Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Exotic fruits

I tried jackfruit last night on my way home from work for the 1st time. It was in a smoothie with mango & honey and water - from Gingers, a restaurant around the corner from work, right across from Organics on Bloor (where I was headed). Most of the food is far away from raw but they have durian and jackfruit & lots of other fruit smoothies.
I was curious to try a jackfruit & still am anxious to try it on it's own. Amy was telling me how much more she likes it than a durian. Its something like a durian in shape but smoother bumps, not as spiky on the outside.

On Sunday I went to Little India to get some saffron for the raw Paella dish I made and tried guavas again. I tried them last year and they were not good.. but I had heard they were. This time they were amazing. Weird seeds in there tho. they're hard - I just ate the whole thing, seeds & all. But I could really use a fruit expert around here.

There are so many amazing fruit - the mangosteen! I have tried this one and it's so good.. but it's expensive - esp for the size of it.

& I haven't tried a cherimoya yet, but hear it's incredible also.

& passionfruit!
I made a passionfruit sauce before.. Mmmm...

Wow! I am looking up so many fruit pics that I have never tried before.. it's amazing. One day I will try them all! granadilla, kiwano, kudoonia, rambutan, salak, vigiimari..

& I could go on & on.. but have to drive Kaiya to her friends & get ready for work.

& Then there's real life. ..and maybe another jackfruit smoothie on the way home. : )

P.S. Simon says K&K market on Spadina, in Chinatown, close to Kensington market.. has the best fruit. They usually have durians and you can get the best papayas there. They let you taste things, theres a guy out in front with fruit who will cut pieces off for you to try. I think I've been there.. will have to go see if it's where I am thinking. yikes, I better run.... later..

Have a most adventurous and triumphant day!!! : )

guava pic -
jackfruit pic -

cherimoya pic - - home of Leo & Betty Manuel -

At our home in San Diego, you will find such fruit as Mango, Banana, Cherimoya, Pitanga, Guava, Rose Apple, Cherry-of-the-Rio-Grande, Atemoya, Capulin Cherry, Longan, Passion Fruit, White Sapote, Black Sapote, Papaya, Jakfruit, Carambola, Citrus, Jujube, Pineapple, Japanese Persimmon, Pitaya, and a few others. Most people in the United States would call those rare fruit.

Mango is my favorite fruit, but Pitahaya (aka Pitaya, Dragon Fruit, etc.) has taken up most of my time and energy in recent years. Paul Thomson in nearby Bonsall has experimented with crossing different Hylocereus varieties. Most of my plants came from him.

mangosteen pic -

passionfruit -

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