Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy Anniversary Rawketscience! - Top 10

I just received an e-mail which I need to share. This is great!

Has it been a year? Wow.

My very own - a Rawketscience - Top 10!
: )

1) So many things, so many topics.. I am amazed when I hear someone say they are bored. That is so symptomatic of a junk-food, depressed state of mind and body. Raw food gives you so much energy, enthusiasm, creativity etc etc.. & I truly, truly believe it.
& miracles do happen.. every day!

2) Thank you to the universe, & for being blessed with the knowledge I have about life. Thank you for music and rainbows and laughter and smiles. Thank you for humour, Thank you for love. Thank you for tropical islands.. and colourful fish, and not so colourful fish, and tropical fruit, and not so tropical fruit and green smoothies and babies and sprouts and my computer and my zebra blanket and Hugs and life, and life, and Life! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

3) It was this.. maybe a little hard to explain or understand unless you've felt it.. but it is a very alive, aware, plugged in, connected feeling.. almost sexual, but not sexual.. something different.. I remember thinking it was like having intercourse with the universe.. very high.. & I'm still tingling

4) I have so much, the beauty & love of the roses & mostly about the breatharian and how he really needs nothing, not even food, he has so much abundance.. we all do. At one point –in the most frustrating moment of being late, I almost felt teary at the worldly frustration/spiritual joy of everything..

5) Am off.. bursting back into real life.. had this image of being a 2d character coming back to 3D.

6) We know a lot less than we believe.
& yet we know everything.
because we are everything

7) my cells were buzzing, I felt in love with everything, that's not so unusual, I get that a lot.. but everything loved me back.. I don't know, it doesn't sound as good as it felt.

8) So we would have freedoms that we don't have now – like we'd be able to have sex on the street.. hey, not hurting anyone (interesting example ; ) Made me think that maybe this is where my authority issues come from. I do have them.. have always been a natural born rebel, in a very peaceful way.. can't help it, its just who I am.

9) For instance once I was really seeking to be more spiritual, and I suddenly saw the light in fruit, literally, like how light shines through it, and it glistens, and I realized that I could become lighter by eating lighter. Fruit literally brings light in to your body.

10) For instance, say I'm red and my partner is yellow, we would both become orangish. If my partner was blue we would both become purplish. However if my partner was green then we would both become mud.. , which is bad.. unless you like being mud.

p.s. that was amazing. I enjoyed that very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

(I would like to give credit for the pic but not sure where it came from.)


shebytches said...


Robin said...

Thanks Carolina,
Just checked out your blog.. glad you are doing so well!

shebytches said...

any time!

I check your blog daily for my inspiration :)

Did you find in the beginning that your appetite changed. the first few days was on the edge of hungry no matter how much I ate, then for a few weeks, appetite shrunk, now back to hungry again. I am assuming it is just my body adjusting.

xo carolina

A Sprinkled Life said...

Congrats! I agree with She...I love your blog and inspiration! One day I hope to be raw just like you!

Robin said...

Wow.. you guys are amazing. You can and will be raw whenever you feel it's right for you. I jumped right in, but everyone's different. ..and everyones adjustment is different.

Yes, Caroline, the hungry-satiated feeling is an adjustment that for the most part goes away after awhile also.. but thats different for everyone also. This is dependent on a lot of factors.. one being if you eat any cooked food & how much. The raw ratio. Many things, but this is where the dehydrated (more filling) foods come in handy. & smoothies.. you can get a lot of food in in a smoothie. I tend to eat a lot! ..but I have a high metabolism..some people go raw & don't eat very much.
so many factors.. so little time, am putting on my boots as I write this to go catch the bus.
..running now : )
Think you're doing great!
Congrats to you.