Thursday, November 12, 2009

Got Milk? Yes! Almond and Sesame

This morning I made sesame milk. I always have almond milk in the fridge because I love it in my tea and on my cereal, etc.. and its really easy to make.

Take a cup (or 2) of almonds and soak them 8-12 hours. I either soak overnight & make in the morning or soak in the morning and make at night.

Then when they have soaked for a few hours - (if they soak over 12, then just put in the fridge, you can soak them there for a week if you want to) When ready, Rinse almonds, put into blender and put 2-3x as much water.
1 c almonds: 3 c water or 2 c Almonds to 6 c Water .. ] if you want rich almond cream, just add less water. easy.
Blend and strain. A nut milk bag is easiestto use and they are getting easier to find all the time (health food store- I saw them at the Big Carrot recently) . ..or use cheesecloth.

Strain into a big bowl ..and when done I use a measuring cup to transfer into glass bottles.

ok, Sesame! This was new for me.. but also easy.

Soak 1 c sesame seeds for 6-9 hours and drain and let sit in a fine metal sieve strainer for 4-8 hours to sprout. Then transfer to blender and do the same as almond milk.. add water, blend, strain and bottle. Oh, I added and blended 2 dates with the sesame seeds.. I recommend that, but not necessary. I prefer almond milk..but the nutritional level of Sesame seeds is huge!!! Really incredibly nutritious little seeds. : )

Enjoy the milk that works for you, not against you!!


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