Saturday, February 02, 2008

Amazing Cookies - How To - Improvise

I made cookies yesterday that were amazing.. but I don't have a recipe to recreate them.. I could come close. What happened, and this is typical in creating raw foods.. is that I made a bowl of cereal. I had almonds and walnuts and pumpkin seeds soaked. Drained them and then put them in a bowl with a cut up banana, apple, pear and raisins.. and realized it was a Huge amount.. so I put over 1/2 of this in another bowl & then went & made almond milk. Almonds in a blender with a few dates and water, blend & strain.. I made a lot just to have for the next couple days. I hadn't made it in awhile - I really should make it more often esp. in the winter, its great and comforting (and filling) in a cup of tea and on cereals.

Well, I was thinking that with the almond pulp left over and the other bowl of cereal.. I mixed them together.. added another banana, apple, raisins, lots of hemp seeds and some sesame seeds, a couple T's of honey..oh, and another handful of walnuts that weren't soaked (? what do you do..gotta go with it!) Then I dropped by big spoonfuls a couple inches in diameter onto teflex sheets and dehydrated. Flipped after a couple hours & dehydrated overnight..

Amazing for breakfast. Now thats comfort food!

They are actually similar to ( & I am sure I was inspired by this) another recipe I concocted & posted here. If you want a recipe to follow, this one is great . And keep in mind that with raw recipes its easy to add and omit things, change it around according to what you have in stock, and still have it turn out and taste great. You will know by tasting the dough before you dehydrate..if its hard to stop eating it .. it'll turn out great.
Dehydrating can intensify flavours, but doesn't change them a lot.


Banana Island said...

I love creating raw "recipes." The cookies sound yummy! :)

Big Warm Hugs!

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

They were a huge hit.. Everyone loved them! Easy and fun tomake.. just throw everything that resembles those ingredients in a bowl- stir, drop by spoonfuls & dehydrate..Yummm
& what a breakfast!! Hugs back! x