Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Master Cleanse -Day 5

Day 5 - Master Cleanse
I am really doing this by the book this time. No supplements - nothing other than lemon, cayenne and sugar cane juice or maple syrup. Last time I had E3Live in the morning - thinking that was a good thing to make sure I had lots of nutrients. But I reread the book before starting this time and decided to do it exactly as he says.

I did the salt water thing yesterday - 1st time and don't plan on doing it again until Day 9. (I think it is- my next day off). & to keep things moving he suggests taking a laxative tea. The one I took before was really strong. ..running for the bathroom strong. Senna based, this time i am taking cascara sagrada caps - much milder - no prob waiting to go to the bathroom - just kind of like normal functioning when you are eating regularly.

ok - so off to work - full day today at Rawlicious - making food! I've been off the past 2 days working from home, but its easier to rest here & there at home. Which has been really nice - but I have lots of energy so it should be fine.

Have a great day!
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Kerry said...

Never done a cleanse before ... may look into it when I'm back in Toronto.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

I really like this one. ..but there are lots of cleanses. The most powerful I think is a straight water fast.. but you really need time and help to do it properly..
cleansing is great - you feel so amazing.. and really appreciate food after also!!!