worse part of it was.. yeah there was raw blueberry cheezecake, and chocolate tarts and cookies - all raw, of course - and a big bag of Chocosol goodies for Tracy & Angus to sample.. but the worse part was I had my special book in there which I have been writing raw recipes in since Day 1 raw - I had all my favorite recipes in there.. so many!!! Coloured marker drawn all around them.. & a lot of info for my book ..although I have the most important ones written over in a binder here. Thank God I've been organized about that! But maybe it will get turned in tomorrow. (fingers crossed- please, please, please!)
But - REWIND - my busy week.. we are going back to Monday here. I had back to back meetings with people interested in doing raw things here in the city ..some exciting things going on!!! The biggest one I am going to share with you soon! This is what I am going to be involved with in a very big way, and its very exciting. I just have to get up to date on my blog. I've had extremely limited computer time.. been hands on. (hint: but is much more than this- I am working with a couple developing an incredible menu- like I said Today was Smoothie Day..and tomorrow is also..cause we didn't even get 1/2 way through. There is some pretty exciting developing and experimenting going on! ok ..enough said about that - for now!
Ah, I'm just so excited about it!!!

Ok these pics are from Monday evening. I went to another meeting at a Korean restaurant and it was awesome. I was invited to come, I thought as a raw consultant, but it was actually more a concept brainstorming session for a cafe in a very central location. Raw there would be totally amazing!! We'll see. But dinner - it was my 1st time eating Korean. & it wasn't actually a Korean restaurant - more of a bar. Most of the specials on the menu were different food entrees, often foods that are cooked at the table -mostly marinated meat- (I hear meat was very scarce in Korea and now that its plentiful here they eat lots of it) & most come with 5 bottles of beer or a bottle of Sujo (a Korean alcoholic drink). And it is interesting how it is served , with a parade of side dishes.. about 8-12 little bowls of various sides/toppings: beets, bean sprouts, sliced garlic, green onions, lots of different vegetables, most were cooked, not all and there was 3 types of kimchee - which I love - one really spicy one and a plate of lettuce leaves. So traditionally how you eat it is put meat or whatever you cook on the lettuce leaf, add your fav topping from the side dishes, roll up & eat. Hmm, great! This was familiar - this is how I often eat at home. ..& I had one there, but only one filled with raw veggies and kimchee.. because..

When one man there, who is into & understands the raw concept, heard I ate raw he went and brought me a raw protein green pack & and algae greens pack & made a special drink for me beforethey even ordered. & then he ordered this huge fruit plate. Check that out! That was so great.. there was so much food, we were balancing plates on plates at times, it was non-stop food. Plus then he brought out a bottle of ..umm, not sure what it is called- it was a drink made with 33 (or more?) different roots, leaves, berries, herbs etc all organic, wildcrafted and then fermented. It was a health drink mad in Korea by a company called GMF (God Made Food). He told me all about the raw communities in Japan and Korea. He said they are much bigger than here and that there is one raw community in Korea with over 2000 families!! wow! cool.

On Wed, I went to Chocosol, have pics to post soon from there. & Today a big demolition/reno job underway, before pics.... hmm... big news coming soon!!!!!
xox, Sweet Dreams, Good Night, I Love You, I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, (my evening cleaning job) Be Happy - xox - I Love You, I Love You, I Love You!!! xox - Peace out, Bliss ON ! : )

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