Sunday, May 27, 2007

My life: work, people, food - Mex spice blend, parties and creating

so I think it's finally time to write some personal stuff.

Let's see.. what's been going on? lots of work.. but Thank God I like where I work.. I get to meet lots of interesting people..many raw people, some starting out on their raw journey.. some far into it. & we tend to attract people who are health conscious, sometimes athletic, sometimes combating some disease and trying to cure themselves naturally. It can be very inspiring in that sense. Also we tend to attract free-thinking creative people: artists, musicians, metaphysicians, environmentalists, etc.

Sometimes I feel like some people are just drawn there.. I feel I was.. I have this belief that I, and most of us, have lived many lifetimes before this one (or simultaneously, but thats another topic) anyway.. I sometimes, no- I often, feel like people are brought here that I have known before.. and it is like this meeting ground. Anyway, whether or not this is true, I really enjoy the people who tend to show up there.

People I have met in the last few days.. a guy who has been raw for 15+ years, he said he used to be 80% but for the past few years has been 92% and is feeling better all the time. One thing I've learned is that going raw is different for everyone.. almost everyone has their own way of transitioning and maintaining the lifestyle/diet. & Thats the way it should be.. it's hard ultimately to follow 100% someone else's style.. it's best to listen to everyone and follow your heart and pick what works well for you. (providing you have good common sense and want the best for yourself - which isn't always the case.. but like I said, everyone's different)

..a guy who's wife was just getting back from Hippocrates and he was stocking up on his way to pick her up from the airport, loaded with 2 boxes full of sprouts, wheatgrass, coconut cakes, etc .. he had been raw a few weeks, months? and was really into it.. he said they're calling it The Diet to Save the Planet.

a few people who were just transitioning and were looking or interested in raw information. I love that.. when it's not too busy & I have a bit of time to talk. Perfect place to come.. thats one thing I def have.. raw info. ..& I love to see people excited and inspired.

I got some great recipes.. talked to a lady who is not raw but incorporates a lot of raw concepts. She makes sesame milk every 2nd day, big batches which she keeps in the fridge, trying to get calcium into her daughter. She uses it in smoothies & whenever she can, . I hardly ever make sesame milk.. and haven't been eating tahini much lately, go through phases with food. But I am going to try this as a change from almond milk. She says to soak the seeds (overnight), rinse well and blend 1 c seeds to 2 c water.

I got a recipe from a guy who uses his almond pulp and makes a bread out of it with bananas, cacao, flax, agave, sometimes walnuts.. I have almonds soaking right now mainly for the purpose of getting pulp to try this.

What else is going on in my kitchen?

I am excited that I finally got it together to make a Mexican spice blend. I have not been able to find one lately & have thought that I should try just mixing one up myself. Most Mexican-taco seasonings have maltodextrin or msg or other additives. So, this is what I mixed up & it works.. although it is really spicy so if you don't like hot & are going to try this.. cut down on the hot stuff. (& next time I will definitely double this- it's really good.)

Hot Mexican Spice Blend

1t Onion powder
1t Garlic powder
1t Celtic Salt
1/2 t Chili powder
1/2 t Cumin
1/4 t Coriander
1/4 t crushed red pepper flakes
1/8 t cayenne

Grind all together in spice (coffee) grinder.

That was fun - great success.
Jim & I just got in from our biggest grocery shop yet -300$. wow. I had just moved & reorganized my spices earlier this week & just restocked. Spices are fun.

What has been going on in the party scene?

I actually missed a big Raw party last night - my sister in law & family just opened their pool & had their 1st pool party of the season. That was great seeing friends I only get to see usually these days at get-togethers.. some times life can get busy. But thank God for sister-in-laws holding pool parties! yeah, she had lots of raw food for me when I got there.. salads and cut-up fruits & veggies. But, just in case, I brought a raw pizza. I had made a circular earth Bread sheet, spread pate, sundried tomato pesto, sprouts, shoyu, cucumbers, red peppers, etc

anything else?

My brother hasn't sent out the USB cable yet, like he said he was going to.. he's fallen in love and I think he's lost sense of time and space and everything mundane temporarily.. thats ok, he's really happy! .. so I went & bought one & will be experimenting with getting video downloaded onto the computer, editing and then getting it online. I'm kind of excited about this. I (& esp Mi-San) have lots of raw contacts!

& now I feel I am typing too much & need to get painting. Down to the art cave..
hast luego mi amigos.. Caio4now.

Keep it colourful.. spicy.. and fun!


Mathieu Sol said...

Let me know when you're free this week and maybe I can help you out with the editing!

A Sprinkled Life said...

What can I say Keiko rock! I love this blog. Thanks for your constant inspiration!

Keiko Ti said...

Thank you! Your comments make me so happy!!!

Mathieu.. keep in touch. Kaiyas using the videocamera for an English project. I told her when she figures out how to download (upload?) it to let me know. lol But I will get Adobe Premier downloaded & get in touch with you after that. Thank you so much!!! Hugs!

Have a spectacular day, both of you.. and thanks for helping to make mine more special.

Love Life!