Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clear Life, Clear Dreams and Miso Moodle Soup

Sometimes I get so convinced of something - I have so many ideas of how the world - space, time, spirit worlds, energies, thoughts, etc work - but I am constantly realizing that the more I think I know, the more there is that I don't know - and who really knows anything for sure!!??

I have had this idea for a long time that when we sleep we are leaving our bodies and going out & hanging out on the astral plane somewhere doing other cool things together and are just as active, if not more so at night when we are sleeping, than we are in our waking physical life - confirmation of this came again this morning - I get this happening so much its quite amazing - why do I not see other people with these same experiences.

This mornign I woke up and feeling like I needed to make miso noodle soup - I miss it - haven't had it in awhile & was lying in bed thinking about the recipe - to see if I could make it without looking up the recipe (I did!) Then I come out in the living room & Maria (we had a girls sleepover party last night) who had been sound asleep just opened her eyes, looked at me and said that she just had a dream about Miso Noodle soup - she was in Rawlicious and Fred came in -looked like he had been working hard, cold day outside and wanted a bowl of warm miso noodle soup - she thought of it in the dream as this very hearty warming comfort soup - but we were out of it at Rawlicious - ... and here I was in the kitchen putting all the ingredients in my blender to make the soup base to bring to work -
I have many many other instances of dreaming the same dream as someone else close to me - happens to me all the time. I have a very active night life!!

But now I must rush off to work - I am feeling great btw - I stayed up really late, after 2 with Daniella & Maria , working stuff from my past out - and am feeling much clearer this morning and ready to move on with life - Watch out world ! LOL : )

I Can See Clearly - Johnny Nash


HiHoRosie said...

Good for you! Your future is looking good and WATCH OUT! :)

That miso soup looks absolutely wonderful and must smell divine.

Michelle J said...

Sometimes i think our dreams are a form of our subconscious inner creativity just looking for a way to get out.

Or maybe dreams are just our brains sending ourselves messages that we probably would have been too busy to hear if we were awake.

I'm just saying!! :O)

Kerry said...

OH wow ... that miso soup looks delish! What noodles did you use?

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Rosie - I could live on that soup!!
& Thanks!! : )

Michelle - Dreams are sooo fascinating - I spent years playing with and in them and I still haven't got them figured out - isn't life fun!!? it's so Wow!! sometimes it really kinda freaks me out the multitudinous, complex layers and dimensions of it all - It's so much bigger than me and yet it is me - & it just sometimes puts me completely at awe - intrinsic, divine, sublime Wow!

Hi kerry - the noodles are Kelp noodles which can be ordered from the SeaTangle noodle company - all raw and amazing!! when they get softened (although it takes a bit of time) they are just like clear glass noodles - so incredible. We make Pad Thai with them at Rawlicious - just an occasional special we have sometimes and an incredible miso soup which we will have more often in the fall, when it starts to get colder.. and hopefully we will get them in & start selling them at Rawlicious - I keep getting asked and telling them to do that - so I think soon!