Thursday, July 31, 2008

Aphrodisiatic Bliss Tea, Pixies and the Shining Sun

Cooling Summer Sorrel Tea or Aphrodisiatic Bliss Tea (Set your Intention)

Steep Sorrel (or hibiscus),

Add Mint leaves,

Rose Petals,

Lime ..or Lemon, (however according to Ayurvedic medicine, lime is cooling and lemon is heating.)

Optional - Sandalwood - a sacred soothing, calming, purifying and cooling Ayurvedic herb - from the Sandal tree, the wood can be steeped or use a drop of the essential oil.

Bhrami - known to improve mental condition, boost memory, increase basic intelligence..

or get creative and add create your own herbal formula..

This drink is best steeped for a long time, overnight is best, the flavours get enhanced and blend when they sit together over time..

Strain mixture and add agave or maple syrup to taste.

How could I ever come in my life to be called a Pixie!!??!?

Maybe it's the songs that I can't get out of my head these days !!!??


Eu sou brilho do sol
Eu sou brillho do mar
Dou brilho as estrelas
Pourque todas me acompanham

Eu sou brilho do mar
Eu vivo no vento
Eu brilho na floresta
Pourque ela me pertence

I am the shine of Sun
I am the shine of Moon
I give the stars their shine
Because they all accompany me

I am the shine of sea
I live in the wind
I shine in the forest
Because it belongs to me

Vision Quest

Just a short post - I have to head off - am working a full day, opening & closing, Rawlicious and on only a few hours sleep, cause I was off on another spiritual journey last night. I had many wonderful miracaos (visions) and am feeling so clear today (but a little tired) Hope I can pass it off, but my boss reads my blog, lol, oops. So a huge inner adventure and off to the spirit world. I did a lot of inner work last night, got some things straightened out about my past, spiritual sacred contract that have been made - important information on how the spiritual and material world interact, advice, knowledge and a beautiful unfolding sequence telling me that everything in the world (on our planet) is absolutely perfect and unfolding perfectly - every petal is unfolding at its perfect time - every breath is made exactly as is planned and everything has its reason - it is all perfect. We can not make a mistake.

I was enjoying the experience so much that I didn't have anything for grounding (food) after and floated in and out of beautiful scenarios - noting too profound, but beautiful, for the past few hours, maybe getting a few hours sleep in there, not sure..

Think I need food now though - Mangoes!
Mangoes are perfect for just about everything.. in my life!
Have the most beautiful day ever!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daniella's Beautiful Seed Nut Banana Berry Smoothies

Daniella made us some incredibly delicious drinks earlier. They had nuts, seeds, berries, banana , were filling, creamy, dreamy- They were a beautiful pastel lilac color - sooo good!

I got her recipe - but I also got some bad news - and that is that all of the Brazil nuts that we get here in Canada are not raw. She showed me some that she had soaking here, which she brought from Brazil - she has a woman who cracks them especially for her there - and they will go bad and moldy if not eaten right away or kept int he fridge - and they really did look quite different. The inside of them was very white.
But that being said .. I am still going to post her amazing recipe - and we will have to find a substitute - or go to Brazil and find someone to crack Brazil nuts open for us each week.. ; )

Daniella's Beautiful Seed Nut Banana Berry Smoothie

1/2 c Hemp Seeds
1/3 c Brazil Nuts
1 T Pecan Butter
1 Banana
1/3 c Raspberries
1/3 c Blueberries
1 T Agave
21/2 - 3 c Water

Blend all well together and Enjoy!

ps. That is Daniella sitting at my computer and where I usually sit to write these posts. : )
psps. I am off on another huge mind blowing shamanic adventure tonight. ; )
cya on the other side!! ~Hugs~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clear Life, Clear Dreams and Miso Moodle Soup

Sometimes I get so convinced of something - I have so many ideas of how the world - space, time, spirit worlds, energies, thoughts, etc work - but I am constantly realizing that the more I think I know, the more there is that I don't know - and who really knows anything for sure!!??

I have had this idea for a long time that when we sleep we are leaving our bodies and going out & hanging out on the astral plane somewhere doing other cool things together and are just as active, if not more so at night when we are sleeping, than we are in our waking physical life - confirmation of this came again this morning - I get this happening so much its quite amazing - why do I not see other people with these same experiences.

This mornign I woke up and feeling like I needed to make miso noodle soup - I miss it - haven't had it in awhile & was lying in bed thinking about the recipe - to see if I could make it without looking up the recipe (I did!) Then I come out in the living room & Maria (we had a girls sleepover party last night) who had been sound asleep just opened her eyes, looked at me and said that she just had a dream about Miso Noodle soup - she was in Rawlicious and Fred came in -looked like he had been working hard, cold day outside and wanted a bowl of warm miso noodle soup - she thought of it in the dream as this very hearty warming comfort soup - but we were out of it at Rawlicious - ... and here I was in the kitchen putting all the ingredients in my blender to make the soup base to bring to work -
I have many many other instances of dreaming the same dream as someone else close to me - happens to me all the time. I have a very active night life!!

But now I must rush off to work - I am feeling great btw - I stayed up really late, after 2 with Daniella & Maria , working stuff from my past out - and am feeling much clearer this morning and ready to move on with life - Watch out world ! LOL : )

I Can See Clearly - Johnny Nash

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mystery Weekends and the Mystery of Time

Last weekend - I wasn't at liberty to talk much about the weekend but now that its over - it involved ayahuascan ceremonies.. & without getting into it too much - one of the really fascinating things that happened that just stays with me was on Sat afternoon - there was what some call a trance dance in the forest - and now looking back I realize that I must have been in some sort of time warp - maybe just a perception thing - most likely..

Angus was talking a few days ago about how he thought the really great sports players maybe can go into this - this place in time where I was - where you can slow down time - even just a bit, even a second or two can give you a huge advantage - if everyone else is going at regular speed and yours is slowed down..

So, last Sat - I realized at one point that here I was dancing following steps (although easy ones) fluently, reading and singing portuguese hymns that I have never heard before and in a language I don't know - I was reading and translating them , reading every word in English also - fully and so super aware but also in the forest there happened to be a lot of flies.. and I kept picking them off me and out of the air - and after I caught about 20 in a row - I realized that something unusual was happening.. time had slowed down - I had time to dance, translate, sing, and think several thoughts simultaneously and catch bugs that everyone else seemed to be just swatting away. I was thinking so many things.. like about the life of the fly and sometimes I squeezed a litle too hard I think I may have killed or seriously hurt one or two and was thinking.. uh-oh, oh, thats not really good - that here I was in the forest -seeking purity - enlightenment - deprogramming - inward searching - love and peace and all that and now I am killing flies... but at the same time I am not missing a beat in the trance dance and feeling like portuguese is my mother tongue - or at least fully understanding the words and what the words are actually meaning .. intense consciousness...

ok, so 10 mins to work I am just informed...
Mystery weekend #2 - I was told that I was being taken away for the weekend.. how great is that!!!? After a long week working and feeling a bit burnt out to be whisked away - I didn't have a clue - I was told to pack my fishing rod. LOL (I am not into fishing - I have a hard time when I hurt a fly!! ) So this is where we ended up - at Niagara falls - 22nd story, incredible view.. and we went to see a George Bernard Shaw play - Mrs Warrens Profession.. It was such a beautiful weekend. Yay!!! (that was so great - awesome, thank you thank you!!!))

This is what I packed, food supplies to keep me going just in case - for my mystery weekend & they worked perfectly - we made hot choc at the Hilton - it was great!! ..also brought hummus and crackers, Rawkalicious cookies - who said raw was hard? - you just have to be a little prepared. : ) (oh, & of course, mangoes!!)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Busy week! - Sincerity event

Life is busy these days - so, what else is new..?? My motto lately I think is 'Work hard, Play hard!' ; ) ..and when you have an extra few minutes, post a blog so the rest of the world knows what you are up to!
Lots going on today - exciting dinner to prepare and transport to ACC - hosting special pre-concert dinner - fun .. and hosting a really interesting event tonight .. always a few other last minute things to keep you on your toes - kitchens can be very exciting -
esp with fun people to work with - salsa dancing and spanish lessons with Maria - we laughed most of the day & night & Angus kept us going with a steady truffle/ice cream.. etc supply ..Oh, and all the samples coming through - Frog Pond Farm organic wines - many great companies, therapists, healers - gemstones, jewellery, there was even a fashion show from Green is Black much great food! I was glad I remembered my camera tonight.
Above: nori made with sprouted quinoa, marinated mushrooms, avocado and lots of other veggies..
Below, the plating of lots of dip platters: mango chutney, olive tapenade, sprouted chickpea hummus with dehydrated crackers - Mexican and herb and onion.

Maria makes a kitchen lots of fun!!
Lots of zucchetti noodles..

Bowls of Basil Pesto Zucchetti topped with delicious dehydrated zucchini strips.

Pots of Beautiful Foolishness tea.

Maria decorated the plates of Raspberry, Cherry and Coffee Cardamon Truffles.

So delicious - I can't even begin to tell you!!! ( from Food not Candy)

Silvena from made up an incredible, informative book which everyone received a copy of - She created/hosted a wonderful event! Holistic Exploration for the Urban Spiritualist - Nice ! )

so much info..
many more pages - on so many other interesting subjects..

I gave Ganesh a special offering this morning - the little cup (on table in front of him) with a yellow flower and a little cup floating on the water with a date, goji berries and pumpkin seeds..
I'm sure he appreciates these offerings a lot - - it's the little things!! )))

Some of the Green is Black clothing was great - Oh, and the jewelery was incredible - some was all sterling silver - I could have bought so much there!! ..I restrained myself, but it was difficult and another lady had beautiful jewellery, mainly bracelets with gems - Oh, the garnets, and jade and aquamarine... and carnelian - hold me back - I am a huge gem collector!!! I have boxes of rocks - they are really hard for me to resist! Love them so much!!! such good vibrations!

& it was so pretty, so many candles..

Such a positive evening - on many levels - Creative, Abundant, Joy, Love, Bliss, Fun - it was all there!

Angus surprised Tracy with a special Apatite bracelet that she loved - that was very special!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rawlicious Pics

We give Ganesh lots of great gifts: flowers, crystals, goji berries, cacao - He especially loves yellow things!
Beautiful Foolishness tea - our current favorite from Tea in the Sahara has coconut and pomegranate and smells and tastes amazing!!
Blueberry Cheezecake & Apple Pie!!

Lyndsay making macaroons.

Cookie experimentation.. Mmmm.

in the kitchen:

Cutest kids!!
Goji berries and Rawkalicious Superfood Cookies!

Dana brought Tracy flowers!

Mmm.. the most delicious food ever!!

Tracy and Angus! : )