Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cookies and Ice-Cream for breakfast

One of the wonderful things about eating raw is that I feel good eating anything I feel like, whenever I feel like it. For instance I am sitting here now, typing this, with a container of cookies, fresh from the dehydrator - mmm, & a bowl of ice cream.. for breakfast! Loving it & knowing its really good for me also. It's just a win-win situation.

The cookies are something I came up with to use up the almond pulp from making almond milk yesterday. They're quite good. This is the recipe.. but you can substitute things. I used hemp butter.. I just happen to have some that Michael made & gave me awhile ago.. but it's not the easiest thing to come by. So use almond butter or hemp seeds ground or more nuts and coconut butter.. you know. My Mom sent me this amazing organic vanilla powder.. same deal, just use regular vanilla.. but anyone who's been raw for any length of time knows that recipes are easily changed & often come out great.. It's really fun to experiment with raw foods.


1 c almond pulp
1 1/2 c dates
1 apple
1 banana
1 T hemp butter
1/2 t vanilla powder
1/2 c walnuts
1/2 c coconut flakes

Blend 1st 6 ingredients in food processor. Then add walnuts & coconut and pulse chop in.
Place by spoonfuls on teflex sheets & dehydrate overnight. 115 degrees. You can then transfer to mesh & dehydrate another couple hours.. mine didn't make it to this stage.

Ice Cream

There are so many ways to make raw ice cream. The simplest is probably just putting fresh fruit through a juicer with a blank screen (single or twin gear juicers) You freeze the fruit first and then put it through. Bananas & mangoes stay soft when frozen. For berry flavour alternate berries with banana. You can also use coconut & cashews and lots of other things.

Many people use a food processor to make ice cream - make cashew cream in ice cube trays first - then they can be blended with other fruit in a processor.

I made this batch in my blender (K-tec, now known as Blend-tec) I had bananas that needed to be used up so I put them in with some maple syrup (I know not raw - you can substitute agave), hemp butter, and squares of Chocosol chocolate that I happen to have here. Mine are a vintage batch - we were joking about collecting different flavours, we could trade them., sell them on Ebay.. they change the flavours so much! lol (Their Sawako Snow w/coconut would have been amazing also.. ). Oh & then after it was blended I chopped up a few chocolate cookies and mixed them in. I called the ice-cream Chocolate Cookie Explosion.

p.s. if any Chocosol people are reading this.. I know I owe Michael a ton of cookies!!! (I really stocked up on chocolate when he left and we're bartering.) & I will make more soon. Tell him, ok? .. and say hi & give him a hug for me.. & well, give everyone a hug from me.. I am having a very funny visual of you all hugging over there.
Oh, and what about a phone #??? That's just crazy.. the only business I know where you can't call. & no way to get in touch with you through your website.. how underground can you go???

I miss you! Big HuGs!!!


Mathieu said...

we're too cool for the overground.

Roots stem from the underground soon we'll burst out from the cement of Toronto's center, a big strong cacao tree house kitchen...

Robin said...

Can't wait!
much Love & support to the underground for your reappearance.
Grow strong!