Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chaos Theories

This is Chaos.
This is Chaos Folded. ..Cool! ...

But neither of those are the chaos that happened tonight at work. ..& maybe I shouldn't reveal behind-the-scenes chaos - well, actually its an open kitchen, so not entirely behind the scenes at all.. but it was crazy.. ok, so of course we had a full house.. we even had a few groups of people sitting all together in back, in the Zen Den. It was great - we had been working non-stop for the last 2 days to completely stock the fridge with lots of everything. You see, 3 of us key players in the kitchen and a couple others are gone for a big weekend away - so the least we can do is have them well prepped. The fridge is bursting, we are making orders like crazy - I go and open the fridge and what happens - amidst all the activity and orders and plates piling up - the bottom shelf crashes - falls completely off the door of the fridge - Angus had just put all the almond milk in one huge glass container which goes down crashing with the huge bottle of spirulina and another big glass bottle of tamarind sauce - amidst a pile of other things - flax oil, hemp seeds - I look down - dark blue-green milk flows from one corner of the kitchen to the next - a shard must have hit my ankle which has a tiny cut and is bleeding - I step away, crocs full of almond milk - well, hmm.. yeah, you get the picture - Angus goes for the mop - Everything goes into slow motion for me.. someone tells me to check my ankle - lol - ok, this is the 1st time - I want to laugh now thinking about it - ...
everyone was amazing.. Angus got it all cleaned up in record time - and that was a lot of almond milk - and spirulina - wow, that was like the hugest mess ever - think it'll go down as the spirulina disaster.
I am amazed how everything just flowed.. I mean good flow - I just stepped over everything went to the bathroom, cleaned out my shoes, my feet, cut was not really bad, probably just there for a little added effect. Came out - it was almost cleaned up and resumed making my pizzas -

It was so busy that after everyone left and we finally closed up - an hour or two after closing time.. I was going to take my camera and take pictures of tables piled with dishes.. just because I was so tired and couldn't believe how many there were.. & so many people kept walking in after we closed.. it was like Party night - wow, do we know how to hold one!! Great music, great food and we clean up huge messes really fast. lol

ok, so it's crazy late & I have to be up crazy early and back to make lots more Rawlicious food - before taking off on the road for an incredible incredible weekend!! & I haven't even started packing yet.. but I do know that I am bringing lots of Rawkalicious cookies. !!!

& so this is it for me - I will be away from my comp until Monday. Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

Oh, and the dog is here just because he is so cute and made me smile ... : )

Chaos is beautiful. Life is great. Enjoy.


Michelle J said...

Yes, i agree...chaos is beautiful! Life is beautiful too!!! Where ya going? Whereever it is i hope you have a chaotic beautiful time!!!

powergyoza said...

And your chaos was very tasty last night indeed! Thanks again to you Robin and Alana for keeping the food coming. How often do 2 groups decide to meetup at the very same time in the very same eatery!

Your rawitch with earth bread is fantastic! And so is the Pure Pleasure. So much that I made a massive pineapple smoothie the evening after. Yum!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hey powergyoza! I know - That was crazy!!! and actually fun! I told Maria about it & she felt bad that she missed it - interesting about that - sometimes you don't want to miss the dramatic mishap adventures, its kind of like a bonding/living thing that's kind of cool to live through with others 0 in a weird kind of way , it's good. messy, but good. lol
So glad you enjoyed the food - we really enjoyed having you!

Michelle - sorry to tell you that I am sworn to secrecy about the weekend & I wish I could share it with you - but.. hmm, ok, hints, trance dancing in the forest- 9 hour ceremony - 1 of 3 - a crystal peace chamber (actually made of crystal, mainly rose quartz) with incredible acoustics, beautiful music, inter-dimensional time travel, deep spiritual work, white clothing, love. paz, luz, amor ..& I got home late last night, back at work early this am & have lots of sleep to catch up on!!
work hard, play hard & catch up on sleep when possible!
; ) Sweet Dreams!! & hugs.

HiHoRosie said...

Sorry about the spirulina disaster but glad normalcy resumed. :)

Cute doggie!