Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some great Raw blogs

Wow! I had such a fun & busy weekend. Mi-San and I went on our 1st raw video road trip. The video camera came in the mail just as I was about to leave for work.. amazing time, 2 days - regular mail. Way to go, Canada post!!! Thanks.

We packed a case of mangoes, our soon-to-be, if not already, famous Earth Bread - sandwich toppings, lots more fruit & sprouts & salad, our video cameras and off we went.

Now to figure out video editing.. I think I need a cord to get it onto the computer.. so much to figure out. But before long we should have videos to post.

For Now.. I have found some amazing raw blogs.. they seem to be increasing at an incredible rate.

This doesn't surprise me. I think the raw food movement is bound to take off in a big way soon. I sometimes think of it as like we are in the stage just before when something big really takes off. Like the underbrush catching fire but its not quite visible until it just all goes up in flames. ..and like how things just change with new technology, innovation. Like the assembly line.. all of a sudden everyone was manufacturing like this and then everything changed.

Maybe we all are starting to see its time to go back & at least take a good look at whats going on.. and maybe do something about it.

& Thank God for the internet. This is the truly free democracy (unless you get too controversial & wiped out - it happens). The internet definitely gives power back to the people. It's great to see people having a say..

That being said - Some really great raw blogs:

A Raw Yogi Journal - Finding my way back to Mother Nature

Raw Glow

Raw Food with Jessica

The Raw Vegan Princess

Filling Up on Life

Shell's Raw Blog

The Sunny Raw Kitchen

The Green Smoothie Experiment

Going Bananas

Raw Cuisine - Food for Consciousness

My Raw Food Blog

photo from www.pluckthepetal.com


Valerie Winters said...

Nice blog and website. I just linked you to my blog, I hope that’s OK. I also am a huge fan of the Internet as an avenue of free speech. Best wishes.

Keiko Ti said...

Hi Valerie.. Thank you!!
I am so impressed with what you are accomplishing with green smoothies. I was telling my mom, who pretty much lives on green smoothies also.. about you & your site and she was amazed.
We both wish you lots of success and will keep in touch.
(the green smoothie experiment website)
Best wishes!!!