Thursday, July 31, 2008

Aphrodisiatic Bliss Tea, Pixies and the Shining Sun

Cooling Summer Sorrel Tea or Aphrodisiatic Bliss Tea (Set your Intention)

Steep Sorrel (or hibiscus),

Add Mint leaves,

Rose Petals,

Lime ..or Lemon, (however according to Ayurvedic medicine, lime is cooling and lemon is heating.)

Optional - Sandalwood - a sacred soothing, calming, purifying and cooling Ayurvedic herb - from the Sandal tree, the wood can be steeped or use a drop of the essential oil.

Bhrami - known to improve mental condition, boost memory, increase basic intelligence..

or get creative and add create your own herbal formula..

This drink is best steeped for a long time, overnight is best, the flavours get enhanced and blend when they sit together over time..

Strain mixture and add agave or maple syrup to taste.

How could I ever come in my life to be called a Pixie!!??!?

Maybe it's the songs that I can't get out of my head these days !!!??


Eu sou brilho do sol
Eu sou brillho do mar
Dou brilho as estrelas
Pourque todas me acompanham

Eu sou brilho do mar
Eu vivo no vento
Eu brilho na floresta
Pourque ela me pertence

I am the shine of Sun
I am the shine of Moon
I give the stars their shine
Because they all accompany me

I am the shine of sea
I live in the wind
I shine in the forest
Because it belongs to me


HiHoRosie said...

the tea sounds incredible and must smell amazing!

Michelle J said...

Ditto on the tea! I bet it is so delicious and calming? Or is it just the opposite? I don't know but it sure looks delicious!!!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Yes - I think calming - and intoxicating and sexy!! ..and maybe best drank with some raw chocolate truffles!!

You are both invited to a tea party - we can sing Portuguese hymns on an underwater lilypad - oh dear, My imagination is going kind of crazy at the moment .. wow, really funny vision .. you are all invited inside my head for some wild adventurous visions..



I like your love for the art.
I write for the abandoned animals
¿ Can you help to the animals?

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks HildaMaria & Thank you for the awareness you are creating for the animals. They are so important, they are our guides.. I believe they are here to help us.. and we should be helping them.
By healing ourselves we heal everything in our awareness, so everyone who is working towards more positivity in the world, uplifting ourselves and clearing old and stale, negative energies are helping the animals in need - it's a natural process - and that is probably why you were attracted here.
I wish you all the best!
Thanks for your blog & for caring so much.
Esto es muy importante, con mucho amor, R