Monday, July 14, 2008

Rawlicious Specials and Master Cleanse Day 10 - whoohooo!! just hours to go!

This is the Pad Thai we served on Friday and Saturday. It got rave reviews!!

.. and on Saturday we had Calzones. It got crazy busy on Saturday & we sold out!

but we found time during the quiet mid-afternoon spell to experiment - we were creating a Thai burger..

This little experiment turned into this:

Bun, Lettuce, Burger, Pad Thai sauce, Tomato, Mango Chutney, Sesame Cashew and Green onion topping..

It looked and sounded like it was an absolute yummy flavour explosion.. but I wouldn't know, I stayed strong and got another lemonade. & let other people try it out..

but that was day 8 of the cleanse and now I am on Day 10!!!

I have taken this cleanse very seriously - I've even been drinking distilled water.! .but now the wind-down.. I am going out soon to get some watermelon (breakfast) and mangoes (lunch) ..and I am going out for my favorite salad tomorrow night. Yayyy!!

It's amazing how I have come to love salads so much.. I hardly even liked or ate them before I went raw. Mmmm.. & now it is the thing I am most looking forward to eating. Cool!


Kerry said...

Oh my .. the food looks soooo good Robin! I really miss raw food ... Taiwanese people are totally boggled by the idea of raw food. They have to cook everything.

If only they knew how good raw food taste ...

Michelle J said...

Once again, PAD THAI!!! How in the world do you make that?? Care to share recipe? :O)

Hiking trip is cancelled! Long story but it just wasn't meant to be! I'm OK!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! That looks so good! The bread looks awesome. It's what I miss most about being raw.


Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Danieal, yes, I am very fortunate to have a bread supply! The calzones were good also (I hear- master cleanse)) stuffed with spinach,broccoli and mushroom - it all gets heated, softened and almost 'cooks' together in the dehydrater..yummy.

Hi Michelle - I am slowwly working on a book of recipes & it will have the pad thai recipe in it.. its a really delicious one!!
However, if you can't wait e-mail me directly & I could send it to you earlier.
Sorry to hear that your hike got cancelled!
Thanks Kerry, great to hear from you and glad you are here to spread some light to the Taiwanese culture - maybe soon there will be Taiwanese raw! Hugs.

HiHoRosie said...

I so want to eat there! Your food looks incredible! Incredible edibles! :)