Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 9 - Master Cleanse & Fermenting Vegetables

These are the beautiful 30 Litre Crocks from Germany that we just had shipped in for fermenting vegetables in ..and now after a busy weekend chopping and pressing and preparing vegetables they are all filled, or at lest 1/2 filled. Everyone different. Always lots of experimentation going on!!

I was a little concerned, because I have been doing this Master Cleanse and its getting towards the end and its a lot of manual labour pickling. But I should have known, and down deep I did know, that it would all work out. because the universe always orchestrates things to flow.. I am understanding by now that you just have to go with it. and just do your best. : ) ..and it was smooth., of course! Although as for me, I must tell you for the past 2 nights I have been dreaming of food. Last night there was about 10 types of raw pizza laid out and I starting trying them and eating.. and I remembered I was on my cleanse, and thought I blew it..but then I woke up. Crazy.. sometimes my dream life and real life get so intertwined.

So in about 6 weeks they will be ready, but we will get to test in 3!! : ) & see, perfect timing for the cleanse.. nothing to taste this week. I have been so disciplined this time.. not even smelling foods like I usually do.. just staying with drinking lemon juice, although I'm starting to get a bit bored.. but perfect timing, its over tomorrow. I must say I am soo looking forward to food again!

Fermented Vegetables

Fermented vegetables are made with lactic acid bacteria, which is a valuable technique humans have been using for thousands of years. This preservation method has numerous health advantages. Fermented vegetables are rich in nutrients, fiber and digestion-enhancing enzymes. They also help the intestinal tract maintain a healthy balance of flora by increasing beneficial bacteria.

Fermentation and its Health Benefits By Robert L Lawrence M.Ed., D.C., D.A.C.B.N.

The Myriad Health and Fermentation Benefits of Lactic Acid Bacteria

The ancient Greeks understood that important chemical changes took place during fermentation. Their name for this change was “alchemy.” ...preservation of vegetables and fruits by the process of lacto-fermentation has numerous advantages beyond those of simple preservation. Starches and sugars in vegetables and fruits are converted into lactic acid by the many species of lactic acid-producing bacteria. These lactobacilli are present on the surface of all living things, and are especially numerous on leaves, roots, and plants growing in or near the ground. The proliferation of lactobacilli in fermented vegetables enhances their digestibility and increases vitamin levels. These beneficial organisms also produce numerous helpful enzymes. Their main by-product, lactic acid, not only keeps vegetables and fruits in a state of perfect preservation, but also promotes the growth of healthy flora throughout the intestines. Lactic acid is a natural preservative that inhibits putrefying bacteria. Other alchemical by-products include hydrogen peroxide and small amounts of benzoic acid..

It has been said that what is old becomes new again. The ancient wisdom of lacto-fermentation has truly proven itself through time and cultures as an invaluable artisanal craft with far-reaching nutritional benefits to the health of modern man. Got culture? If not, then investigate the health benefits of fermentation and fermented foods.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 5 - Master Cleanse 09

So, I'm doing it again - The Master Cleanse. I love this and every once in awhile, about once a year I get the urge to do it.. and so I do. This time it happened quite spur of the moment, just before going out to a party..but despite that I started the next day. & it turns out i am quite sure I caught something - something light - maybe H1N1?? a few people at the party just had the vaccine, one earlier that day.. not even going to go there. I'm quite anti-vaccine, for the most part.
Thats ok, nothing serious.. and I am happy to report that all has been well since day 1. No headaches, not minding, again for the most part, not eating. In fact, I am realizing that I like the discipline of it. That I am in charge of what I put in my body. & I know that I always enjoy food so much afterwards.. I feel great, slimmer (ok, so I out on 2-5 lbs lately ; ) cleaner, hmm.. more energetic? I am usually quite energetic.. but yes, fastng & cleansing really clears up everything.. Its like doing spring (fall) cleaning. Its good.. and to be honest I almost feel like its out of my hands this time.. hard to explain, its like I am just doing it. so much so that its almost hard to say I'm using discipline.. maybe my body just knows the routine by now but its super easy this time.

A friend asked me why I would be doing this (because I already eat a very clean diet!) & its almost hard to say.. I guess because I think that even though eating raw for 5 or so years will clean out my system, there has to be a huge buildup from before - 40 years of eating and ingesting a lot of bad stuff!! ..I marvel sometimes how I thought I was 'healthy' back then!

Here is what My Burroughs, the creator of this diet, says about its purpose and when to do it.

To dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion that have formed in any part of the body.
To cleanse the kidneys and the digestive system.
To purify the glands and cells throughout the entire body.
To eliminate all unusable waste and hardened material in the joints and muscles.
To relieve pressure and irritation in the nerves, arteries, and blood vessels.
To build a healthy blood stream.
To keep youth and elasticity regardless of our years.
When to use it?
When sickness has developed—for all acute and chronic conditions.
When the digestive system needs a rest and a cleansing.
When overweight has become a problem.
When better assimilation and building of body tissue is needed.

What is the Master Cleanse - basically its just drinking a Lemonade drink - solely, for anywhere from 10 - 40 days. I am doing it for 10 days. & I make each cup-glass with 1/2 Lemon, about 2 T Maple syrup and almost 1/4 t cayenne. Maybe too much cayenne.. I'll blame my Mom, she just posted about boosting her immune system and making her own 'liquid fire' here. My Mom is awesome!!

I just looked in the book - The actual ingredients are 2 T Lemon juice, 2 T Maple syrup and 1/10 t Cayenne. Yikes, oh, the things I do to my body. ; )

There is a website to download or read the pdf here.

& another good website on it here.

There is tons of information online, just Google the Master Cleanse.

oh & also.. you can do this all-raw, and I did it one time, mostly.. using pure sugar cane juice instead of the maple syrup. Here in Toronto sugar cane juic eis made on the streets in the summer in Chinatown.. and just up the street from me in Little India. It may be available inside some places when its not seasonal to have outside.

Cheers, y Salud, to a beautiful, clean, healthy and happy body!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Times Are Changing: A look into the coming cycle

Hi. Firstly on a personal note.. I have just started a Master Cleanse again, yesterday.. today is day 2. I know, not completely raw, I'm using maple syrup.. I am not convinced agave is much better, or at all, esp with all this controversy over how raw agave is. & I love maple syrup and it is filled with minerals etc, although no life force - and we all know how important life force is, right? I am convinced that it totally supersedes all of the important things we know or think we know about food now. Sometimes the studies just dont make sense.. following vitamin, mineral levels, fat & protein content etc. When you can eat just living food from the tree and feel so much better.. no matter what you are eating, if its filled with life force energy its just better.. & why arent we testing the light force energy of food.. its electrical nature? I believe we are starting to be tested electrically.. why not our food?
but one day it will all inevitable come out in the wash.. things always do.. and I have just taken a crazy turn in my little talk. : )

So I went out the night before last to a very fun party and had a couple glasses of red wine. I had decided just before going also that I was going to start a master cleanse in the morning.. so really - not wise! I really should have known better.. and suffered a headache yesterday. But I thought it was kind of strange.. as I only had a couple glasses of wine, not a lot, and I should have an incredibly clean system. Someone suggested maybe I caught a flu, and it made me wonder.. cause I felt almost slightly feverish, not enough to be called a flu and maybe the headaches were just something passing through. Anyway, that was really strange.
(note from later on in the day: it def was the flu, my son had it too, feverish and with headaches.. but it is almost gone with him also - 1 day, not bad ; )

But today I am feeling amazing.. lemon juice at hand.. on to day 2.
& I went last night to see Men Who Stare at Goats - I really enjoyed it, maybe a little close to home. lol I mean with the New Earth Army and psychic superheroes.. they were being serious right? cause I was. Loved it. not crazy special effects. it would have worked fine on a small screen too.. but I really enjoy when someone comes out with a new idea.

We had the intention of going to see the a movie from Spain - Bajo las Estrellas (Under the Stars). The European Film Festival has just started - 2 weeks of films from all over Europe, different countries send int heir selections and they are shown at mainly rep theaters around the city. & they are all free, but although we arrived a half hour early, tickets were sold out.

ok, finally.. this is a long one.
I just received an e-mail from Darinka, so thank you Darinka! and she gives thanks to Alex and Allan in Hawaii .. so I will forward that also.
This is about the upcoming astrological changes forcasted for up to the end of 2010.

The Times Are Changing: A look into the coming cycle


I feel compelled to write this note about what we astrologers are seeing coming. We are in the beginning of a very unique time in history that will redefine the foundations of our lives. The astrological circumstances are uncommon and very dramatic. Change is likely to affect every level of our being, even though each person will feel it differently and in varying degrees of intensity.

I’m writing this note so that you may make better use of this time and understand what it is about. As astrologers we are aware of cycles that affect our existence; because this coming cycle is very unique, I feel it is important to share this information. I will try to keep it simple and not burden you with a long text and excessive details.

There are multiple planetary bodies that are gradually forming a very particular and rare alignment. This configuration began to form during the fall of 2008. Politically, that time was when the economical crisis exploded and when US president Barack Obama was elected. The configuration will move into a second phase during November 2009 and January/February 2010. (Saturn will move into the Cardinal sign of Libra and will form powerful angle to Pluto in Capricorn)

The third phase is probably the most dramatic and intense, and will occur from the end of June to the end of July 2010, when all the factors of the configuration will align together in a cross at the very beginning of Cardinal signs in astrology. (Cardinal signs are the signs of new cycles. The planets in questions are Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars).These planets are slow moving bodies and therefore it is absolutely exceptional that these slow moving bodies end up all aligned in a cross on these very sensitive degrees!

In normal circumstances, some people go through changes while others continue their routine. Here the alignment is so strong and dramatic that everyone’s life can be considerably affected… it is likely that your life will not be the same by fall 2010! The question that often arises is:" Is it bad, or is it good?" The answer is that it depends on the way one deals with the events; a conscious approach can make a difference.

One thing for certain: do not expect security, consistency, and predictability during this time. Reality is bound to change fast and so it is better to move with the flow, while remaining conscious of what is going on. Flexibility is one of the most important assets during this time. This influence is analogous to a gigantic wave forming…you can ride on that wave and go farther than ever expected — experience a powerful transformation that can elevate you to new grounds. But this wave can also destroy a lot of what you are currently attached to.

Redefinition may occur in different fields: you may change vocation, relationships, location, mindsets, to name but a few. New people will move into your life, current ones may leave. New ideas and projects will develop and you may feel inspired to completely reinvent yourself! The cards are re-shuffled! This is a time of an awakening, a revolution…an internal and social revolution.

Everything is shaking up… everything…from November 2009 until August 2010, nothing will stay still. It can be very good, but you have to learn to navigate these changes and seize opportunity when it comes. Don’t try to have it all perfect, don’t try to keep the cake and eat it: change can take you to a completely new and perhaps higher level of what you are about, but you will have to let go of your security during this time. It is a time for risk, reinvention, new ideas, new concepts, new vision, and the impetus to make it happen. Marriages may break, jobs and possessions may be lost, people may get sick, and simultaneously, new relationships may emerge, new passion may awaken, a completely new lifestyle is in the making...You are embarking on an adventure whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not. My suggestion: make peace with the idea, don’t resist the adventure. If you are accepting it, you will make the best of it. If you fight and resist it, you won’t win. This is what I mean by being open to risk taking… it may be time to take that "plunge!"

Risking does not mean giving in to every silly venture. It is about hearing a calling for truth…things you have denied, postponed, avoided, feared, but things you know were true. This is a time to be more truthful and follow a calling.

Collectively, while the forces of corruption and manipulation may attempt to control the course of events, they are bound to disintegrate. Scandals will continue to hit the news…Natural events will continue to shake the earth. At worst, a war may break during summer 2010 or later because dramatic changes can spur fear and conflict. But it does not have to go that way; we are creators of our own destiny in the midst of the given circumstances.

As you go through these changes, it is crucial that you take good care of your immune system because as positive as changes may be, they can overwhelm you and weaken your immune system: eat more healthy, avoid fast sugar, ingest raw garlic and onions daily (sandwich), exercise, take time out of the intensity loop, do not let negativity take

over—these are basic tips that can keep you grounded.

Importantly: the situation heating up is like a piece of molten iron that can be beaten into a better form—personally and collectively.Be an ambassador of good and avoid wasting time on trivial details. For example, as we see the earth being depleted and all resources and species dwindling, people waste time arguing if global warming is or is not happening…if it is man-made or not! IT DOESN’T MATTER! What matters is that the natural world is vanishing before our eyes because of our misaligned actions: excessive pollution, deforestation, and peaking toxicity levels are a reality beyond global warming debates.

Similarly, the economy is not likely to stabilize any time soon…but perhaps, necessarily so. And so it will be with many other aspects of your will not have immediate answers. Be patient and keep doing your best. When the cycle will complete, new circumstances will emerge. This cannot be artificially rushed. These dramatic times are an opportunity for us to restructure our lives, personally and collectively. As many things are being redefined, we can relinquish bad habits and attachments, open up to new ideas, and invest in what works rather than settle for immediate gratification. Patience is another essential asset.

In this context, do not expect others to change for the better if you don’t do it yourself. We blame the governments and project our frustration on distant "evils," but fail to open our hearts ourselves. Being pro-active may work better than being self-righteous.


October 30 to early December 2009

January 15 to February 15, 2010

June 25 to August 5, 2010

November 1 to December 26, 2010


Understand this is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves in a better way.

Understand there will be a price to pay, something may need to go.

If you lose something or someone, understand this is the sign of these times, use a crisis to venture into new horizons and create something new.

Understand this is an adventure and risk must be taken.

Understand that this is not a time when we can expect security—we are in transition.

Listen to your inner truth, make you life truly happen now.

Take care of your immune system: avoid bad diets in general…they render you vulnerable to opportunistic viruses.

Support your friends and family, we all shall need one another for support during this transition time.

Cultivate your spiritual practice: this is also important for your immune system.

Do your best to do good: whatever you seed now will have effect now and later.

There is probably more than can be said and explained, but you get the point… An incredible opportunity is arising, now and throughout 2010…this type of cycle has not happened in recent history. We can expect a certain level of destruction to occur—that is the price to pay…but the prospect of experiencing an awakening and creating a better future is now within reach. We are now in the midst of a revolution—a cultural, social, and political revolution. On a personal level, it is a conceptual, emotional, and or spiritual revolution…truly, it is in the making!

I wish you the very best and infinite blessings during this time and beyond! May you be guided and manifest the highest of your potential…

With love,


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Body Artist Emma Hack

This is raw-related in that Raw bodies = Great Bodies to paint! : )

Body Artist - Emma Hack

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Lion Whisperer

Kevin Richardson, zoologist and animal behaviouralist, raises and trains some of the most dangerous animals known to man. To do this he does not use the common methods of breaking the animal's spirit with sticks and chains, instead he uses love, understanding and trust.

With this unusual method of training he has developed some exceptionally personal bonds with his students. He sleeps with lions, cuddles newborn hyenas, swims with lionesses. Kevin can confidently look into their eyes, crouch to the their level and even lie down with them - all taboos in the normal world of wild animal handling - yet he has never been mauled or attacked. Some call him crazy; others shake their heads at his unique method of interacting with the animals. And Kevin's secret - get to know the particular personality of each animal, what makes them angry, happy, upset, irritated - just like a mother with a child.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Got Milk? Yes! Almond and Sesame

This morning I made sesame milk. I always have almond milk in the fridge because I love it in my tea and on my cereal, etc.. and its really easy to make.

Take a cup (or 2) of almonds and soak them 8-12 hours. I either soak overnight & make in the morning or soak in the morning and make at night.

Then when they have soaked for a few hours - (if they soak over 12, then just put in the fridge, you can soak them there for a week if you want to) When ready, Rinse almonds, put into blender and put 2-3x as much water.
1 c almonds: 3 c water or 2 c Almonds to 6 c Water .. ] if you want rich almond cream, just add less water. easy.
Blend and strain. A nut milk bag is easiestto use and they are getting easier to find all the time (health food store- I saw them at the Big Carrot recently) . ..or use cheesecloth.

Strain into a big bowl ..and when done I use a measuring cup to transfer into glass bottles.

ok, Sesame! This was new for me.. but also easy.

Soak 1 c sesame seeds for 6-9 hours and drain and let sit in a fine metal sieve strainer for 4-8 hours to sprout. Then transfer to blender and do the same as almond milk.. add water, blend, strain and bottle. Oh, I added and blended 2 dates with the sesame seeds.. I recommend that, but not necessary. I prefer almond milk..but the nutritional level of Sesame seeds is huge!!! Really incredibly nutritious little seeds. : )

Enjoy the milk that works for you, not against you!!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Inspirational Blogs

Hi. wow, I know its been awhile.. oops a week, thats not like me! ; ) It seems that when I was working full time and more busy I found more time for blogging, which seems strange. But life can be a little strange sometimes.

So, yes, I have a few things I have been meaning to tell you.. here & there I come across, or think of something interesting.. and then I just continue with my Spanish lesson.. and my creating raw recipes and experimenting there ..and all of a sudden its a week later. But the good news is that I am understanding lots of Spanish.. this has been a thing I have wanted and felt intimidated by (learning languages) pretty much my whole life..and they are fascinating. More than I even realized!! & so now that I have this time & I am just immersing myself in it.. listening to Radio from Spain, which sometimes I understand, sometimes not, reading, listening, watching.. and now I have a huge vocabulary arsenal, understand lots of what I hear.. still need to work more on verbs, but they're coming.. but I had a dream that I was understanding everything in Spanish but I couldn't help fix something because I couldnt speak.. so now I somehow have to get words out of my mouth.

I'm not so concerned with whats going in (lots of great things!! lol) but what needs to come out (Spanish words) ..and so I appologize that my focus has been elsewhere, its temporary.. cause if my schedule is correct I should be fluent any time soon..

So for now, when I think of those things, I will try to come post right away and not take so long. keep in touch ..come and say hi once a little more often. : )

& now, I am leaving you with some Random Inspirational Blogs - Inspiration is always good!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Eating Cooked

Ahh,, theres nothing like a fresh fruit day. ...unless its a fresh juice day.. both good..but today, Fruit!! Theres something so enlivening about both of these.. juice, fresh fruit, juicy.. hmm.. and speaking of juicy, I wanted to mention something.

I ate some cooked food awhile ago, it doesn't happen often, .. Well, just so you know my history - for 3-4 years I ate 100% raw, vegan. Then in the last year, or so.. I started eating a bit of cooked food here & there, often with others..actually always with others.. still always staying about 90% raw at least.. and consciously choosing the foods I ate.. but it was for 2 reasons I chose to do so - 1 was grounding when I was going through emotionally turbulent times (so nice to be returned to peace & harmony!) and 2 was to share food with others, it was a communal thing, which I have discovered is very, very important.. there is a bond we form between us when we eat the same food together.

But one thing I noticed when I ate cooked food is that the next morning I would have a stiffness in my joints, it was slight but it was there.. and I would eat all raw, and it is gone. Interesting. I have a friend who went all raw a couple summers ago and that was the 1st thing she noticed.. her joints, which were tight and sore, became loose and she was flexible again.. and without pain.

I've noticed its a lot of work to eat cooked food, and hard on the body! Hmm!??

Monday, November 02, 2009

Thought for the Day: Live like the God You are !! ..and some Quantum Physics ; )

Hi. I am just in from a funeral. Another friend, more cancer.. wow. I don't usually go into it..but, wow. ok thats all I am going to say. but I will post a video on thoughts on God and religion, interesting topics for the evening. ..and I'll go get a bowl of pineapple and chocolate !? and come and watch too! ; )
photos by Kristin Kotarski Hell Fire Diva

What the Bleep do we Know?: The Concept of God and Religion